Friday, October 16, 2015

Bourbon Chase Weekend and a 5k Recap

When you are reading this I will hopefully either be done with my first leg or about to begin my first leg of the Bourbon Chase!! Its just like a Ragnar Relay except you go along the Bourbon Trail in the wonder (home) state of Kentucky! And the best part is most of the exchange points are at the various bourbon distilleries and get samples even though it says in the guide book no drinking allowed for the runners :) Nothing like a shot of Jim Beam around 7 am to get you jump started! This will be my 3rd Bourbon Chase experience and I totally can NOT wait!!

Last Saturday I participated in the Sydney's Kidney 5k. It was kind of a last minute decision on my part and looking back I should have just passed on it.

There was only about 25 runners if that and I was pretty shocked about that as we have lots of local runners and usually have at least 50 people at races. There was several races going on in the area though and I don't think this one was advertised too well. Right before taking off my Mom informed me that the directors just contacted someone the night before about a course??!! Hmm this should be interesting! However we went pretty much normal what I am familiar with as a 5k course at our local park. It was very cool that morning and a little breezy but perfect running temperature. Once we took off I was shocked I was 2nd female for a long time and stayed right beside the next lady (one of my friends) we played back and forth for 2nd. But what was even more shocking was how fast I was running and able to keep running! I think I was just determined to not let Sam beat me, we both have been battling injuries. I let her take the lead for almost a half mile towards the end until I jumped started my brain and said "Kick it in and don't let her beat you" I almost threw up at the end but I barely got past her.....Sorry Sam! Then came the awards time oh me I have experienced several different type of age groups, places and such but I don't think I have ever experienced a 15 year age group! They did top 3 overall (didn't matter male or female just overall) then 1st place in these crazy 15 year age groups all 3 of the top females (including me) was in that age group but they announced someone totally different?? I try not to get too upset over these things but I jumped straight up and tried my best to correct them and clearly found out very quickly they had no clue how to have a 5k. It took several explanations GRRRR! I didn't even get an award even though I was 2nd female and was still arguing with them for another friend that really got the award! Although I was happy with my time the course was extremely short 2.90 miles 25:06

In the end there was one great thing about showing up for this race....they has a real live Pig! I LOVE pigs and don't eat pork because of liking them!

Have YOU had a bad race experience before? Why?

Run Happy;)

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Darlene said...

I hate short races. don't advertise 5k if it's not.

And yes, don't announce age group awards and not have them - been there, done that.

But congrats on your finish time!!