Thursday, April 6, 2017

Netflix Binging

I kinda hate to admit this but I LOVE Netflix series! I am sure I am like many others once I start one I just have to watch it all. But then I am left with 'Ok now what??'  And let's be honest some of the shows are just plain stupid some of them I can keep watching but some I just have to find something else! Well I should clarify that a little, Gerard (the hubs) controls the TV and chooses what we watch, some picks are great while others are just STUPID!

This week I watched the newest series 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why Poster

I am still unsure if this is based on a true story or not but WOW! I did not want to turn it off and go to bed at night partly because even though this was about high school kids I felt like I related with the way Hannah felt. And then the last episode.....OMG (I guess I can go ahead and say without giving everything away because its about a girl that kills herself) I am still in shock that they showed the entire events completely.

Even though its a one season show its worth the watch in my opinion!

Here are some others I have watched and enjoyed:

best shows on netflix right now - crazy ex girlfriend         Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

best tv shows on netflix right now      Stranger Things- Another one I LOVED!!!

   OMG who doesn't LOVE Drew Barrymore

The OA    The OA- Not a favorite but ok

Love Poster     This one is great but for adults only for sure!

Fuller House Poster   I mean really who doesn't enjoy Full House :)

There has been a couple others but I can't think of them right now LOL!

What is YOUR favorite show?? I need more!!

Run Happy ;) 
(Even though this post isn't running related LOL!!)

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