Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Long Runs

Last year was such a terrible year for me with running I just never got anywhere with it and got worse and worse as the year went on. The beginning of this year started that way until I decided it was time for a change! Granted I had trouble last year and early this year with my feet and legs but a few months ago I could tell that all of that was getting better that's when I decided it was time to change. Now I am back to normal running aches and pains you know the ones that daily ibuprofen fixes :) I have seen so much improvement in both my short and long runs and I am so excited about it!! Actually loving to run again!!!

Here's how my last three long (ish) runs have gone-

July 2- this was my first long run that was all by myself it has been a VERY LONG time since I have ran alone. I really thought I'd be terrible as I have a hard time pacing myself or making myself run any kind of speed I do so much better with a partner. But on this day I dragged my feet on getting up and getting ready so by the time I finally started running I was on a time schedule of having to take our daughter to work. I think that helped me have a much speedier run than I expected!
8 mi 1:19:38 9:56 overall pace

July 10-Thankfully this week my wonderful BRF(best running friend) was able to join me and thankfully it wasn't crazy humid and we slept in an hour longer (YAY!!!) David my BRF was really jealous of my 'fast' pace from the previous week but I told him I thought it was a fluke and on this day we was not stressing over pace. We had 8 miles on our schedule again at mile 5 it had warmed up more than we expected it to and was contemplating if we wanted to run 7 and walk 1 or what our pace was great hovering right around 10:15 and we didn't want to lose that. At the end of mile 7 we got the pace down to 10:05 and that tickled David to death!! SO we decided to run the last mile and run it as fast as we could! We ended up having to break it up into a few segments since we was sprinting I had to stop and catch my breath a couple of times BUT we knocked our overall average to 9:59!!! My watch didn't say the 9:59 overall but I had a little more distance than him however I will say this run was 8 mi with an overall pace of 9:59

July 16-After having several great runs I was afraid of this one. This entire week I felt exhausted and run down and just knew this would be a terrible run. I told myself to wash those thoughts out of my mind and just roll with it thankfully David wasn't feeling too speedy either. However we ended up not being to much slower than we have been we kept telling each other that we needed to slow down so we wouldn't skip out on some distance as we had 10 on schedule. We ran into our newest running buddy about mile 4 she was doing 18 miles and was doing run/walk 3/1, since we was starting to go downhill and wishing the run was over we decided to join her for a few miles thinking it would be a little easier with the 3/1. OMG that ended up being way harder on us than we ever imagined and WHY???  We went from running 10:30's to 11:30 to 12:30 I didn't think that last mile was ever going to be end!! Very thankful we made the whole distance we set our for and didn't back down!
10 mi 1:55:12 11:31 overall pace

What are YOU training for?  I am hoping for at least one decent Fall Half surely all this summer HOT training will pay off this Fall!



The Picture Lady said...

Great times with the BRF for sure and glad your back at it.

tracy lynn said...

I see happiness and I'm so glad for you.

tracy lynn said...

I see happiness and I'm so glad for you.