Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tackeling the Long Runs

I really enjoy long run day. It is not always the easiest day of running but it is the day that I get to spend the most time with my Running Friends the main Friends in my life!! I mean lets be honest #RunningFriendsRock !!

My #BRF was out of town for a couple of weeks so he missed the long run one of those weekends I took off as well :) so last weekend (August 7) and this weekend (August 14) I told him we was NOT going to worry about pace only completing the distance we needed!! The first weekend we had a crew of us!!! I love it when we all can get together!!!

My first #RunningSelfie

That weekend for some strange reason I felt really good and don't exactly know why since we ran cross country all week that week I think I was just excited & happy to actually be back on the roads!! This really was a nice relaxing run and was just what I needed! Not one single one of us stressed anything with this run I REALLY ENJOYED IT! 6 miles logged that day :)
Cute little sidewalk Library :)

Love the message!
This past Sunday (August 14) once again I said we are NOT going to worry about pace just completing distance. I really wasn't sure how I felt or how I would do. The first 2 miles was a little eh' ok but I started feeling better and more like running after that. We said we was shooting for 8 - 10 miles just see how we felt. It wasn't as humid as the day before during the Dash for Danielle but it didn't take too long to get HOT neither David or I had a single dry piece of clothing! Just as quick as we was feeling great about running we felt awful too. We settled for 9 miles.
Beautiful Morning Sunrise 

I'm going to master the #RunningSelfie 
But then when we was leaving.....David leaves his keys under the windshield wipers. Well they had slid down and neither of us could reach them! So I gave him a ride home to get a coat hanger LOL!!!

Yay it worked!!!
Oh the adventures in running!!! You just never know what may happen!!! And David thanks for the talks I treasure them :)

Do YOU prefer to run with someone or alone?  I seemed to run better with someone!


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