Monday, July 29, 2013

What Better Motivation Than To......

Sign up for some Fall races!!! 

Yea so this year hasn't been my year for running, well just not like I think it should be anyway. It has bummed me out but now I've gotten over it and am ready to move on! And I'm not going to let it "Bother" or "Worry" me anymore that I'm just not as good as I was last year and start focusing on the present & now. 

I really enjoy the local fall Half Marathons available in our area. I also feel as a runner it is my duty to support these local races continually so yes I usually repeat these races year after year. This year I am adding a couple of new ones.

First up is the Iron Horse Half
October 13th

 This half is held in the beautiful town of Midway, KY. I have completed this half the last two years and have been so close to being under 2 hours both years! Can I do it this year?

Next up will be the Louisville Sports Commission Half. This one is new to me so I am looking forward to it. I have been told it has a fairly different course than all of the other Louisville half's I have done so we shall see how this one goes!

Then there is the Renfro Rock'n'Run
Nov 16
This half was just announced earlier this month as part of the Rockcastle Regional County-Wide Strides which is an awesome series of monthly races sponsored by the local hospital. I am really looking forward to this one, I think it will be small and low key but it should cover some pretty scenery in my lovely state of Kentucky!

There are two more half's I want in include in that line up as well. I will more than likely sign up for them as well but at this moment I am questioning myself "Is it CRAZY to sign up and complete 5 half's in 5 weeks time?" Granted I won't be running them all for time goals mostly for support to my local state!

So what do YOU think 5 half's in 5 weeks, Is it too MUCH?
Looks like I better get to training:)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Making a ComeBack

Hey! My name is Bobbie, I used to be a regular blogger BUT I needed a break. Not just from my blog but life in general! I wasn't happy with myself, my running or just anything and noticed all of my posts were negative, no one wants to read negativity all the time including me so I decided to just take a break! I have been trying to write a post since the first of July when I was on vacation but just haven't found the time. GEEZ why does it seem like everyone is always so busy these days (not to mention the crazy Candy Crush game on Facebook Lol! Anyone else out there as addicted as I am?)

Runners World Quote of the Day suited me perfect the other day:

Be Positive, ignore the critic, follow your heart, invest in your passions, believe in your dreams and get busy making them reality

Josh Cox- US 50k Record Holder

So I still am not back where I want to be with my running and I still have 11 pounds to get back to where I was last year but would like to drop a total of 20 lbs. I AM going to get to where I want to be and ONLY I CAN DO IT! However any kind of support and encouragement you can offer PLEASE DO!!

Things are looking up for me and I am getting focused!!

How do you stay focused or tackle goals? How do you get back on track when you have strayed?