Saturday, August 28, 2010

8mi & I suck

We did not have a race this morning so we decided to do our long run today and take tomorrow off, so on the schedule was 8 miles. Last week we did 7mi on the same hilly course so I really wasn't looking forward to it. But it is the course for our upcoming 15k race so we might as well practice it right? Today we realized that we needed to turn right instead of the left we took before, they had come out and painted arrows. So we decided to take the right and see what happens. We come to a fork in the road but there was arrows pointing left down a county road so we followed. The first part of the road wasn't so bad, quite hilly, thought we saw a monstrous hill but it was short and sweet. THEN the BIG DADDY HILL came, holy cow my shins, calves and hamstrings never screamed so loud as they did then! I was very thankful the halfway point wasn't too far away, that's where we stop take a break gu up again if needed , drink our water that we dropped but oh wait we dropped it in the other direction. I felt okay and thought I could do with out so we took our little break and carried on. The good part was going back down that huge mountain we just came up but I could still feel it :( and we still had several hills left to finish on the way back. I gave it my best effort but I SUCKED! I walked several times not long lengthy walks just short and sweet. At about mile 5.5 I was really missing that water, I was having sinus drainage in my throat causing my stomach to feel ill and at one point I felt dizzy like I could pass out. Therefore I SUCKED on the second half of the run today. I did however finish in 1:19:42 which I thought wasn't so bad. That awesome friend of mine Sheri did a great job today! Hopefully next week I will be able to keep up!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another reason why.....

So in my last post I told how I had an awesome race with a great PR and the great feeling of a "runners high".  Well here is how my day got better.....

On my way home from the race (and breakfast at Cracker Barrel!) I picked up my phone to call the hubs like I always do, still really excited until I look at my phone. He had called like 5 times and there was a voice mail, so I listened to it. He sounded really really serious and sad saying "I NEED you to come up here as soon as you get this message!" What the crap?? Now my heart is beating really fast in a different way and I have bubble guts in my stomach as I am heading to his work and he calls again. Once again he says the exact same thing and I tell him I am right down the road. He is an awesome mechanic so all that is going through my mind is he is hurt or something, so as I pull into the parking lot I am looking around for something terrible and nothing. I walk in see him looking okay but still serious and there is  a box on top of his tool box taped shut. He starts to open it and I tell him "If it is something bad I don't want to see it!" To my surprise this popped up out of the box
I mean who isn't an animal lover? Cats are my thing that I REALLY love. We currently have one cat already named Jazz, we have had her for 13yrs and it probably took my husband 7yrs before he could truly say he loved her- lol!
Jazz can be quite prissy at times. I have begged and begged for us to be able to have a second cat but the hubs and one daughter is allergic so I understood why we shouldn't. So when he told me "it didn't matter what I did with him, but if we keep him his name is Garcia." What does that mean you are going to let us have another cat??!! He said the poor little kitty came out from a motor of a car that was brought in to be worked on, he was covered in black grease in spots and appeared to be hungry. That wonderful husband of mine had a soft spot and already had him named! Once again another great wonderful happy thing to continue the awesome morning I had! So I brought him home gave him a bath very first thing, fed him and showed him the litter box, poor little thing used it then curled up in it to sleep. I got him out and he laid on my lap and just purred for like 3 hours, I think he likes us! Jazz on the other hand, she isn't too happy about it but everyday we get one step closer. Now they chase each other back and forth but she growls and hisses at him. Hopefully they will get along some day!
So there it is, Another reason why I LOVE my husband! Even though you can be rough and rugged at times, I still think you are wonderful and love you very much!!
Here are more pics of baby Garcia! He is the sweetest kitty ever!
His tong is hanging out, just pooped!!

Monday, August 23, 2010


I am very SORRY my followers for the delay in announcing the winners. All those fast runs last week had me pooped once again and I took a day off from the computer to rest! So let's get down to business and pick some winners!!

CSN stores $40 Winner is:
121- LAMusing
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CLIF Bar Crunch Winners:
28- Runners Fuel
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42-Kovas Palubinskas
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10-Running Librarian
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Congrats to all winners!! Thanks to all for entering and following! Send me some info @ Bobbie (click on my name)!!

