Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2/3 Failure + 1/3 Successful = Not too Successful w/Goals

Umm yea, so at the beginning of April I posted about 3 Goals I was setting for myself in April. WELL....I really don't like goals, for some reason I am not to successful with them so let's see here How terrible Did I do?

I did go back to aerobics BUT I didn't make it the entire month twice a week:( Excuses excuses I know but they started doing a class called RIPPED on Tuesday nights. Don't get me wrong I really like and enjoy the class but its a lot of jumping and up & down and my knee started hurting as well as my shin. With a half at the end of the month I really didn't want to take my chances!

Weight Loss?? NOPE!! Well maybe one pound but basically nothing at least I didn't gain! I know my problem is choices! I have a terrible LOVE of sweets, I NEED them every day & every night!!

To NOT be a complete loser I was DETERMINED to get the 90 miles in!! The first two weeks of the month I stayed right on track third & fourth I started slacking off! Thankfully I took a couple of vacation days and had some "free" time to run. In order to complete it I had to run 9.5 miles today !! I just ran a half on Saturday (recap coming up:)!!

For good measure I rounded up and did 10mi, not gonna lie it was tough, slow, lots of walking BUT I DID IT!!

Now it's time to think about May!!?? 
How was your April?? How do you handle NOT reaching your Goals? 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

3tt- Long Run & Goals Update

1. Update to my three goals a) Last week I made it to both nights of aerobics, this week I skipped out on tonight :( back was hurting, very tired didn't sleep well and got up early to run excuses I know and NOT proud of it. b) Weight loss hasn't happened AT ALL so  yeah not sure what to say there c) I am 30miles in to the 90 miles goal :) last week I MADE sure to get every run needed to complete goal same this week:)

2. Usually a group of us get together on Sundays for long runs. Last week we passed this sign
Notice anything else??? Yep we dressed alike unplanned:) This is a common occurrence with Sheri and I, in the past at several different races we would show up dressed alike maybe not exact same as above but we will have the same colors on. In fact recently at a 5am run this happened

Yep we have the same shirt on EXCEPT hers is on backwards, LOL silly girl:) Just goes to show great minds think alike!

3. Hooray tomorrow is Friday!! Anyone have big Races or Race Goals this weekend? Good Luck to All that do!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

RTB- Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon

Great group of friends/running friends!

RTB is the first Half for me this year (2013) and the first Half EVER for my hubs!!
So yeah he was a little excited:) I knew that we was heading into 13.1 miles of pure you know what in HILLS!! (Here is my 2012 Recap of my first RTB experience!) I knew that I was no where close to the running shape as I was last year and not too expect anything spectacular.

YAY let's go torture ourselves, LOL!!

The look of determination...

Me, our friend Kelli and Gerard(the hubs) all stuck together for the first few miles in, then Gerard said his knee was hurting! The last run we did it started hurting him and it was bad, he would run a little and stop over and over. So I told him no problem we wasn't going to be fast anyway we will just slow down Kelli and I just kept a steady pace well steady for us because our pace jumped all over the place but in the first 5 miles #4 was the slowest at 10:13! I knew though once we turned onto Old Frankfort Pike around the 6mi mark it would begin some series roller coaster hills! I had already walked very little but I knew once I hit those hills I would really start walking but I thought maybe Gerard would catch back up to us and we could all finish together. We even walked backwards a couple of times to try looking for him. The problem with wearing the shirt they give (race shirt) is that lots of people is wearing the same shirt! By the time we got to the half way marker and still didn't see him I was worried and thinking the worst of course, "Is he ok? Is he still running? Maybe its really bad and he's just walking? Oh I sure hope he's ok!" all of that and more was going through my mind. Around mile 8 we decided to stop for a potty break, both Kelli and I had to go from the very start but didn't want to wait in the long lines, at this point I didn't really think it mattered any more and it would give us another chance to watch for Gerard. With standing in line and using the bathroom we was stopped there for about 5mins. Still no sign of Gerard. The worst hill of them all is at mile 9, a nice LONG curve to the left did I mention LONG UPHILL that has zero downhill! Umm yeah I was pretty much run/walking by this point but that one really did me in. Miles 9- 13 was the slowest with the fastest mile being #12 @ 11:18! All I wanted to do is be finished and find Gerard! With only a half mile left and I was walking I said out loud to Kelli "This is pitiful only a half mile left and I am walking and don't even feel like I can run!!" One lady that passed kinda speed walking said "Hey at least you are out here!" EXACTLY is what I said back to her:) and when she was a little ways up she looked back and said "And better than everyone still on the couch!" RIGHT again my friend right you are!

Umm yeah I am SO GLAD that's over!!

 I came through the finish so slow I might as well been walking! Kelli and I finished in 2:22 which is about 6mins slower than last year but if you take off the time in the bathroom line then its only about a minute, sounds better that way:)

Kelli & I
 And I have to give Kelli a HUGE THANKS!! She stayed right with me the entire time even though she could have left me in the dust. I told her she could go on any time but she insisted on staying with me. She was even giving me motivation when I needed it the most! We have been friends since high school and have just recently reconnected through running. I couldn't have done what I did without her so Kelli I THANK YOU:)!!!

