Tuesday, May 20, 2014

McDowell Wellness 10k- Who Can't do What??!!!

 Once again this week I've had a pretty lazy week. The weather was a little crazy and turned cool very cool and it put me in instant lazy mode. Tuesday was the last warm day and the only day I ran and I went over to Sherry P's house we did a Jillian Michaels workout! Gerard has decided to rejoin us in the mornings for running in fact our little group of us 4 girls has grown into about 6 -8 depending on who all shows up. Well Tuesday morning we ran 5 miles after we got home I was telling Gerard based on that run even if it took me 10 mins to run another mile I should be able to finish the 10k in 57 something, his reply "No you won't you'll never do it you all stop too much". Talk about hurting my feelings and I dwelled on it all week long. Yes we make stops in the morning mostly just to make sure no one ever gets left behind and make sure everyone is still ok- hello SAFETY FIRST!!

Saturday, May 17 was a beautiful cool morning for a 10k. I was hopeful to wear my new Swirlgear but since it was cool I decided to wait for another day to show it off:) I woke up feeling nervous I had a goal to beat and today was the day! There is a YMCA group that comes for this, its great seeing the younger kids out there, and it usually brings out all of the fast people that you've never seen before!

Miles 1 - 3
I have been trying hard to start out slower and build up to whatever speed I can, this day I did better with that but I was still a little too quick at the take off.  But I quickly regained myself and tried to regulate my pace thankfully someone I know got beside me and we stayed together for miles 2-4 that helped me a LOT! I told her I have not been doing my best recently and how I am trying to start doing better and quit taking these petty walk breaks and that I would probably have to walk around mile 3. NOT I decided to just keep on trucking! I was fine and there was NO REASON I needed to walk:)

Miles 4 - 6.13
All of my "faster" friends was so close and within around 45 second lead in front of me in the first 3 ½ miles but on the 4th mile is when I started loosing steam. Also in that 4th mile is the hardest part with the hills so I'll blame that fact on me loosing steam and unfortunately I did have to walk a little. I checked my time to see where I was at and how close to "goal" time I was, I had 20 mins to run 2 miles I can do that. Mile 5 was my slowest and when I saw what pace I ran it I told myself "You better get to moving if your making goal time!" and that is what I did!

Mile 1- 8:43                        Mile 4- 9:04
Mile 2- 9:10                        Mile 5- 9:57
Mile 3- 8:53                        Mile 6- 9:11         Mile .13- 7:39

Finish time- 56:01 overall pace 9:09 1st place in my age group!

Now who said I couldn't run this 10k in 57 minutes? LOL!

Sheri(Did amazing), Me & Sherry P

Sherry didn't have the race she wanted but she will!

Running Friends are the GREATEST!

As always Thanks to The Picture Lady for some awesome photos!

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Sherry Peavler said...

So glad you had a great run!! Your motivation is contagious!!!