Thursday, August 18, 2016

Three Things Thursday- Upcoming September Races

Can you believe that September is just around the corner??  I am hoping with September it will start bringing cooler weather!! My #BRF keeps saying all this hot weather running will make us faster this Fall I am hoping so!

Anyway I have 3 big races coming up in September:

1. September 3/4 I am heading for the Virginia Beach Rock n Roll Mile in the Sand and Half Marathon!!! I am really excited for this! Last year I did the half but it was when I was battling my Plantar Fascitis issue and I bombed out big time I am really hoping to redeem myself this year!!
2. September 17 will be the RJ Corman 10 miler
This is a fun race because of the after food!!! Let's be honest I do run for food :) but they have a cookout or provide Zaxbys nibbler sandwiches along with homemade ice cream!!!! The worst part of the course is running on the airport runway it feels like it just keeps going and going and going!! Yeah I pretty much sucked at this race last year too and the have changed the time of year from March to September this year so hopefully I can redeem myself here too!!

3. Then there is the KY History Half September 24- this was probably my most favorite half from last year! I still wasn't too great but I did feel great this day but my #BRF hadn't ran in a couple of weeks so me and someone else stayed with him and just enjoyed the course. I am really excited to attempt this one again this year and yep you guessed it redeem myself !!!

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Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I am excited for the cooler weather too, summer just sucks the fun out of a lot of things with its oppressive heat! Good luck with your races, I only have one in September so far, but it's going to be my second marathon and first attempt at a marathon in over 4 years so I am excited for it!