Friday, April 1, 2016


I am  so glad today  is Friday this is our terrible week at work in being the busiest. After  being  sick and taking  daily naps last week to jumping into straight  busy no more naps I'm worn out lol!

I've only been  able  to run one day this week  and I sucked. Why am I struggling  so bad right now? I don't  like  it  at all .
Tomorrow I am running  Run the Bluegrass  half marathon. It is the hardest and most hilly half I've ever ran,it was also my first half ever. I have ran 3 10 miles during  March  but I feel no where near prepared! However  I will be with the 'bestest' running  friends  ever!

Another  Disney picture  I'm  thinking  this was Day 1 5k day!

What are you currently  training  for?
What's  your longest long run for half marathon  training ? 

Run Happy ;)  

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