Sunday, November 15, 2015

October Wore me OUT!

Well its been a month since I've  posted and have done several great races to tell about. But I  do believe  that  October  has wore me out. I was NOT prepared  physically  or mentally  at all. I've  almost  let it get the best of me. However  today is a whole  new  day (well tomorrow  actually) and I am a firm believer  in the  only  person  that can help yourself  is YOURSELF!! I am the one who got into this shape and I AM the one who has to believe  in myself  and WANT things for myself! In 2008 I lost 40 pounds all on my own, not following  any certain  diet or program  just making  changes  and going to the gym. In 2009 the weight started creeping back on and I became a runner! 2012 I focused  on really  being  a  decent  runner and made tons of personal  progress that I even  became proud of myself. Things  happen  and now here I am today....needing to  loose tons of weight and focus  again on being  the best runner that  I  KNOW I CAN BE!

Any good thoughts and positive vibes you can send my way are and will be appreciated ! Sweets are my weakness !!

Hopefully  I'll  be  back  tomorrow  with a race recap.

Run Happy;)

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