Railroad Days 5k & more

I did not blog last week cause I didn't want to jinx myself. The 5k race for last Saturday is know for setting PR's because it is flat & fast. So my buddies & I decided we was going to practice the course during the week and really really run it just like a race to see how good we can possibly do. The first night 27:45, the second night 26:35!!! Are you kidding me? I have NEVER completed a run in 26 something! I even didn't really feel good that night and still did awesome. Therefore I was anxious for the actual race on Saturday. I was so in hopes of a PR.
Saturday morning came I tried not to get my hopes up and get all nervous and such, our local races usually have a crowd of about 85 - 125. When I pulled up in the parking lot I began to get nervous, there was no where to park (it was held in a small town park) and I had to drive over to the school along with about 15 other people following me! Once I got up on the scene to pick up my number and shirt I started surveying the crowd(there was around 190) trying to figure out who all was in my age group and who was going to be my competition. I truly know in my heart and mind that you(I) do NOT run races ONLY to win an award but last year at this same race I was 2 seconds away from winning one that was not happening to me today! Meet up with my crew headed to the start line ready to DO THIS even the weather was perfect low humidity overcast and a temp of about 75. Turns out our local college had there cross country teams (boys & girls) there therefore that added to the crowd of people and all of them were on the starting line so we had to squeeze in just a little ways from the start. And we are off, HOLY COW those college kids take off FAST and we were mixed up with them going just as fast! Mile 1= 8:05 What! Don't look at the watch again I feel okay not the greatest but okay lets keep pushing on, so I did. This is an in & out course pretty much with one small slight little uphill at the turn around which as you know means.....back down the hill we go!! (That has been my strongest point during practice!) Mile 2= 8:38 Still smokin' for me and starting to feel it and I know the worst part of this course for me is coming up- crap! My buddy Sheri (she has a great review also check it out!!) and I discussed do we take a quick break just to get our pace back down to 9:00/mi or what, ya lets do it so we power walked until what do ya know a girl I know for sure is in my age group passes us. Crap!! Here is one of the great reasons to have a running buddy/friend, Sheri says" is she in your group?" I nodded my head and she says"Come on let's GO!" me "Aww Sheri I don't know if I am ready to go again yet" "Come on You WILL thank me in the end!" and off I went because she was right. I didn't and couldn't go full force like I was and I didn't catch the one I wanted to but I did finish Mile 3 at 9:05! My overall finish time for the 5k was 26:33!! A PR by a minute;) I was for sure on a runners high, now to just get that award. And I did it, 3rd place in my age group and a PR what more could one ask for in one day!! (Actually my day did get better but I am saving that for another post!) Rick Serres the director of my "Serres" of races was announcing awards after getting to me he made the statement "The last 3 award winners(Twila, Sheri & myself) have really been out there practicing and putting an effort in and it is well shown today with there times as in all the races they are getting better and better!" Thanks Rick your the greatest!!
Sunday morning I got up to do the long run which happened to be 7mi with Sheri. To be perfectly honest I felt like crap thought I didn't really want to go but knew that I had to. I mean after all I have signed up for another half and I really want to do better than the first time around so get on up and get out that door! We both know that longs runs you do not need to worry about speed or records just distance. The first mile is always the roughest for both of us and the course we were on was hilly but by the end of the first half I was feeling great mentally. The second half I realized how hilly it was my legs felt like jello and was going to be so dang happy when it was over. Just like always though in the end I am so glad I did it and very thankful to Sheri for being right there with me!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mmmm....A Yummy Giveaway!!

Let me just start by saying, I Run to EAT!! I am not a good dieter, I like too much of the not so good for you food and not enough of the good for you food. Therefore I Run!! So finding snacks and such that aren't so bad for me and still taste great is a real treat for me. Granola bars are one of my favorite snacks, I like granola bars of all sorts and then I tried CLIF BAR Crunch in Honey Oat!
WOW! That is one of the Best granola bars I have ever ate! It isn't a hard crunch it has a great soft crunch so that you don't take a tooth out! Actually it is hard to eat just one they are so darn tasty I could eat the entire box!! So I contacted CLIF BAR to see about trying out the other varieties which include Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip and White Chocolate Macadamia Now I can't tell you which one is my favorite, they are all so Fabulous it is hard to pick out just one favorite!! And they are made out of All Natural Ingredients! CLIF BAR has a cute story on how who they are and is really worth checking out and there is an awesome Q &A page about all of their products that tells you anything you would want to know!!
Now, how to WIN a box of your own to try out, let's see.....
MANDATORY~ Go to CLIF BAR and tell me which Crunch bar you wanna try
***EXTRA ENTRIES***(Please leave a separate comment for each)
~Tell me something you learned from CLIF BAR "Who we Are" page
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~Last but not least Spread the Word! Blog it, Tweet it &/or Post it to Facebook

