Friday, August 28, 2015

Surprise Its Me Again

Oh my goodness....Geez I know everyone including myself is so tired of the same ole' song & dance. Where have I been, Why can't I blog, Why can't I find time for it ALL???? Aren't those loaded questions LOL!! Anyway for the past several months now I haven't been very happy with myself  just not happy with my running, my work life etc... most people around me probably wouldn't know or realize I was feeling this way as I try keeping everything to myself, then I noticed I was beginning to feel bitter towards just about everything and everyone. So I have been thinking 'What can I do to help myself?' which lead to thinking back to when I started running. Running helped me in so many ways that I didn't even know it, I was doing something 'healthy' for myself, I was creating some 'ME' time, I was making new friends and meeting new people. I had something to strive for as running was completely NEW to me at that time. I also became an active blogger shortly after I began running. It excited me to have a place to put my thoughts/feelings  into words and in a place I could look back and see how I was feeling when and where or I could just rant a little as well as keep up with my training and feelings while training good bad or otherwise. Blogging has brought me so many opportunities that I am ready to get back to. Somehow so many different things have happened over the past 6 years and here I am at today.

I am ready to get my head back into the game and quit feeling like a loser all of the time. I have never stopped running just gotten slower and a little heavier and honestly I have gotten to a point where I just didn't really care anymore. I AM READY TO PUT THOSE DAYS BEHIND ME AND MOVE ON!! 

I have a BUSY fall ahead of me and am training for the Savannah Rock 'n' Roll Marathon along with several half's and other races in between there so I will have lots to blog about as well as catch up on some other things!

I know I have lost my followers so I hope to get them back and several more! I have a few posts wrote on paper so I am ready to get back into this game again and hopefully stay on board!

What are YOU currently training for??
Anyone going to be at Savannah as well?? I'd LOVE to meet ya :)
When do you Blog? Early mornings? Before you go to bed? Or while at work?

Hooray today is FRIDAY!!!

Run Happy ;)

My Mom(a.k.a the Picture Lady) and I. My biggest fan and supporter EVER!!!

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