Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Please Forgive & Bare With Me

So I am sure y'all had already marked me off ....again.....BUT hold up!! I'm not gone yet LOL! I just haven't been feeling very positive lately and didn't want to relay that in my posts.  I had a pep talk with myself about how I am going to change and be more positive and way less negative. Well that lasted about 5 mins after I woke up. I am sure everyone (or at least I hope most) have felt this way
"Someone should have warned me better about being an adult!" GEEZ!

I think deep down I am more worried about my life problems more than I think (and let on to others) cause the last few days I have really felt like crap. Sunday night I bet I didn't sleep more than 30-45 mins since midnight!

BUT anyhoo.....I have been working on myself. I've ran a few races in the last few weeks some good and some not so great. And I've got back into 5am running a couple of times a week which really stinks getting up so early however I really enjoy it and it helps me mentally!

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5am runners

So PLEASE PLEASE don't give up on me yet. I am coming back. Hopefully again tomorrow!!

Run Happy ;)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

I'm So Confused this Week- WHY???

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I have been so confused this week and do not know why. I'm talking so confused that I can't even keep up with what day it is and I NEVER have that problem. We are off work Friday for Good Friday so it is a short week at work and it has been the LOOONNNGGGEST week EVER!

Is anyone else having this problem this week or just me?? Maybe something is in the air!

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Brooks at Zulily

What is on your schedule this Easter weekend???

I have a 5k Friday night. 3k Saturday morning and Long Run on Sunday

Run Happy;)

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Am I the Only One That.......

Am I the only one who scuffs their feet lots (I mean tons!!!) for about a week after getting new shoes??  But I LOVE having new shoes!!!

Am I the only one who gives up on themselves mostly during the winter months?
And then totally regrets it at the first sign of warmer weather??!!

I was finally starting to do so much better with running mostly with long runs since it seemed like that was all I was doing last fall/early winter I even completed a half in 2:09 something!! I was well on my way to better running. Then the month of February hit. I had two races at the beginning and then that was it. I did nothing. And I mean nothing at all. I had no desire to run or go to the kettle bell class with my mom. Just nothing. I told myself it was my bodys way of telling me I needed a break. I told myself that come March I was going to be motivated again and really focus. I did better but still not where or what I should be doing.

So now here we are in April. I ran Run the Bluegrass on the 1st and felt pretty successful with it. The following Tuesday was my first run after. I planned on running 4 miles. I started running and it hurt. Everywhere from head to toe and nothing in particular. I just wasn't feeling it at all! I pushed on until it felt like an all out struggle. That's when I decided to cut it short and just complete a 5k. It wasn't terrible as far as overall pace but it was such a struggle I felt like I was running way faster.


I didn't get to run anymore last week and thought I should feel pretty 'fresh & ready' for a 5k on a fairly easy course.

Saturday April 8 I ran the Boot Scoot & Boogie 5k.  I really wanted to do well. Mostly because Gerard decided to join me for the first time in FOREVER!! Not to run the race just to join I was thrilled he went and really hopes he starts going more!! However I did not do as well as I wanted and struggled way more than I should have πŸ˜’ but I think it was because I expected so much more. I was happy to receive a 1st place age group medal though!! And I finished in under 30 mins with a time of 29:00!

And its always great to see and spend time with the #Flamingos!!

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, sky, cloud, tree, hat, outdoor, closeup and nature        Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling

I don't really care about being speedy speedy fast but I want to be able to run an entire distance of whatever I am running AND I want to be able to easily run a 5k in well under 30 mins!  So I still have work to do and I am starting to get really focused and willing to put in the work needed to get there!

What's your current training look like? I may want to copy it lol!!

Run Happy ;) 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Netflix Binging

I kinda hate to admit this but I LOVE Netflix series! I am sure I am like many others once I start one I just have to watch it all. But then I am left with 'Ok now what??'  And let's be honest some of the shows are just plain stupid some of them I can keep watching but some I just have to find something else! Well I should clarify that a little, Gerard (the hubs) controls the TV and chooses what we watch, some picks are great while others are just STUPID!