Oh yea, did I mention I will be selecting 3 WINNERS!!! Last day to enter is 8/22/10
3 LUCKY WINNERS will be selected on Monday 8/23

I was given the Crunch bars to try no payment for the opinions they are all mine!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A MidSummer Night 5k

Finally!! Finally a run that I will call successful, great and fun!! The MidSummer Night 5k is a BIG race usually around 4 - 5 thousand participants, this year was almost 3500. So when I run this race I know I am only doing it to try for a personal best for me and I will definitely call last night a personal best! On our way to the race it began pouring rain and thunder/lighting. Great I left my hat & visor at home but there is still an hour & half till race time so hopefully it will pass. And sure enough the heavy rain did and we was left with a drizzle and lighting. Electrifying lighting that lit up the entire sky. Also 5mins before start the sun tried coming back out one last time to leave us with a rainbow!! What a great way to start, I love rainbows!! As we tried to find a spot to fit in we ended up being really close to the start, it kinda made me nervous but was hoping it would give the push I needed to push myself harder! I think it worked. The hubs got to do this race also and like usual he was gone at the start, weaving in & out of the crowd. The streets were so wet I was really afraid of slipping and running over top of people. When we (running buddy & I) reached the first mile point we was 30seconds ahead of the time clock and again at the second mile. I was pleased! When I saw the 3mile marker I decided to pick up my pace a little as I had slowed a bit  during mile 2. Then when I could see the finish line I really kicked it up and did my best sprint that I had left in me!! The clock time was 28:47 and chip time was 28:14!!! That is the best finish time I have had in a long time. Not only did I have a good run but everyone in our group had great runs even with a couple of PR's!! So overall I have to say last night was a GREAT 5k run for everyone!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lift Your Sole

Have you seen the awesome jewerly available at LIFT YOUR SOLE? If not you really need to. Jill has some of the cutest, affordable running jewerly that I have found. Today only Jill is offering a 10% discount to anyone that orders using the code BOBBIE10!! So what are ya waiting for head on over to LIFT YOUR SOLE and start shopping!! (Yes, I am giving permission to leave blogging land but just long enough to order something!!) Girls (& guys ya know ya wanna buy something for the ladies!!) these items make GREAT gifts for runners and let's not forget that Christmas is just around the corner! Also be sure to sign up for the newsletter as monthly specials are offered and you wouldn't want to miss out!!

A giveaway is to come later this month!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I was Pooped

Last weekend we did not have a 5k race and we wasn't able to get in our 3 nights of 4 miles during the week so we decided to make up the mileage over the weekend. That meant 6 on Saturday and 7 on Sunday. Both of those mornings were PERFECT weather for running about 63 degrees and low humidity!! Saturdays 6 miles turned out to be awesome (56:16) I cut about 5mins off my 10k time and are average pace was 9:20! (Oh by the way I finally got a Garmin but more on that in a moment) Sunday morning was almost the same, 7 awesome miles (1:07:32) with another awesome average pace of 9:38! The course we ran is really flat with one slight hill so I am sure that helped(along with the perfect weather) with the awesome times, BUT I did do it!! And one of the greatest thing is it didn't feel like a struggle to me, I actually felt comfortable at that pace which made me (and my running buddy/friend) feel yep you guessed it AWESOME!! However I felt pooped for the rest of the day Sunday and was very thankful that Monday was rest day!! Last night we put in 4 extremely HOT & HUMID miles and pushed ourselves with a 9:48 pace. Isn't it amazing the difference weather can make?
I do have a question for all you bloggers, during our runs we usually stop at the half way point usually just long enough to take a drink, catch our breath or wipe off sweat etc. Sometimes it is 5 mins sometimes 10 or so. Do you think it is okay to stop? Do you think it hurts "racing" performance?

I love having a Garmin! That wonderful husband of mine ordered me the Forerunner 305 from back in July after our last race together. Just about everyone in our circle of runners had one but me and they was all talking about how great it was to have one, so he came home and ordered me one!! Thanks honey, I Love You!!! I did have a small issue with it however, after about 11days of having it, it quit working, wouldn't come on at all!! So I returned it at my local Walmart and ordered another one, can you believe that 11days later and the price went up $32 on Needless to say I wasn't happy about it, had to purchase it from there since they only gave me a gift card at the store so I sent an email to expressing my unhappiness and they resolved it with no problem. Thank You!!

