Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wk#7 Marathon Training-Oops I forgot to Post:(

For what ever reason I have been in a blogging, well really just life in general FUNK. I DO NOT like it and I have been trying to fill myself with postive thoughts and the weather is starting to get better so hopefully I will SNAP OUT of it soon. I also realized that I never posted my training week from last week and tomorrow will be the end of another week so I guess I better get on with it.

Here is how week 7 went for me:
Tuesday- 4mi/37:50
Wednesday- 4mi/38:24
Thursday- 6mi/56:39
Saturday- 3mi/about 28:15   9mi/1:36:09   for a total of 12mi Long Run

This week was full of WIND. I really do not like running in the wind, I know though who does?? The extra effort it takes really wipes me out and I have noticed that my shins seem to hurt when its windy. Not sure that the two are related but just weird! Due to Sheri doing Boot Camp 3 days a week just about the only runs we have been doing together is Long Run, I really don't enjoy running alone after having a buddy by my side for so long now but its been okay. My legs also seemed to have a hard time recovering after last weeks 11mi. I really had to push myself this week and was really happy with all of my times considering the way my legs felt. Thursdays 6mi we did run together and I was VERY thankful since I have had to push this week!

We also did another race and divided our long run up. (Read my race report HERE) I forgot to stop my garmin at the end of the race and still haven't seen my official finish time but I know it was a 28 something! While we was still at the race we was deciding where we should finish the rest of our 9mi and decided we would have my mom drop us off at Perryville a little town that was about 9mi to where Sheri's and moms car was parked and we had mom drop us some water at a church that was along the way. OMG was all I was really thinking we are going to run from Perryville to Danville?? after we just finished a race that was nothing but hills! Although both of us had traveled this road several times in our lives it had nevered seemed as hilly as it is running it. The first couple of miles was okay we kept about a 10:30 pace and I started feeling pretty decent about the time we reached our water, which was perfectly placed at 4.5miles~ THANKS MOM:) The next 4.5 miles wasn't so great. Both of us was struggling my left foot and right knee was killing me, Sheri's hamstring was hurting WE WAS READY TO BE DONE!! At about mile 8.5 I truely felt like it didn't matter to me if I walked the last half mile, we didn't walk an entire half mile but we did have several moments of walking during the last 4.5 miles but we still did AWESOME!!

How do you feel about running in the WIND? If it is a cold wind would you rather run on the dreadmill or still Brave the elements? Does a warm extreme windy day take you inside? Just about the only thing that forces me inside now is rain, if possible I will delay my run to another day just to avoid the dreadmill, I just don't enjoy it:)

Mom stopped to take a pic after she dropped us off!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BIC Bands Winners

Rae from 5k Rae (I LOVE the purple on her blog:)


Running Librarian (Pam) from Running Slowly 2 the Finish (Another GREAT blog:)

Ladies EMAIL ME HERE with your BIC Band choice and your mailing info~Congrats!!

Thanks to ALL for entering!! Many GREAT giveaways to come!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Presidents Day 5k

I Love going to races, just didn't think I have said that enough throughout this blog~HA HA!!

My friends called me a couple of months ago and said their daughter was in this school club and they was going to be having a 5k and wanted me to come. Of course I couldn't turn a friend down, we were also suppose to be running a total of 12mi that day for our training. So we decided to do the race come back home and complete the other 9mi:)

The location of this race was in a small town there was about 45 people to show up for the race and most of them was kids from the school. They must have talked about it and decided to come in costumes because there was everything from the statue of liberty to Abe Lincoln to a poodle skirt and more, it was cute to see them come out and participate. I always get a little tickled seeing the kids take off with all their might only to stop a few feet in, but hey I still give them LOTS of credit for getting out there and doing it!! Sheri and I had already decided due to the low crowd and we still had 9 more miles to run we was going to take it easy for this. The first half of the race was AWESOME almost completely down hill and I mean DOWN hill they was pretty steep! Needless to say I was rolling way faster than I should have been because you just had to turn around and go back UP the crazy hills~~UGGHH!!!~ Sheri did awesome she just kept trucking right on up them crazy things, I needed to take my pullover off so I just stopped completely to take it off and tie it around my waist plus there was this man I kept playing back and forward with that was driving me crazy!! I would slow down he would try to pass me fast breathing hard/heavy/winded then stop and walk, this pattern went on about 4 times before I finally said forget this I just need to get on down the way! No offense to him but I was letting myself get caught up in it and letting myself walk when I should have just regulated my pace a lot more, had I stayed beside Sheri I could have done that! But anyway I finally got enough past him and got my pace worked out it was getting close to the finish. The finish sucked! You went down hill about a half mile to yep you guessed it turn around and go right back up it!! Overall I was happy with my time even with all the walking! I don't know my exact time it was a 28 something! Sheri did get a1st place certificate for our age group!! YAY!!
Here is a few pics:

Mom & My girls~ The Fan Club!