This week I watched the newest series 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why Poster

I am still unsure if this is based on a true story or not but WOW! I did not want to turn it off and go to bed at night partly because even though this was about high school kids I felt like I related with the way Hannah felt. And then the last episode.....OMG (I guess I can go ahead and say without giving everything away because its about a girl that kills herself) I am still in shock that they showed the entire events completely.

Even though its a one season show its worth the watch in my opinion!

Here are some others I have watched and enjoyed:

best shows on netflix right now - crazy ex girlfriend         Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

best tv shows on netflix right now      Stranger Things- Another one I LOVED!!!

   OMG who doesn't LOVE Drew Barrymore

The OA    The OA- Not a favorite but ok

Love Poster     This one is great but for adults only for sure!

Fuller House Poster   I mean really who doesn't enjoy Full House :)

There has been a couple others but I can't think of them right now LOL!

What is YOUR favorite show?? I need more!!

Run Happy ;) 
(Even though this post isn't running related LOL!!)

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I Survived TWICE!

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OMG March is our busiest month at work (vehicle licenses) and it is always worse when the end of the month falls on a Friday. For some reason this year it was a little different and not crazy busy every day last week only the last 2 days. Friday was HORRIBLE and I expected it to be but it was still awful.....GRRRR!!! But I survived 😲

The worst thing about that week being our busiest week ever is its always the week for Run the Bluegrass the hardest dang half of the year BUT I expected that too and guess what?? I SURVIVED it as well!! In fact I felt better afterwards than I ever do at any half marathon!
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A few days before race day I text one of the Flamingos and asked if she had a goal time? For me this race is not about goal times its about completing one of the hardest halfs and having fun with your friends! Thankfully she had a goal I felt like I could handle!! (I have been doing long runs but I have no speed at all right now) She does run walk and I have been running with her at the last few long run/races so why not this one too!

The weather is always terrible for this race, early forecast showed Sunny and 60°, but I knew better. It was overcast, breezy and 45°! Again to be expected for this race! So the goal time was 2:30 with run/walk intervals of 1:30/30....we can do that!

We stuck with the intervals pretty much the entire first half except for a few uphill/downhills and we got at least a sip of water at every water stop. I was amazed how fast the course and miles  was going by. At about mile 5½ a deer was stampeding through a field, it had everyone's attention and wishing we could run like that LOL!!

So why is this race the hardest of all year??? The HILLS! Oh goodness there is like 30+ in the 13 lovely miles. And we aren't talking little speed bump hills we are talking HILLS!

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, sky, outdoor and nature         Image may contain: one or more people, tree, sky, outdoor and nature      Image may contain: one or more people, people riding bicycles, tree, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: one or more people, tree, sky, outdoor and nature

Half way point is the worst for the hills so there was more walking during that area and miss Sherry said the whole time that we was walking up the entire dreaded mile 9 'S' curve, its a doozy!! But did she do that?? Of course not LOL! And I didn't mind one bit I mean that is one of the reasons I love this Flamingo friend of mine she likes to push it just a little bit harder/farther!

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One of my little buddies I train with :) 

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The Band at the 'S' Curve
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In the last 2 miles we started looking the time over thinking about the last couple of miles and figuring out if we was going to make this 2:30 goal or not. Truthfully I did not think we was going to make it but we was still going to make it a PR for her. Then we came to the last turn the turn to the longest finish ever and we had 45 seconds to get there! That was the fastest either of us has ran in a very long time but WE DID IT!!

Well 16 seconds over but this was an 8 minute PR for Sherry and on the hardest course around! I am super proud of her! Now we just need to focus on the next PR which we will chase at the end of the month at the Kentucky Derby miniMarathon

Run Happy ;)    

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Super proud of this Flamingo

Is that not the BEST looking medal EVER!!

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The #Flamingos

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And #StuddMuffins

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Same Ole' Song & Dance...

Hey All! Yep its me again! I know you get tired of the same ole' song and dance ( hey I'm back at blogging for like 3 days) because yep I AM TOO!! However I am going to give it another go.....I don't like to be a quitter! (I am a sore loser though😝)

Last year when I attempted blogging again I was having friend issues. I am happy to report that it has gotten a little better but still not 100% (even though I'd like to try more reconnecting) now I feel like I only get a text or something when no one else is available......but it is what it is!

