Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ren10- A new 10k

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Saturday, August 20 was the new Ren10. This is how they advertised the course:

The best part about the race, besides the beautiful scenery, is the ease of the course. Other than one hump in the road near the end of the lake, it’s pancake-flat. 

Great Group
Well in all of my past experience if they are saying its 'pancake flat' then its probably really NOT and the fact that I am know the course so yeah.......

Because I have been running so much better I was excited to 'try' my hardest for this. Several of my friends was there we all gathered up at the start talking getting ready joking laughing etc. then all of a sudden everyone in front of us started taking off!?!?!??? I never heard a single announcement or 'GO' I didn't even have my Garmin on yet??

It is hard to see me but I am all the way in the back of this photo in white with the girl in the white hat (Kristen) behind me, can you see I am still fumbling with my 'stuff' I wasn't ready at all!! But it was all good. I told my friends I was wanting to 'try hard' today and Tiffany told me to stay with Kristen :) and that we did! 
Running Selfie

Parts of the course is 'Pancake flat' like the start so we was easily able to keep a good pace and I was still able to talk and not feel winded! As we were talking I found out that Kristen hadn't ever ran this course before so I told her "well you don't know about the big hill then huh? I'll just go ahead and tell you its more like a small MOUNTAIN!!" not to scare anyone I just like to be honest :) We was still going along at a decent pace and then we saw the base of the hill, she said "That is where I draw the line with this pace" LOL no worries cause I am too!! ** umm hello another bad blogger moment- I had my phone why didn't I take a picture of the small mountain???** We got a little ways up it before we walked the rest but the best part down hill is just as great as the up!  We was able to hold the burst down and around to the water stop where we walked long enough to drink a little bit. The way we was heading I knew there was another mountain to climbed and said out loud "surely we DON"T have to go up that part too??" One of the ladies from that area told me only a little ways up it.....shew thank goodness! Once again we walked up the hill to the turn around point and almost back down to the water stop. I told Kristen I was going to start slowing down the 'faster' (for me right now) pace was starting to get the best of me thankfully it was overcast and wasn't too hot. Of course we had to go back up and over the small mountain to get back to the finish line but as we were going back this lady that was a little bit ahead of us dropped down and grabbed her leg, I knew her to so I sped us up to get to her and see what was wrong. She was crying holding her leg saying "it popped something in my leg popped" we told her to just stay there and we will send help. But when help came she waned to keep going ~ guess she will be ok! Anyway that was mile 5 and our slowest due to stopping and helping her. Oh how I was so ready to be finished thankfully I had Kristen by my side and just tried to stay positive for her sake but it was her keeping me positive and going I totally would have gave up and walked LOTS in the last mile. We or I did have to walk a little but I tried as hard as I could to keep going. When we saw the corner to the finish line and Mom the race photographer and Kristen says "fists up!!" and THEN that little turd didn't tell me what came next......

Sprint like the Wind

She takes off sprinting like the wind! What?? Wait for me!!! LOL The road was wet from where it had rained some and I almost slid across the finish line! I wasn't prepared to 'Sprint like the Wind' but I am extremely thankful she pushed me not just then but during the entire run without her I would NOT have done as well as I did. Thank You Kristen!!

Check out this AWESOME finisher medal!

Love Miss Haylee :) 

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