Friday, September 4, 2015

Pigskin Classic Twilight 5k & 12Miles that wasn't

Ugghh I am so tired of having sinus headaches I think I have had them off and on all summer long we have had a fairly wet summer. Last Friday (Aug 28) I had an awful one at work and so could not wait to get home and lay down for a little while. Well that turned into several hours, I think I was asleep by 6:15pm. Around midnight my husband came in and touched my arm I opened one eye to look at him and he said "I just wanted to make sure you was still breathing" bless his heart he sounded worried about me :) then I rolled over and went back to sleep. I just didn't feel well at all!

Saturday morning I got up feeling a little better but really stiff from laying in bed for so long so I went out and walked 3 miles around my neighborhood. The dreaded headache started coming back and I had the Pigskin Classic Twilight 5k to go to at 8:30pm so I tried to take it easy all day but I didn't really eat very much as I had no appetite.

Time to go to the race and what do ya know my headache is back. I knew it wasn't going to be a good race for me at all and tried to just go ahead and accept that fact. Standing at the starting line I was chatting away telling everyone how I didn't feel well and such, they shoot the gun say go and what??? I completely forgot to turn on my Garmin I never thought about it ~ yep I didn't feel well. My first mile was a struggle to me although somehow I pulled it off in 9:00 but after that I was just DONE! It was very humid, my head hurt, my side started to hurt and I felt like I was going to vomit I just wanted to be done. The last 2 miles I did a lot of run/walk and even walked with 200 yards of the finish line the nice gentleman behind asked me if I was ok. .After I finished I went to the side away from everyone because I just knew for sure I was going to be sick (thankfully I wasn't) then I went and sat in my car for a while until I thought it was time for awards. One of my running friends asked what my time was (30:23) she said "dang that's slow for you" ummm gee thanks but yeah have I told you a billion times yet how I don't feel well??!! Again somehow I was lucky enough to be 2nd in my age group!

The next morning I was suppose to do 12 miles. I was also suppose to do it last weekend and didn't make it. I was determined to get it done but once I started running I felt awful I was walking less than a mile in. I told myself to get to 3 miles and see how I felt then, I actually was feeling a little better but by 3½ I was ready to give it up again but I forced myself to get to at least 6 miles even though the last 1½ was walking!  The longer I have been running I have learned to take each day as it comes and if it is too much of a struggle just don't do it there will be another day :)

This afternoon I am heading to Virginia Beach for the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon!!! This is my first ever R'n'R race and I am super excited!!

What are YOU running this weekend? Just training? Or a Race??
Tell me all about it :)

Run Happy ;)


Darlene said...

that's a decent 5k time for being sick. Good luck next weekend.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Sorry you had a rough weekend of not feeling well. Ugh that makes life miserable! Great job doing the 5k despite the headache.