Friday, July 15, 2016

Triple the Racing Fun- What a Weekend

So this was suppose to be a Three Things Thursday post but yeah well Friday works too :)

It has been a while since I have ran 3 races in one weekend or 2 in one day.  I was really curious as to how I would do especially since I feel like I am seeing improvement in my running.

First up was the  Bill Pollom Memorial Father's Day 5K   on Saturday June 18. This was held at our local Millennium Park. (Which is not an easy run but not so terrible do able run) My last 3 5k's have fairly  been consistent on time being 30:31, 31:39 & 30:38 so I was really hoping to break 30 even if it was 29:59. My first mile was way way too fast (8:43) as I was trying to be smarter and go out a little slower and not be dead for the finish but once I took off and was going I felt too good and couldn't slow myself down until after the first mile of course. I tried holding that pace or close to it until I hit the big hill, that is the only spot that I walked more than I really wanted to but that hill is a booger! (I will conquer it though!!) I knew I was slower in mile 2 (9:34) & mile 3 (9:58) but I ran most of them and if I walked I only took a few steps. I had no pacing whatsoever I was all over the place I kept hoping/thinking someone I knew would get up beside me that I could pace with but that never happend. I was totally THRILLED & SHOCKED when I finished with a 28:33!! I think it shocked my friends too :) And I was 2nd in the age group!!
Right at the end of the 'toofast' first mile!
Cruising into the finish

Second was the  Saturday June 19 
Last year this was a really fun but extremely HOT night, this year they had it a month earlier and started 30 mins later. All of that was a tons better!! I am not really sure why but the crowd was lots smaller this year for this race. My #BRF David said we had to do better than last year (10:55) so he wanted 10:30 or less for an overall pace. I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to do that since I ran so well that morning. However it was easier than I thought it was going to be I still struggled a bit in places but overall I was happy with both of us and how we ran. And what do you know we averaged 10:21 by my watch but David had 10:18!! Our finish time was 37:52

Last but not least for this racing/running weekend was the 
 Father's Day 5K Run For Prostate Cancer
Why in the world they would have this race in summertime in the middle of the day is way beyond me, in fact they would probably get more registrants if they changed things up a little. But anyway there was only 19 people pre registered for this one and I think they ended up with about 25 finishers. I told myself before I even got there to not worry about my time/pace since it was my 3rd race for the weekend and I am just now starting to run decent again. My first mile was a little too fast for me with the heat and my legs was tired in the second mile. In the last ½ mile a lady with a stroller passed me I again told myself its ok I am on my 3rd race of the weekend, its HOT, my legs are tired and there is only about 25 people. Well that thought lasted until I could see the finish line and I decided I wasn't going out like that and I sprinted as fast as I could and passed her of course. I about paid for it too as I felt very ill and almost had to it that shows how much effort I put in :) Come to find out it didn't really matter anyway (except for my own well being) because they didn't do awards. This one was a little bit slower than I really wanted but I will still take it 31:11 since I was still under a 10 min pace!

Geez that was a HOT run! 

What is on YOUR training schedule? I am currently training for the KY History Half in September!


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