Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 Holiday Gift Guide- Some Discounts I have Found

Today is suppose to be Wordless Wednesday, however with Holiday shopping still to be done (for me anyway:) I thought I would share the discounts and things I have found or that have been in my email. Hope you enjoy and can use some of them!!

I LOVE RAZZY ROO Headbands!! I am having problems getting my link on my sidebar to work but make sure to use code: PROMOBP10 to get a discount!! The Funky Runner Headbands are ONLY $5!! Perfect for Stocking Stuffers or just an inexpensive gift for your "runner" friend or ANY friend, they work well for ANY occasion!!

This was in my email, Shutterfly is offering an extra 20% off with code: U5AA-7GS1-FATN-ND7ME2 That code runs out today so don't delay:) They are also offering Free Shipping with orders $30+ I personally haven't ordered anything from Shutterfly but I enjoy giving photo books and photo gifts!

Sony is offering $10 off the W Series Walkman and Free Shipping I have one of the older versions and LOVE IT!! It is so NICE to not have to worry about cords and such, the only complaint I would have is when I get I get really really sweaty (lovely image right??) I have a hard time keeping them in my ears sometimes!  With the $10 savings the 2GB W Series Walkman is only $49.99 ~ a GREAT Bargain!!

Gone for a Run is offering 20% off Beanie Hats! Another place I have never ordered from but they have LOTS of great looking gift ideas! Use code: RUNHAT11 through Friday, December 2! (Another email)

Lift Your Sole is offering Free Shipping until Friday, December 2 use code: stuffingLift Your Sole has an awesome assortment of gift ideas! Last year I purchased two necklaces for my running friends and they LOVED them! A new item I have my eyes on are the Barnwood Signs, be sure to check them out!! Lift Your Sole is also offering a Free Stocking Stuffer with any order $50+

Now for some Bloggy Fun!! Last night as I was catching up on blogs I was reading Erica H's Weekly Roundup (from I Run Because.....I Can). Two of the Blogger events I had already signed up for and some I hadn't seen yet, so I thought I would share them as well:) I didn't share all of Erica's awesome links so be sure to check out her BLOG as well!!

Courtney @ Third Time's a Charm Runner is hosting a Sock Swap. I think this is a really cute idea! She is accepting sign ups until Friday, December 2. Make sure you tell her you found it from me!! 

Last year I participated in Zaneta's Christmas Card Swap and she's doing it again! (Zaneta is from Runners Luck :) I really like the card swaps as well, gives you a chance to connect with bloggers you feel like you "know" and find new ones as well! You have until Friday, December 2 to sign up with this one as well! Kim @ (Just) Trying is for Little Girls is also hosting a card swap but sign up is over for it!

And last but NOT least, Jill @ Run with Jill is hosting the 2nd Annual Holiday Blogger Gift Exchange. I did not participate in this last year but am SUPER excited to be a part of it this year!! Sign ups for this one is over Monday, December 5.


**Don't forget to enter my Plain Clothes Runner Giveaway!!**

Sunday, November 27, 2011

2011 Holiday Gift Guide- 1st up Plain Clothes Runner (+Giveaway)

It's that wonderful time of year again, the time to begin our Holiday shopping! I did it last year and am doing it again (like many other great bloggers:) I will be having several post with GREAT product options, many with GIVEAWAYS and hopefully some discount codes!! If you would like your product displayed or discount code put out there let me know I will be glad to help!!

First up I would like to remind you of this AWESOME company I found a while back.
 Plain Clothes Runner My hubz and I both have several items from Plain Clothes Runner and for both of us they are some of our favorites! The name of the company pretty much says it all
Every item has the logo on it one time and they come in Plain colors, which hello matches up easily with other items! And all of the items are affordable, I don't feel like I am spending my life savings and am able to purchase more items :) If you haven't checked out Plain Clothes Runners from any of my other posts do so NOW or if you are searching for an affordable gift for your runner friend and/or family  check out Plain Clothes Runner NOW!!

I contacted the fabulous Mike with Plain Clothes Runner to let him know I would be including his company on the 2011 Holiday Gift Guide and see if he wanted to do a giveaway. A few days later I received an email and this in the mail
This is a SUPER cute hat! And perfect to put on after your run and finish your errands or whatever you have to finish before going home! I totally LOVE it!! And I have one to GIVEAWAY!!! It is a dark grey color, the web site show khaki but it is dark grey and SUPER cute I had a hard time choosing which one to keep!!

*MANDATORY- Must Be a Follower of THIS BLOG!!
* Visit Plain Clothes Runner and tell me what product you would like to try and why!
*Spread the word,-Blog It, Tweet It and/or Post It to Facebook
*Bonus Entry- Make a purchase from Mike at Plain Clothes Runner let him know in the comments of your order I sent ya, come back here and leave a comment- trust me I will verify!!

