Thursday, May 15, 2014

3tt- Brrr its cold & Back to Back 5k's

1. Global Warming? Global Cooling!! Maybe that's what is going on today who really knows but it is cold today! I survived the early winter months with running but the longer and longer it went on I was ready to quit! Today has me feeling the same way :( its just a mental game and I have got to over come it. I just don't get how the temperature goes up and down so drastically?!?!!! And why does it effect my mood? Crazy just plain crazy? (Maybe I'm the crazy one LOL!:)

2. Friday evening May 9 Gerard (hubs), Sherry and I headed to Frankfort the the 2nd leg of the Trifecta series. This is the race that I threw up at for the first time ever last year, what a great memory, all I could think is 'Don't push yourself to that limit tonight' and I really wanted to do better the next day. It was HOT & HUMID and I told Sherry I wasn't going all crazy fast she was planning on running/walking the Saturday race with her daughter so she was planning on giving it her all at this one! Frankfort races are known to have lots of kids and adults start up front that really have no business up there but now that I know that I know its going to take lots of weaving in the first half mile. First mile was crazy fast due to getting around the crowd 8:08, the second mile goes up and around our beautiful State Capital just don't like that it is uphill for about a half mile I was still holding on but losing my steam 9:07, third mile I was reminding myself that I was suppose to be saving my energy for the next day and fatigue was setting in (the main reason I don't like evening races when you have to work all day) I started walking 3/4 steps here and there a really nice lady came around me saying "Come on you got this" thanks for encouragement but I slowed way down 9:23, the last .05 is uphill then levels out I gave it all I had left 7:42. My finish chip time was 26:57 and I was 6th out of about 35 in my age group~not too shabby but I can do better! Gerard ended up running with Sherry and she said she wanted to run hard so that's what he made her do, LOL! They finished in 28:38 (chip time) and that is a new PR for her~ YAY!!
GO SHERRY GO! Gerard said he yelled at her, LOL!

3. Saturday May 10 was the Jennie Carol Memorial 5k which is part of the Wilderness Trace Serries that I do every year. The weather was HORRIBLE when I woke up it was thunder and pouring rain! Oh boy this is about to be so much fun but maybe some of the competition will stay home LOL! Sometimes I do better when it rains and the route is our daily morning route that we run I was really hopeful for a 26:30 and even told everyone that was what I was going for the rain stopped before the race. I started out good in the first mile but like ALWAYS it was too fast for me 8:03, in the 2nd mile was a couple of uphills the second I was concerned with as we usually go down it but I baby stepped it and chugged right along I was feeling the race from the night before and was starting to take walk breaks towards the end of it 8:54, third mile I just sucked all together several in my age group had already passed me and to be honest I did the unthinkable I gave up inside and no longer cared about that 26:30 I was disappointed in myself 9:30, the last .09 you finish taking about a ½ lap around the track I reminded myself "YOU SHOULD NEVER GIVE UP" and finished best I could 8:14

See the look of frustration!

I almost ran (walk) the exact same time as the night before 27:11 and I think I was 6th again! So I didn't finish where I wanted to and I felt like a failure it sucks I have been am stressed/bummed about where I'm at for 5k's. It is hard to believe 2 short years ago I ran that same race in 24:01!??!! What has happened to me? I have lost my umph my drive my want to some days I think that's ok but then other days I feel like such a loser. I need to fully make a commitment and get my butt in gear! I just want to be able to comfortably and completely RUN a 26-26:30 minute 5k. I CAN DO THAT!!!!

So give me your best speed tips or just how to run a better faster 5k? Do YOU think its possible or maybe should you keep a long run and still get faster for 5k's?? 


Aww so sweet:)

That's why I'm slow look at my gut:((

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Sherry Peavler said...

You've done great! You probably slowed down so I can catch up since I'm a beginner!! Now let's work on our strength, speed and mental game!! We've got this!!!!!!