Friday, June 27, 2014

Finally Friday- Whoo Hoo!

Whoo Hoo its finally FRIDAY!! And its my last day of work for a week Whoo Hoo VACATION WEEK!! Even though we aren't going anywhere for vacation it is still nice to NOT have to go to work for an entire week!! SWEET :)

Whoo Hoo I am finally making a blog post!! Time goes by so fast anymore, anyone that ever said time flies the older you get they are correct! I am hoping to do several posts next week while I'm off and hopefully get caught up and several race recaps!

Now that its officially Summer its time to begin training for fall events and I have several of them! Here are the ones I can think of at this moment:
October 10-11 - Bourbon Chase 200 mi Relay 
October 12- Iron Horse Half Marathon
October 26- Brickhouse Between-a-thon (19.65 mi)
November 15- Renfro Rock'n'Run Half Marathon
December 14- Santa Hustle of the Smokies Half Marathon

There may possible be another Half the first weekend in September but haven't committed to that one yet:)

Holy Moly just looking at that list makes me think "I better get to training!!" The October weekend with the Bourbon Chase and Iron Horse will be the craziest thing I've done since I began running and am anxious/nervous to see how I will do guess time will tell!

Anyone have a training plan they LOVE and would like to share? I'm not worried about time for any of these races I'm just looking to complete them!

Tonight is going to be a fun 5k followed by a 5 mile trail run tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Run Happy :)

I will leave you with a cute photo the wonderful The Picture Lady took!


Sherry Peavler said...

Sounds fun, busy, emotional, crazy!! Looking forward to making memories!

Suz and Allan said...

Enjoy your week of vacation! Your fall racing schedule looks like it will be fun.