Monday, June 13, 2016

Now Let's Talk about the Positives

√ I'm slowly getting better at running
√ I'm slowly getting better with weight loss
√ I'm slowly feeling better in general
√ I am a work in progress (That is my hashtag at the moment :)

Ok now that I put all of my negatives out there its time for the Positives. It is a hard concept to completely understand BUT Life IS what you make of it.....Right??!!

The Positives going on now

√ I decided I needed a new approach on the weight loss several years ago I lost 40 lbs so I KNOW I CAN DO IT I just have to FOCUS. Like almost everyone else I am a Fitbit user so I am challenging myself to get at least 10k steps everyday. And I decided to break the pounds down by month and look at it that way instead of the whole picture. The first week I am .15 lbs ahead.......GO ME!!

√ Our youngest daughter graduated from High School!! That was a long challenging journey to get across that stage but by George "we" made it! In a few months she will turn 18, both girls are still our children but NO MORE KIDS!!! WOW!! Although I don't expect her to go anywhere anytime soon & the other daughter will be coming back home any day now but I am excited to begin the new chapter/journey in me & the hubs lives together! And tackle the bigger problems our children may encounter :)

√ I am still slow at running and still stink at distance (over 3-4 miles) BUT I am getting better and it is getting easier for me. I have also taken a new approach to my running....going back to the beginning of when I first started running and trying to learn it all over again with a little more knowledge this time around about what I am doing. I literally got straight up off the couch and started running in 2009....I had ( and still don't somewhat) no clue what I was doing.  Going back to the basics have helped me tons, once again I KNOW I CAN DO IT I just have to FOCUS!

√ My friend situation isn't any better but I am just still trying to move on and get over it. There are lots of things in life I just don't understand and I am probably not suppose to. However life does go on and things do (or will) get better in time. Again life is what you make of it.....Right??!!

I am feeling more positive about everything in general, therefore I hope to get back into regular blogging. (Its only taken me a week to complete these 2 posts LOL) So be on the lookout for me :)

I ran a half last Saturday and now I am done with half's until September....YAY!!
What are you currently training for??



The Picture Lady said...

I know you will be fine, with time. I will ALWAYS be your BIGGEST fan regardless of what you do.

I'm going to use you for Motivation and get back to my on blogging.

Love you Bunches!!

tracy lynn said...

I'll be your weight loss partner! I took a new job 1.5 years ago, started college, and gained 25lbs!