Friday, May 9, 2014

Haggin Hospital Sunrise 5k-My First Serries Race

Such a GREAT group of Friends & Runners!

Saturday, May 3 2014 I began what I consider the "Beginning of 5k Season!" Normally this is the first race in the Wilderness Trace Serries where I made my start in running, however this year (and I'm TOTALLY NOT HAPPY about) the director decided to schedule an earlier race and I missed it due to the Derby miniMarathon. But anyway...........

This year made my 5th year running the Haggin Hospital Sunrise 5k, this race is usually always an adventure of some sorts and is usually always guaranteed to rain! Early in the week the forecast was calling for rain but by the end of the week it was gone THANKFULLY!! I really didn't know what to think without the rain.

The crowd seemed a little different there was lots of new faces as well as the same ole' regulars but I was glad and concerned to see the newbies. Not gonna lie I'm pretty competitive and get nervous when there's lots of new ones I don't know how well they run, LOL!! The layout of this race is a little tricky you get some awesome downhills in the first two miles which can fool you and make you thrilled on your first or second mile pace, now that I'm a little experienced on this course I try to do better with that. Except I didn't listen to my own advice and I followed all of the fast people out on that first mile! Geesh will I ever learn?!?!?!??!

Hmmm that look- the look of "Maybe I took off too fast?!?!??"

Since I didn't follow my own advice I was a little winded in the second mile and tried to regain myself before I hit the dreaded third mile in the gravel. During our practice runs Sherry P and I both decided that we should probably give it all we had in the first 2 miles as that gravel was going to kill us. And sure enough it did just that! In my mind I thought I would be able to run that gravel a little better but I just really sucked! Thankfully there was another girl feeling the same as me and we walked/jogged/talked ourselves through to the end!

First half decent finish pic I've had in a long time!
Now I stated earlier this is my 5th year running this so I thought I'd show a comparison  of over the years:
2013- The year I lapsed in everything but I still managed 1st in age group 29:03- Oops I never posted on this race!

Now 2014-
Mile 1- 7:27  Holy Cow that is smoking fast for me and shows the great downhill
Mile 2- 8:57 That even included a little walking to regain myself
Mile 3- 11:35 LOL that dang gravel hill gets me every time
Mile .07- 7:05 Kicking it in for the end

Finish Time 28:29 with an overall pace of 9:18 and I was 2nd in my age group! 

Sherry P- Always a great finish pic. This girl went from 34 mins in 2013 to 29 mins in 2014!!

Thanks to The Picture Lady for the awesome photos!!


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It was such a great run except for mile 3: uphill and gravel! Love these races because I get to see all my running friends!! Good job Bobbie!!