THEN we still had 9 more miles to go!! Wait and read about them in my weekly marathon training post!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

3 Things Thursday- This -n- That

1. Anyone that requested one of my bumper stickers, Sorry I haven't mailed them out yet. I am still trying to find envelopes big enough~ Sorry! I will get them out soon:)  Also if you are intrested in getting one send me an email with your info!!

2. Don't forget to enter my BIC bands GIVEAWAY HERE!!! Tomorrow is the last day to enter!

3. Does anyone know how to have comments numbered? I have seen on several blogs that the comments have a number count with them and I can't figure it out. HELP ME PLEASE?!?!?!?!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wk #6 Marathon Training- And a Race........

The schedule called for 4,5,4,11 Here is how my week went...................

Tuesday- 5mi/48:09
Friday- 5mi/49:02 Treadmill
Saturday- 3.1/26:57 Race
Sunday- 11mi/1:56:49

So I got the right mileage in just not the right order or the right days and I sure paid for it! Tuesday was a great day it was cool but the sun was out it was so pleasant that's what made me do the extra mile! Wednesday late afternoon we got another snow and it made the roads slick fast I barely made it home without sliding off the road~yikes! Thursday I took a snow day with my girls as I thought it was way too slick to be out, later on in the day the sun came out and melted everything on the roads but I still decided to stay in. Therefore I knew I HAD to run Friday to get some mileage in. It was still cold out and some sidewalks still had snow and ice so I decided to go to the gym. I told myself when I got there I needed to do 5 but 4 is okay when I reached 4 I told myself now just take your time and finish another mile, its just a mile! Saturday I was worried about racing after the treadmill run but I knew I really wanted to give it my all and see what I could do, it was the first race of the year and all.( Read my race recap HERE) I was extremely happy to start the season off with a 26 anything!! Then long run Sunday came along. After the race on Saturday I told Sheri, "I hope you aren't expecting anything spectacular out of me tomorrow, I have a feeling I will be slow!" Thankfully she felt the same way:) We decided to do a different route as the same ole one we always do was starting to get old, we needed new scenery, so we decided to go back to the location of the 15k route and we would add a couple more miles to get in the 11. Only thing about that route is the HILLS and I am not talking one or two the entire route seems to be hill after hill after hill, but since we knew we was going to take it easy it was okay. The weather was again perfect about 40* SUNSHINE and WIND umm not so perfect. After several small and a couple of decent size hills we were coming up to a pretty long steep one, I told Sheri "I think I am walking up that big hill, just so you know" but guess what I DIDN'T :) We just slowed our pace down a little (okay maybe a LOT) and kept on going! We did have to walk just a couple of mins, at one point we was running into wind that seemed so strong that it felt like I was on a treadmill running in place! A good thing about long runs, we ALWAYS plan to eat somewhere when we get done, yep I run to EAT!! So the second half of the long run eating is my motivation to finish:)

I know some of you can do this all the time but for me putting 19miles in 3days is a little much and I was VERY tired (as well as my legs) and I even took about a 2 hour nap Sunday afternoon! Even though I was worn out and tired I know in the end it is ALL going to be worth it:)

Time for the Question of the week. Do you still sign up for Races during Training? I really enjoy races, winning awards or not I just really LOVE the atmosphere, the people and the food (told ya I run to eat:)!!
Do you think it is ok to race 5k's(or any race) while you are training for bigger events (like marathons)?

