Monday, August 15, 2016

Another Weekend Gone........Already

Can you believe it? Its Monday again already!! You know what they say the older you get the faster time flies....well now that I am at the ripe old age of 40 time is flying and has been for some time now!! LOL

Saturday (August 13) I ran the Dash for Danielle 5k. This was actually a special event as it was held in honor of our (mom's and I) family friend's sister who was killed by domestic violence it was/is a very sad story.  In fact her story was played on CBS that night. Hard to believe some thing like that can happen to someone I knew of ~ SCARY!!
I have been running so much better and getting a little faster well back to where I was so I had already told myself I really wanted to 'try hard' in this race. Well except that I woke up with a terrible belly ache and couldn't stop making bathroom stops before it even started. And it was very humid as it has been all stinkin' summer long!! But even with all that already against me I was still going to TRY MY BEST! **Side note- Before the race started this lady looking panicked says "Quick what's the best app for running music mine didn't download?" Umm well I don't use my phone for that so I had no clue. As I was walking to the start line I was beside the same lady so I asked if she got it worked out and of course she didn't and was still acting in a panic. So I asked her if she HAD to have her music to run cause if so she could take mine??!! It was her first 5k! She was ok without it. Sorry but YES I just gave myself a pat on the back :) ** Off we went we have several races at out local park but this one was a route I had never run before and it cut out a hill or two! My first mile I felt pretty good and didn't feel like it was a struggle at all but I knew I was either way too fast or a few in front of me that I know are fast are being slow?? Yep I was too fast 8:44!! Now I am too hot and a little exhausted but still trying to hold on strong. Thankfully mile 2 included the downhill and I could coast for about a ¼ of a mile!! This mile pace is more what I should try to stay at for a 5k for now 9:38. Well then came mile 3 this is where I gave up. I think I was trying too hard and it was too hot. My stomach was telling me if you don't stop I am going to make you stop and throw up! I bet I walked every bit of .3 at the end I just didn't have anything left in me. It showed in that split 11:07!! Do What??? However with all of the walking I did I am totally thrilled to have finished under 30 mins with 29:49 overall pace 9:49!! And this was my first race in my new age group......

Yay I got 2nd place and a door prize to our local Bike & Footwear store! SWEET!! (Actually I traded door prizes the one I won was an oil change but my husband is a mechanic so I will let him do it :)!!)

Now that I am all better with my feet and legs are better (hopefully) I need to work on getting faster well back to where I was and could easily run a 5k at 9:15- 9:30 pace. At this moment I struggle to get close to that.

What kind of 'Speed' training do you do??


Thank You- Thank you for saying you adored our friendship yet you turned your back on me. Thank you for leaving me in tears. Thank you for turning your back on me during my time of NEED!  Thank you for showing me NOT to get THAT attached to another friend again even though I told myself not to do it this time. Thank you for showing me there obliviously isn't many true friends out there  Thank you for showing me you don't want to talk or try to work things out.

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