Saturday, August 29, 2015

Plantar Fascitis is NO JOKE!!!!

I have already trained for one marathon this year (recap coming :) and towards the end of the training I began having some pain in my right foot. About a month after the marathon I did a half (another recap coming :) when it was over I felt like I was done for good like FOREVER my foot was hurting so bad. This is my first running injury.  One of my running friends is having the same problem and told me she thought I had Plantar Fascitis. GRRRR! Three days after the half I did a little local 10k race, I made it about 2½ miles in before I had to start run/walking after the turn around it was all I could do to just keep moving my foot hurt so bad I couldn't put any weight on it. Another runner friend at that race who is also a physical therapist looked at my foot for me, he pushed in on my heel and I could've punched him it hurt so bad! His reply 'Yep sister you've got PF!" He told me a few things I could do for it and of course I tried everything everyone told me to try. I continued to "try" and run but anything past 2 miles was torture. I backed down from 3 days a week to 2 and some weeks just once a week I knew I had to get this foot under control as it was almost time to begin marathon training again!. On June 27th I ran a 5k then I was on vacation for a week I decided that I would not run at all during that time. Although we did do some hiking and lots of walking, I ended up taking 10 whole days off from running. The pain wasn't as bad when I began running again but it wasn't much better either. Finally after about 5 weeks of battling the pain I decided I better have it checked out just in case it was something worse.

Thankfully it was only Plantar Fascitis! The doctor showed me how to stretch it and massage the Plantar Cord in my foot, roll it on an ice bottle and take ibuprofen. And he said I could continue to run just still scaled back until it was better. Two weeks later it finally started feeling better, its still not 100% and still hurts worse at times but much better and not while I run! Since I have had this I have learned how common of a thing it is, almost 8 out of 10 runners around me have had some form of it.

Have YOU ever had Plantar Fascitis??
What's your best Fix for it??

Run Happy;)

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