Here are some pics I took on the long run this week
Sheri soaking up the sun!
Isn't the scenery beautiful?
Not a big one but one of the many hills!
I really don't like this photo I look
like a cow! I was trying to
look tired and worn out!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart Glove & Sole 5k

Katrina, Angie, Melinda, Me & Sheri

Hooray the first actual race of 2011!! Saturday the gang and I did the Heart Glove & Sole 5k. It was a beautiful morning for a race, it was around 34* and LOTS of SUN!! I did this race last year and it was fun so that was my main reason for wanting to do it again this year. The first place winners in age groups and overall receive a shoe sole on a plaque and instead of giving out shirts with registration they give out gloves but only to the first 100 registered, last year I didn't get the gloves so I made sure to get some this time I registered in December:)

Although I REALLY would like to win one of the "sole" awards I knew that wasn't going to happen so I was curious on if I could improve from last year and maybe place in my age group. We lined up at the front of the crowd (325 people) and off we went and FAST it WAS! The course was reversed from last year and it started down hill, about a quarter of a mile in I looked down at the garmin and holy cow it said I was at a 6:58 pace?!?!?! my legs could feel it as well! SLOW DOWN BOBBIE!! I crossed the first mile at 8:07 still trying to settle into a better pace for me(more like 9:09). I stayed around 8:25 to 8:45 until the hills came, then all that "fast" was beginning catching up to me. I was about 30 seconds ahead of Sheri and was really needing her beside me to mentally help me push on even though I knew she was right behind me the entire time. I got almost completely up another long hill and all of a sudden I felt like my sinus decided to dump every bit of snot (gross I know~sorry) down my throat and I WALKED~UGGHH! Now Sheri is about 45 seconds ahead of me, after I reached the top of the hill I decided I needed to push it and catch up. Wasn't the best idea ever, I almost got to join the puke club, I gaged a couple of times stopped once to spit (again gross I know) and all I could think is " finish this thing". Mine and Sheri's finish time was almost exactly 30 seconds apart and she ended up with 3rd in our age group~HOORAY SHERI!!!! :) Even though I wanted it to be me (ha!) I am extremely happy that one of us could do it! (It's tough to place in Lexington, Ky they have some fast runners:)
I AM HAPPY with my numbers compared to last year!!
2010 finish time 29:41
Overall place 118th/287
2011 finish time 26:57
Overall place 78th/325
Almost 3 whole minutes shaved off from last year~HOORAY!!

Sheri & I Our photographer missed us coming through the finish so we faked it!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

3 Things Thursday- BIC Bands Giveaway

Because.......We run because we can!

I......Sandy the awesome owner/maker of BIC bands said and I quote"I started making these bands as a fundraiser for my run with Team In Training and donated the profits to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. OVER $1000 was raised through the sale of BIC bands!"

Can......even though the "c" is for can I thought this fact was Cool and that starts with "c".
"These amazing headbands started all right here, on my blog. They were even named by my readers through a contest and poll on my blog. Katye over at Long Legs on the Loose had the winning name of BIC bands~ I also personally loved the name and felt the slogan represented the heart of BIC bands."

Okay so maybe I have more that just 3 things, I mean this is a giveaway!

Sandy also has a great blog HERE she just finished her second Half Mary! I LOVE the styles and patterns she uses for BIC bands there are LOTS and LOTS to choose from. I have not been able to wear my BIC band outside for a run but I have worn it several times to the gym. The BIC band is absolutely fabulous to wear and very comfortable around the ears with NO Headaches!! Although I enjoy wearing several different types and brands of headbands (I'm an addict :) BIC bands are one of my favorites!

Sandy was also kind enough to offer the chance for TWO LUCKY followers to win a BIC band of their very own~AWESOME!!~ Here's how you can enter:

MANDATORY~Be a Follower of My Blog
MANDATORY~Like BIC bands on FaceBook HERE  and leave a comment I sent you!

*Follow Sandy's Blog HERE and leave her a comment I sent you!
*Follow ME on Twitter HERE and tweet about this giveaway
*Post this giveaway on FaceBook
*Blog or Link this giveaway on your Blog

There you have it 6 chances per person to enter to WIN!! Entries will be taken until February 18, 2011.
Caroline, Christy,and Karen don't forget you have +5 Bonus Entries to use:) I am also going to let if you choose to split the extra entries between this giveaway and my next giveaway! All you need to do to use a bonus entry is leave a comment with +1 or +2 or +3 etc... until you use them all up at +5!


*I was given 2 BIC bandsof my choice to try out and review on my own NOT PAID for an opinion!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wk #5 Marathon Training- Week of Firsts

Not all first time ever things but firsts in marathon training! This week I did my first dreadmill run of 2011, I forgot my garmin on Friday and we did our first double digit run of 10miles!! In my 3 things Thursday Post HERE I told all about my treadmill run with the question of "do you think I achieved 4mi under 40 mins yet?" So let's see...... here is how my week went.