Don't forget to enter my CSN stores giveaway!! Another yummy giveaway coming soon!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday & $40 CSN Giveaway

Yep you guessed it, today is my Birthday! I don't want to be greedy and keep all the presents to myself, so I agreed to do a CSN stores giveaway instead of me receiving a product to review(but that may come in the future:)!

Let me just say I really like Corelle Dinnerware! I have 2sets of dinnerware and use it all the time. Not only is it sturdy and durable with the many different designs offered its hard to choose just one! Here is a little interesting tidbit of info about Corelle
Today, Corelle is the most recognized brand of dinnerware in the world, with very high customer satisfaction and awareness ratings. It is estimated that Corelle brand dinnerware can be found in 40 countries and almost half of the households in America.
Here is just a few of the collections I like:

That is not the only thing CSN stores have to offer. Actually they have 200+stores all in one spot!! They have stores with Furniture, Home Decor, Housewares. Home Improvement, OutDoor Living, Baby & Kids, School/Office Supplies, Pet, Health & Fitness and more! So head on over to CSN stores and start shopping!!

Wanna win a $40 Gift Certificate to use on whatever you choose from CSN stores? Here is your chance!

*MANDATORY ENTRY*- Be a Follower of this blog!
EXTRA ENTRIES(One extra entry for each thing you do, PLEASE leave a separate comment for each)
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*Spread the word! Blog it, Facebook it or Tweet it!!

Entries accepted through 8/21 and a winner will be selected on 8/22
US and Canada residents only

Sunday, August 8, 2010

SPIbelt Winner


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Come on down     Allie  you are a winner!!
with this winning comment:
 Allie said...

I also follow spibelt on twitter.

Send me your info & belt selection to!!

Thanks to ALL that entered and please keep following my journey!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

3 Things Thursday (my 1st) & eos Winner

1. My running buddy has convinced me (which didn't take much) to do another Half Marathon in October! I had been playing around with the idea of doing another half this year but really didn't want to do it by myself. Stupid reason I know since I will probably be by myself for some (not most) of the race, but I wanted to "be" with someone this time not solo! It is also her 30th Bday and what better way to celebrate! I thought I had the Hubs on board to do it also but I think he has changed his mind now:(

2. I had an AWESOME 3.5 mile run tonight with the hubs. Alot of the run I felt like I was really rolling and felt good! Although I did miss my crew:( I was happy to get to run with the hubs!! That is part of the reason this is posting so late-sorry!!

3. And last but not least.......a WINNER for the eos lip balm     Result: 41

    So that means Angie from Barefoot AngieB has won!! If you haven't you really should check out her blog, this girl runs barefoot!! WOW is all I can say 'bout that! Angie send me some info and I will send your Lemon Drop sphere your way!!  Also don't forget to enter my SPIbelt giveaway it ends on Saturday!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SPIbelt Giveaway

Have ya seen these belts? Do ya have one of these belts? Let me tell ya I LOVE my SPIbelt!
I was very hesitate at first at the thoughts of wearing any kind of belt (or pouch) while running. My before thoughts were: it is going to drive me crazy, it will probably bounce up & down with every stride, my stuff inside will jiggle, will it be comfortable at all? However I was WRONG!! (Darn I hate when that happens:) I haven't stuffed lots of stuff inside my belt but I did put 2 GU's, 2packages of chomps and my Mp3 player I still had plenty of room if I wanted to add more! Now my after thoughts: it was totally comfortable, didn't bother me AT ALL actually I couldn't even tell I was wearing it, it never moved or bounced up & down and nothing inside the belt jiggled! I HIGHLY recommend these SPIbelts!!

So ya wanna win a SPIbelt? Here's how you can:
~Go to SPIbelt and tell me what ya like
~Follow SPIbelt on FaceBook
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~Follow my Blog- ya know ya wanna
~Shout it out!! Blog it, Tweet it, Post it to FaceBook

Entries taken until 8/7 11:59 pm Winner chosen 8/8 Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry!

I was given a SPIbelt to try out opinions are all mine!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

3 Inperspire Towel Winners!

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So that makes the winners being

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Send me some info name, address and towel of choice to

Thanks to all that entered and for following my journey!!