NOW you are probably (and hopefully) wondering what has happened to Gerard (my hubs)?? Here he is on his first half marathon, the hilliest one there is (like 21 hills in 13.1 miles!!) with knee pain and I haven't seen him since about mile 4??

Cruisin' through the finish

What is going on?? How did he get there??

Not sure if you can REALLY see the look on my face in the pic above? When Kelli and I came through the finish there he was with a MEDAL on?!?!??? WTHeck ?? How did he do that? Some how he passed us without either of us seeing each other and it was before the half way point according to the times at the half way split. Apparently the knee was bothering him bad but he never stopped running, then he said something snapped or popped and it really felt better and he picked up his pace. Although I AM VERY HAPPY for him that darn turd finished one of the hardest half's and his first one ever in 2:01!! Beginner's luck I guess!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

3x the Fun for St. Patty's Day

My St. Patrick's Day weekend was doing 3 races in two days! Woo Hoo I LOVE racing season.....EXCEPT when I'm sick:(

1. The first race was the Shamrock Shuffle 3k in Lexington, Ky on Saturday March 16. This is one of my favorite races, its just a 3k, its a fast course, there's always a huge crowd and lots of fun wearing Green! (one of my favorite colors:)

Making sure Mom sees me!
This year there was the largest crowd I have ever seen(2800+), it took us at least 10 - 15 mins to get parked we literally parked stopped to pee, pick up bib, walk out to hear race starts in 3mins, give mom a kiss, find my spot and GO!! Whoa that all happened really quick?!?!?!%% And ever so lucky me has a terrible cold!!! Last year I was in shape and came in 4th in my age group, this year I'm out of shape and sick just hoping I'm not last, LOL! I didn't take off overly fast and tried to run comfortable, I had to take a couple of short 10second or so walk breaks towards the end to try and control and the junk coming out of my nose and going down my throat~ yucky!! I was a minute and 20 seconds slower than last year but I still came in 5th out of 193 in my age group, to me that is awesome!!

2. Next up was the St. Patty's Day 5k at Renfro Valley on Sunday March 17 another race in the Rockcastle Regional County Wide Strides Series. These races have grown so much in size which is a great thing because each of these races are for different charities! This is not a hard course and I actually got my first 5k PR there last year, but I had the stupid terrible cold and knew it wasn't going to be too great plus when we finished there we was heading to another race that I would rather do better at. I took off once again not overly fast and comfortable the first mile was lots faster than I wanted it to be (8:25ish) so I slowed way down and then I started having the snot attack so I had to walk to clear my throat a few times, the way I was feeling I didn't even care I just really wanted to be finished:(

Look at that "Race Face" yep that ones mine:) 

The hubs did awesome though and came in 3rd in his age group!!

3. And finally the last stop on Sunday, Run for the Gold 3k in Frankfort, KY another one of my favorites! And another race series the Frankfort Trifecta Run/Walk Series. Frankfort is the beautiful capital of the great   state of Kentucky and all three of the races in the series goes by or is around the capital or downtown by the old capital building, I think Frankfort is a neat downtown area and always so much fun:) Why do I have to have the worst cold I have had in probably over 3 or 4 years on the weekend of my favorite races UGGHH!! By the time we left Mt. Vernon and got to Frankfort the temperature had dropped about 10+ degrees (30^) and it was a little breezy not the greatest weather for someone with a cold. I was starting to get a fever when we got there so I knew this was not going to be anything too great thank goodness it was just a 3k. I walked way more than I really wanted to and I ended up getting behind (or in front of) a boy that was running the entire race backwards??!! Ok that's a little crazy. He was really nice though I was trying to help him out and say when people was close behind him, in return he was trying to help me out when I started walking telling me to hang in there we was almost done. A lady I know from aerobics passed me (WHILE I WAS WALKING URRRGHH!!!) and I thought to myself "Your not going down like this sick or not your almost there LET'S GO!!" and I gave it all I had!  Once again I was one minute and 20 seconds slower than last year and way farther down the age group than I wanted and of course the hubs smoked it!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

3tt- GOALS

I am not a big goal setter, for some reason every time I set a goal for myself I end up failing and disappointing myself.
HOWEVER for the month of April I have set 3 goals for myself!! I hope to report success at the end of the month:)

1. Start going back to aerobics twice a week! Although I'm not a huge fan of aerobics I do think it helps with running. That is the only thing I did different last year and I gained lots of speed (for me), since the beginning of the year I haven't been going and my running has taken a nose dive! I made it Tuesday night now if I make it tonight I'll be on a GREAT start!!

2. To loose 5 pounds this month! Another thing I think the aerobics will help with. I have about 15lbs total that I want to shed but I think I'm better off with small goals for now:)

3. To run 90 miles this month! In the words of my husband "Geez that's a lot!" No dear it really isn't. We are running a half at the end of the month so there is 13 miles already:)

I've been working on a St. Patty's Day race weekend recap for two weeks, maybe I can finish it tonight ~ WHERE DOES ALL THE TIME GO!?!?!?!?!?!!!

How is YOUR week going?
Any current GOALS your working on?