Wednesday- 4mi/39:40 -Treadmill~HOORAY!!
Thursday- 5mi/50:34
Friday- 4mi/about 40
Sunday- 10mi/1:41 Exactly

OMG!! Caroline from Journey to the Next Half Marathon was the first comment and guessed my time exactly!!! Now I am wondering if she has powers? Her boys better watch out because they won't be able to get anything past her!! HA HA!!! Caroline since you guessed my time exactly I want to send you something:) send me your address so I can put something together for ya!! And there was (including Caroline) only 3 people to guess yes or no so those 3 ( Caroline, Christy and Karen) each get +5 extra entries in my next giveaway, which is coming in the next day or two!!

Back to training now..... So my treadmill run was awesome:) I really didn't think I was going to make the 4 under 40 goal considering my first mile was 10:45(ugghh I really don't like the "mill") I really had to pick it up for the next 2! Thursday's 5mi was okay it was pretty cold starting out but we warmed up. Friday I went to the chiropractor before running and realized I forgot my garmin~darnit!~ but I knew the 4mi route and I just timed myself the good ole fashion way with my regular watch!! Sunday our long run couldn't have been any better!! The sun was shining it was about 37* and we kept a steady pace above our marathon goal pace!!! Even better I was not sore or worn out later in the day:) I did wear my compression socks and am sure that helped.

Also in my Suck it Up Buttercup post HERE I ended with a question that didn't get much response, come on bloggers where are ya? So I am going to end today with the same question

Do you have an "After Race" routine? Or a "Before Race" routine? Do you do the same thing before or after races that you just "HAVE" to do or Do you just take it day by day?

Happy RUnning!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Stylish Blogger

Hooray!! I finally was nominated for a Blogger Award!! How exciting!! Michel from Baby Weight My Fat Ass was kind enough to pass it along to me, Thanks Michel I really enjoy reading your blog as well makes me laugh sometimes:)

Here are the Rules for the Stylish Award:

 Make this post and link back to the person who gave the award to me
 Share 7 things about myself.
 Award 5 great bloggers.
 Contact the bloggers to tell them they've won!

So let's see what can I share about myself....................

* I LOVE video games! Especially Super Mario Brothers actually any Mario game. When I was in 6th grade I save my allowance to buy my first very own Nintendo and I think the Wii is the greatest invention EVER!!

*I am a messy person. I DO NOT like house cleaning at all! In fact I would be ashamed for any one of you to enter my house right now, but hey I live here not you! It would be clean for planned company:)

*I was the person who hated exercise, especially running! Now I LOVE RUNNING! In 2007 I decided it was time for me to go on a diet and loose some weight, my husband even got on board and we began walking (speed walking) at our local park, he asked me to run and I said NO WAY, now I couldn't imagine saying that in fact I beg him to go out with me:) I ended up losing about 40lbs and he lost about 50lbs that year now if I can just get the 15 I have gained back off again!!

*I LOVE Pizza & sweets! Probably the reason I can NOT lose the 15-20 lbs I really want to!

*I had my first daughter when I was a senior in high school! Luckily enough I was still able to finish high school and continue on with my life and although it took us several more years later to get married my husband and I have been together for 20 years (married for 10)

*I am an animal person. I especially love cats. I started liking pigs at an early age and decided I was no longer eating pork just because I like pigs! Still to this day I do NOT eat pork of any kind!

*I have one of the best running buddies and Friend ever (if you are a follower you have heard this time after time:) and the best family support for being a runner! (Thanks MOM!!)

Its hard to find bloggers that haven't been awarded this yet but let's see if I can
Sheri @Running Through Life
Cynthia O'H @Ball in the Air
Raegun@Diminishing Returns
Karen@Just Me and My Running Shoes

Thursday, February 3, 2011

3 Things Thursday- Cold but No Snow

It has been a while since I have done 3 things Thursday.....................

1. While a lot of states received snow, ice or a blizzard the great state of Kentucky received rain, COLD RAIN. Our local weather man said if it would have been in snow we would have received about a foot of snow~that's my kind of snow! Around here 3inches is a lot to people but not me.

2. Monday the hubs went skiing so I chose not to run plus is was raining. Tuesday I was just plan lazy so yesterday was my first running day. Unfortunately the wind arrived and it was cold like  25* and 58mph wind so I decided I would go to the ugghh dreadmill at the gym with the hubs, since I have paid for the month of February might as well go right? This was my first treadmill run of 2011!!

