Saturday, February 7, 2015

I Let the Long Run Beat Me Today

Today was long run day for me I should have completed 10 miles. I was looking forward to enjoying the sunshine on the long run that's the only down side to running at 5am you miss out on the daylight. I knew I would be slower this week due to not running but only one day this week. I started out great feeling ok a little slower as expected then we headed out for the second the last couple of miles it was all I could do to keep running the wind was brutal and I do NOT do well with wind at ALL! My chest was hurting my arms was hurting my legs was hurting we was getting close to the car and still had almost a mile to go and I caved in. However I did 9.17 miles and although it was slower it wasn't terrible my overall pace was 10:37 and that included lots of walking!

Next week the weather looks much better and I shouldn't have any problem getting in 3 mornings, today showed me how important those weekly runs are!

I've got a question for YOU.... Are YOU SPARTAN tough??  Ever completed a  Spartan Race? What was the Hardest part?

Run Happy ;)


Seth said...

Last year I ran the Fenway Park sprint and I quickly realized I should have trained more. I've got my eyes on that same race again this year.

Courtney said...

I've ran the Spartan Sprint in Charlotte twice. So much fun. I felt so strong and accomplished when I finished!

Jon Stephenson said...

I ran PA last year, The mountain climb is tough.

Karen Nichols said...

Haven't done one-husband has done many? I want to try a Stadium Sprint this year.