Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Am I the Only One That.......

Am I the only one who scuffs their feet lots (I mean tons!!!) for about a week after getting new shoes??  But I LOVE having new shoes!!!

Am I the only one who gives up on themselves mostly during the winter months?
And then totally regrets it at the first sign of warmer weather??!!

I was finally starting to do so much better with running mostly with long runs since it seemed like that was all I was doing last fall/early winter I even completed a half in 2:09 something!! I was well on my way to better running. Then the month of February hit. I had two races at the beginning and then that was it. I did nothing. And I mean nothing at all. I had no desire to run or go to the kettle bell class with my mom. Just nothing. I told myself it was my bodys way of telling me I needed a break. I told myself that come March I was going to be motivated again and really focus. I did better but still not where or what I should be doing.

So now here we are in April. I ran Run the Bluegrass on the 1st and felt pretty successful with it. The following Tuesday was my first run after. I planned on running 4 miles. I started running and it hurt. Everywhere from head to toe and nothing in particular. I just wasn't feeling it at all! I pushed on until it felt like an all out struggle. That's when I decided to cut it short and just complete a 5k. It wasn't terrible as far as overall pace but it was such a struggle I felt like I was running way faster.


I didn't get to run anymore last week and thought I should feel pretty 'fresh & ready' for a 5k on a fairly easy course.

Saturday April 8 I ran the Boot Scoot & Boogie 5k.  I really wanted to do well. Mostly because Gerard decided to join me for the first time in FOREVER!! Not to run the race just to join I was thrilled he went and really hopes he starts going more!! However I did not do as well as I wanted and struggled way more than I should have 😒 but I think it was because I expected so much more. I was happy to receive a 1st place age group medal though!! And I finished in under 30 mins with a time of 29:00!

And its always great to see and spend time with the #Flamingos!!

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, sky, cloud, tree, hat, outdoor, closeup and nature        Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling

I don't really care about being speedy speedy fast but I want to be able to run an entire distance of whatever I am running AND I want to be able to easily run a 5k in well under 30 mins!  So I still have work to do and I am starting to get really focused and willing to put in the work needed to get there!

What's your current training look like? I may want to copy it lol!!

Run Happy ;) 

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