3. Way back in November 2010 (that was like ages ago ya know:) I blogged about how I really dislike the stinking treadmill and that I had a goal of getting 4 miles under 40 mins ( I said in a month but hey I have been staying outside in the freezing cold:) You can read all about it HERE. Since this was my first treadmill run in a long time I thought maybe today is the day but I am not going to get my hopes up because it is the first one. So do you think I made it??? SORRY you will have to wait until my marathon training post this weekend to find out but feel free to leave me a comment with your guess might just get you an extra entry in my next giveaway:)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Lip Stuff Winner

And the winner is............................

Auqakuh from There's a Contest for That

Email me your mailing info Please!!

Thanks to all that entered and THANK YOU for following my journey! There is LOTS more to come in my journey!

Also WELCOME new followers so glad you are here!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Suck It Up Buttercup Virtual 5k

First of all I would like to say THANK YOU Michel over at Baby Weight My Fat Ass for hosting this great 5k! Great motivation to get on out the door or hop on the dreadmill if that's what you like:)

Here's how my race went:
Any of you who follow me knows by now that I pretty much do ALL of my running activities with the most awesome running buddy ever Sheri so of course we did this together. One for All and All for One right?!?!?!? We choose Sunday to do our race, the only kicker with that is that we had to do our long run that same day as well (8mi) so we decided to break it up do 5 out our normal hilly route then complete our 5k on a  little easier route;) We are also trying to focus on slowing down on our long runs so this helped knowing that after we do 5 slower miles we are going to speed it up for 3 more. Our 5 was perfect then we stopped at our cars to regroup for the 5k, you know get "race ready"! The best part about everything was the SUN was SHINING it was about 37* with a breeze every now and then. At times I was burning up then the next minute I was chilled. I took my favorite Pineapple Roctane GU and off we went, I was trying to go way too fast and very soon realized I needed to slow it down! We did a simple out and back, with the second half having a nice little down hill right in the middle and the end of the route~sweet!! My finish time was 27:54!

What's the best thing to do after a race?

Me & Sheri
Eating breakfast of course!! Cracker Barrel is usually the choice and this morning was really yummy Blueberry pancakes!! During our 5k season we always go eat after the race along with sometimes several other running friends and the wonderful, fabulous photographer and number one fan my mom!!

Do you have any "after race" routine? Let's hear it!

Week #4 Marathon Training- Getting better

Hooray I completed all the runs on the schedule maybe not on the planned days but I got them ALL in! And that really makes me happy:)

Monday- 4.08mi/40:31
Wednesday- 5mi/49:18
Saturday- 4mi/38:52
Sunday- 5mi/50:57  3mi/27:54  8mi total long run

Monday was my daughters birthday and I took the day off work since it is also my husbands day off as well and I knew he would be going to the gym so I could tag along and go run. I was standing in the kitchen waiting for both girls to get ready for school and what do ya know~OUCH!!!!!~my crazy back went out! Just like that! I laid on the floor and had Gerard push on my back like the chiropractor would do, not completely fixed but better so I decided to go on. The first half mile or so was pretty painful but I pushed on going good for a while and slow and painful for a while. Did I make a good decision to go on? No probably not but after the crappy week last week I was determined to go. Wednesday morning started out snowing really heavy but then stopped and all the snow went away from the roads but it became really cold and windy, but guess what we still got out there! Thursday is the day I should have completed the next run but I once again started not feeling good and ended up taking a half day Thursday and all day Friday off of work. Saturday the SUNSHINE came out for the first time in a LONG time so I went out to our local park to do my 4mi. I tried to go slower just so I could enjoy the sun! Sunday was the same SUNSHINE and a little warmer than Saturday. I signed Sheri and I up for the Suck It Up Buttercup Virtual 5k (race report coming up also) so we still needed to complete that. We decided that we would divide our long run up and do it for the last 5k of our run. I think that was a great idea as it made 8mi seem like nothing!!

I still seem to be in the winter funk, I am starting to think it is all in my head that I don't feel good. I am so ready for the sun to shine everyday so then I can complain about how hot it is:)

When you have injuries (like my back hurting) do you push through them or take a day of rest or try to find some other type of exercise that doesn't hurt while doing it?(Please share what that exercise is that doesn't hurt especially your back!!) I am trying to start doing some strength training with weights and such and am looking for some suggestions, any recommendations on some moves that are a must??