Friday, March 25, 2016

Oh Me Oh My

Gosh I really stink at this  blogging thing and for the longest time I'm  thinking  I really stink at the whole running thing. It seems like I've had set back after set back that's made it hard extremely  hard mentally  (more than physically ) to keep  on.

What's going on?
* I barely  survived the Savanah R'nR marathon   (I have a post that never got published  on that!)
* I continued  to have problems  with the plantar fascitis and started having shin issues- probably  due to all the weight gain my feet and legs aren't used to running with all that weight.
* I barely  survived the Disney Dopey challenge  physically, mentally and personally yet I still had the time of my life and hope to do it again one year!
* Upon returning  from Disney I got pneumonia and couldn't  run for 3 weeks which helped my feet/legs get better!
* Finally starting  to run decent still not where I want to be see hope in sight and I get the flu! Maybe it will help she'd a couple of pounds 
* Just personal  life in general  issues dragging me down some I share with others some I just hold inside.
I'm trying to remain positive and not give up hope. I think back to when I thought I was a good runner and remember I did it once I can do it again ! I don't have to be number one or better than anyone else I just want to get back to the better me the one that could run for days and days and enjoy it each time. I'm getting there I'm doing things to help myself plus it's helps that warmer weather is close to staying around!
I hope I can stick with the blogging thing I think it helps me to have a place to share my thoughts good bad or otherwise  and I like the occasional  comments  good bad or otherwise  Lol!
Besides all that I've got the Best Running Friends EVER !!!

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