That has lead me to become even closer with a few other friends and behold the #FLAMINGOS was born! I will go into introducing them to you over the course of me keeping up with blogging again. You can only imagine the exciting adventures we have had over the last year we have people wanting to join us but let me tell ya we are VERY SELECTIVE and don't let many in 😎

2017 has already been a busy year with LOTS more to come! In fact as you are reading this I am probably running my 8th (streaker!!!) RUN the Bluegrass half marathon! If your looking for a beautiful extremely hilly half that usually has the worst weather ever then you should look into this one! It is one of my favorite all time half's EVER with the best atmosphere and swag available!

No automatic alt text available.
This one is from 3 years ago and they have gotten better EVERY year!

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#Flamingos & #StuddMuffin 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ren10- A new 10k

                                                   rv-REN10logo-Color web
Saturday, August 20 was the new Ren10. This is how they advertised the course:

The best part about the race, besides the beautiful scenery, is the ease of the course. Other than one hump in the road near the end of the lake, it’s pancake-flat. 

Great Group
Well in all of my past experience if they are saying its 'pancake flat' then its probably really NOT and the fact that I am know the course so yeah.......

Because I have been running so much better I was excited to 'try' my hardest for this. Several of my friends was there we all gathered up at the start talking getting ready joking laughing etc. then all of a sudden everyone in front of us started taking off!?!?!??? I never heard a single announcement or 'GO' I didn't even have my Garmin on yet??

It is hard to see me but I am all the way in the back of this photo in white with the girl in the white hat (Kristen) behind me, can you see I am still fumbling with my 'stuff' I wasn't ready at all!! But it was all good. I told my friends I was wanting to 'try hard' today and Tiffany told me to stay with Kristen :) and that we did! 
Running Selfie

Parts of the course is 'Pancake flat' like the start so we was easily able to keep a good pace and I was still able to talk and not feel winded! As we were talking I found out that Kristen hadn't ever ran this course before so I told her "well you don't know about the big hill then huh? I'll just go ahead and tell you its more like a small MOUNTAIN!!" not to scare anyone I just like to be honest :) We was still going along at a decent pace and then we saw the base of the hill, she said "That is where I draw the line with this pace" LOL no worries cause I am too!! ** umm hello another bad blogger moment- I had my phone why didn't I take a picture of the small mountain???** We got a little ways up it before we walked the rest but the best part down hill is just as great as the up!  We was able to hold the burst down and around to the water stop where we walked long enough to drink a little bit. The way we was heading I knew there was another mountain to climbed and said out loud "surely we DON"T have to go up that part too??" One of the ladies from that area told me only a little ways up it.....shew thank goodness! Once again we walked up the hill to the turn around point and almost back down to the water stop. I told Kristen I was going to start slowing down the 'faster' (for me right now) pace was starting to get the best of me thankfully it was overcast and wasn't too hot. Of course we had to go back up and over the small mountain to get back to the finish line but as we were going back this lady that was a little bit ahead of us dropped down and grabbed her leg, I knew her to so I sped us up to get to her and see what was wrong. She was crying holding her leg saying "it popped something in my leg popped" we told her to just stay there and we will send help. But when help came she waned to keep going ~ guess she will be ok! Anyway that was mile 5 and our slowest due to stopping and helping her. Oh how I was so ready to be finished thankfully I had Kristen by my side and just tried to stay positive for her sake but it was her keeping me positive and going I totally would have gave up and walked LOTS in the last mile. We or I did have to walk a little but I tried as hard as I could to keep going. When we saw the corner to the finish line and Mom the race photographer and Kristen says "fists up!!" and THEN that little turd didn't tell me what came next......

Sprint like the Wind

She takes off sprinting like the wind! What?? Wait for me!!! LOL The road was wet from where it had rained some and I almost slid across the finish line! I wasn't prepared to 'Sprint like the Wind' but I am extremely thankful she pushed me not just then but during the entire run without her I would NOT have done as well as I did. Thank You Kristen!!

Check out this AWESOME finisher medal!

Love Miss Haylee :) 

Look at These Awesome Ladies