Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Goals for This Week- What Week Am I On?

Umm what happened to last week? What happened to my Goals for the week? Well last week was a little off for me. Monday was a Holiday off of work and I had to take my car 'Jane' to the body shop for the second time to repaired for the SECOND deer that I hit! Yes that's correct the second one in two months! The body shop is loving me.....Grrr! The joys of not living in town....sometimes! Anyway the shop isn't close to home and the husband is off on Mondays so we made a day of it together and I was tired when we got home. Then the next few days I began just not feeling the best I was having a headache every day and just really tired feeling. By Friday I felt terrible! Somehow I managed to work all day Friday but as soon as I got home I ate about 5 french fries and went to bed.....I ended up staying in bed until basically Monday morning! Needless to say I was sick and way sicker than I thought I was, it has been a very long time since I have been in that bad of shape!

Needless to say I got behind on running and lots of things in general! But its early in the year, early in training and I am NOT going to let this small minor set back set me back attitude wise! I mean that is life isn't it lots of 'bumps' in the roads!

I still don't think I am back to 100% so I am going to set my goals for this week low,  haven't met my goals yet this year so maybe this will be my week!                                                                                  
Wednesday- 4 miles
Thursday - 4 miles
Saturday- Long Run 8 miles
Sunday- 4 (+) miles 

Have any of You been sick yet this winter? How Long did it Last? Did it Set you Back with training?

Happy Tuesday!
Run Happy ;)

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