Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Last Saturday was the inaugural KyHistory Half in lovely Frankfort, Ky. Starting Tuesday of that week it began to rain and get a little cooler each day, at the beginning of the week it said Saturday was going to be sunny and 51°, however when Saturday arrived it was still raining, gloomy, windy and cool! Thankfully we got lucky and it only was a light rain on us for a short time!! SWEET!!

Sherry, Amy & Me
 Sherry, David & I (my BRF's Best Running Friends) all decided we was going to stay together we made a pack! I really wanted to bring my camera because for at least 2 weeks before the race they was telling about all the 'History' stuff we'd be passing along the way but due rain forecast I really didn't want to fool with it, now I regret that decision....GRRR!

The first mile was a little boring nothing too exciting to look at.  Miles 2-3 took us up around the Capital. After that the rest of the race was unknown to me and I had heard that there was a big hill somewhere close to a cemetery. Well they wasn't lying except that it was a HUGE MONSTER of a hill that I bet was every bit of a half mile long ~ Oh My!! I was looking forward to coming down that thing :) Then we turned into a the cemetery where the final resting place of Daniel Boone is along with his wife! Unfortunately I did not see the grave but another reason I wish I had my camera!! After leaving the cemetery we got to go down the HUGE MONSTER hill and I was really surprised it didn't make you go really fast down it, I guess it had just enough of a grade that you could just coast down it easily. 

After the first the rest of the race wasn't too bad hill wise and had lots of neat things too look at. Unfortunately the 'history' places they had told about wasn't marked so I really had no clue when or where I was passing stuff. I think they should have had everything marked with balloons or something??

Sherry and I had taken a little bit of a lead on David and since we all agreed to stick together that is what we did! David had been out of town for a couple of weeks and hadn't ran for a while so he was having a little trouble, no worries though cause Sherry and I had a BLAST!! We chatted, cheered on other runners, talked with the water stop folks, thought about going into the distillery we passed (Buffalo Trace) to get sample shots but of course we didn't and Sherry's silly self was plotting out places she could hide and scare David when he came through, of course she didn't do that either I was afraid we would frighten him too bad and get hurt LOL!! 

Me, David & Sherry Can you tell we was having FUN??!!

Needless to say we absolutely had the best time EVER and made the most of not so desirable weather conditions! For this to be a first time event they did very well on the planning and such and best of all there was indoor bathrooms and you got to go indoors when finished to stay warm!! Without a doubt I will go back next year and maybe be a little more serious and try LOL!!

What's the MOST FUN you've had a race?

Run Happy ;) 
Sherry & Me

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