Saturday, March 26, 2016

Day 9 of the Flu- Turned out to be a Good Day!

I am supposed  to be well into marathon  training  but with all the stupid sickness  I've  had I'm  really  behind. I actually  wasn't  to sold on the idea of doing Horse Capital  Marathon  again  but darn it I just can't  give up on a challenge , I mean after all Run the Bluegrass  is probably  the hardest half I will EVER run and now I'm a 6 year streaker! (It's actually  7 years but they changed  hands)
Anyway to half way be on track today should've  been  14 miles. I've  had the stupid flu all week  and have done NOTHING  barely  eat let alone any kind of exercise. Last night I still  didn't  feel  the best but I text my BRF'S (best running friends) and told them I'm  going  may be terribly  slow and walk lots but I'm  going  as long  as  I  wasn't  just terrible  when I woke up☺.
I woke up feeling  ready to run! I didn't  think I could/should  really do all 14 on schedule  but I thought 10 was acceptable . The first 3.5 miles was great no aches or pains just fighting  a runny nose. My buddy David  likes to run everything  but walk the up hills  I've grown  to love it too! So that's  what we did today I was thankful. We stopped  by the car for  a  pit stop with just 3.5 miles  to go surprisingly  I was still feeling  OK but not as great as the beginning. Mile 8-9 is always  my wall and that's  where it hit me today.
In the end I was thrilled  I was able to run the 10 miles and we was about  30 seconds faster on our overall  pace than 3 weeks  ago !  I think that means some progress is being  made right??

Run Happy ;)

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