Monday, February 23, 2015

This Post is Being Brought to You by the word LAZY!!

How has my week gone? LAZY and SNOWED IN! Last Sunday they was predicting 10-15 inches of snow for my 'neck of the woods' I really and truly didn't think we would get it as it is very rare for us to get anything like that at all! Monday was a holiday for me from work so I wasn't worried about it either way. Well guess what??

My road is under there somewhere!
We woke up to this Monday morning!! I was shocked and HAPPY I love the snow! (And I was happy knowing I had a good couple days of groceries :) Not only did we get a little over 10 inches of snow it was sub below freezing we even beat record temps going back to 1896! My area is not prepared or equipped to handle such events like these in a timely manor. I was suppose to have my tooth removed Tuesday the first text I received was from my friend saying the office wasn't going to open due to the weather so I text my boss we was closed also! Gerard (my hubs) is off on Mondays although he usually does work so it didn't bother him either as soon as he got up he said "I'm getting on the 4wheeler!" Our crazy selves rode the 4wheeler in sub below zero temps while it was still snowing and the wind was brutal let's just say it was a short ride!
This was on the 4wheeler

Tuesday morning the sun came out it warmed up to about 16° and there was little wind I couldn't stand it any longer I was going out to run in this awesome white fluffy stuff :) And since the road still wasn't cleaned off it gave me an excellent excuse to be slower! Being extra careful keeping my balance/watching my step, treading on about 3 inches of snow and wearing old shoes (why I'll never know) left my legs and feet sore & tired! That was a great workout! Gerard couldn't get out for work Tuesday morning either he spent a couple of hours shoveling the drive by late evening we was able to get out to get a few groceries but the roads was still awful! I got the message that I didn't have to work Wednesday either and guess what?? It snowed another 3 inches Tuesday night and Gerard was snowed in again! Then I got a message that we was closed the rest of the week! Looks like I got a free vacation off work it was just too frigid to enjoy it! Gerard finally made it to work on Thursday, thank goodness as he was getting grumpy being trapped in the house, and I finally ventured out on my own taking our daughter to work the roads was still to bad for me I didn't like driving on it at all. Well then came Saturday........

and we awoke to freezing rain! Gerard tried going to work but couldn't make it up our hill after a couple of hours it was off and on freezing rain to rain and he eventually got out. It warmed up to 36° and melted lots of the snow away. This morning when I got up it was 33° and going to get colder and more wind all day so I bundled up & laced up drove to town and went for a run!

I needed a 10 mi long run but with only running once all week and being extremely LAZY all week I was just going to play it by ear and see what happened. Main street was absolutely awful hardly any of the sidewalks was clear. The gates to our local park was even closed  so no one could get in I've never seen the gates shut before. I had to stay in the bike lane on the road and didn't feel to safe with the patches of black ice out so I went to the loop around our local college I knew their roads and sidewalks would be clear. I was determined to get in the entire 10 miles and I did I just got really slow in the last few miles partly from snow & ice, partly because I had to do about 3 loops of the same thing to get the miles in and partly from me being tired & out of shape! But I DID IT!!

So other than the two days of running I have been VERY LAZY this week watching lots of TV with Gerard and just trying to stay warm! Oh how I dread the electric bill out of all this~Yikes!!

What's the Longest you've been snowed in? Or just unable to leave for weather problems? We had a terrible ice storm in 2009 no power for almost 2 full weeks THAT was terrible and the hardest thing I've lived through that almost pushed me over the edge!!

Here's hoping this week will be better!! My tooth is coming out tomorrow (Monday)!!! Check to see if you are the SPARTAN RACE ENTRY WINNER!

Run Happy;)

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