Sorry but US entries only! Winner will be selected on December 7

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Glad that's over, for me anyway.  I always do the black Friday thing and usually that is when I get almost all of my Christmas shopping DONE!! This year I bought very little Christmas presents and mostly ME stuff!! Don't get me wrong it happens every year I end up with ME stuff but I usually buy more gifts for others! I did NOT like the midnight thing at ALL! Or the 10pm WalMart thing! Not sure how many of you went but I like it much better when everybody opened at 5am -OR- if EVERYBODY wants to start at midnight either way just lets all be on the same time! My friend and I went to our local WalMart at 9:15 to find NO parking places in the parking lot and NO carts!! We went in to a JAM packed person to person and Dreamia (my friend :) spotted a cart that no one was around it had a vacuum in it so we stood beside it for a couple of minutes nobody claimed it- IT was OURS!! OK I thought the "sales" started at 10pm?? All the "stuff" was already ripped open by customers and people grabbing left and right! I DON'T understand people, WHY do you NOT follow the SAME direction with your cart as everyone else? After fighting the traffic flow picking up our items along the way we head to the check out to wait a good 30 - 40 minutes, I had decided to pick up a $49 Blue Ray player for me & the Hubz (Merry Christmas to us honey!) The cashier says you can't buy that now it doesn't start until 12am?!?!?! So WHY was it ripped opened and OVER half the stack of them GONE?!?!? Didn't matter to her the register wouldn't ring it up anyway (ok never mind honey no Merry Christmas to us !)

Surprisingly we ended up only being in WalMart for about 1 1/2 hour so we decided we would head on over to Old Navy. They opened at 12am we got there at 11:40pm and there was a line a mile long so we decided to wait in the car until time to stay warm. We walked up and I saw Kelli so as bad as it was I cheated and got in line with her:) They had some pretty good deals ALL for ME of course:) maybe not all! I waited for Dreamia for a while and the line kept growing and growing I finally decided to get in line and surely I would see her. The line wrapped around the ENTIRE store I lined up at the door! This line was SLOW I believe this line took well over an hour to go through and I NEVER saw Dreamia. Dumb me left my phone in the car and I told her that so she knew she couldn't call me. I checked out went to take my bags out get my phone and there she was out front waiting, freezing she had been out there for 45mins!! SORRY!!

Last stop at Kohls we got there about 2:15AM! I felt totally confused on time USUALLY I am doing this during daytime hours NOT in the middle of the night time sleeping hours! Kohls was pretty uneventful I took my phone this time so we separated at the door to go get what we wanted. This trip I planned on getting me stuff because its for work, good excuse right :) but true!! Once again an extremely LONG checkout line but it moved fairly quick I think we waited around 45mins.

Hit Starbucks one the way home. Drop Dreamia off at her vehicle. Type this post. I have officially been awake for 24 hours. Oh and I ran a 5k Thanksgiving morning (I am all confused on what day it is right now!)

Looking back I used a lot of punctuation!

Goodnight or Good Morning all! Do YOU have any Black Friday experiences to share? Do you do the Black Friday thing, Do you enjoy it??

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Thoughts on Tuesday

I am ALREADY tired of gloomy weather! We are not even officially into winter yet and I am tired of cloudy rainy days! We haven't really been hit with cold weather yet, THANKFULLY, but we have had lots and lots of rain!

I have decided NOT to worry about my lack of being on a regular schedule for running and/or gym related stuff. There is only a month left in the year, all of my major races are over, I might as well just enjoy the rest of the year! I will run when I feel like it Go to the gym when I feel like it But also not let myself go to NOTHING! (I am going to aerobics tonight :)

I am working on some great giveaways and reviews to share and hopefully some discount codes to help with your holiday shopping! Be on the look out for 2011 Holiday Gift Ideas

Any one have awesome Turkey Day plans?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another Week Gone

Does anyone else feel like I do, Wow where has the year gone? I can NOT believe Thanksgiving is this week!!

Once again I am finding myself TRYING to get into some type of a routine, with NO LUCK! This week was a little bit better. My goal for October was to join the gym again with the hubz, that never happened. So November 1 I made myself do it:) It made it easier on me that the first was on a Tuesday and they have a step aerobic class that I wanted to start doing. The next week I never made it to the gym but I went back to the step aerobic this Tuesday! My legs was just a little tired from the half but not too bad! Wednesday Sheri and I ran 4mi and I felt like I ran 50! My legs were SO heavy I felt like I was pulling lead weights ~UGGHH! Not even a mile into it I told Sheri I wasn't sure I was going to make it, but I did and in a not so bad time of 36:36.

Me & Kelli
On Thursday night I ran (for the third year) the Southern Lights Stroll 5k with my friend Kelli and her son Caden.  Last year Kelli got third in our age group and the competitive side of me came out and really wanted it this year thankfully my legs felt better. This year they changed the course up, it goes through Christmas lights so it is almost completely dark the entire way. I didn't like that at times, the course wasn't too bad it made a couple of loops but it was hard to see the road, I kept worrying I was going to fall off the edge and hurt my foot! Kelli and Caden started right on the starting line, I went a couple of rows back. The start was crazy nobody was announcing anything then all of a sudden the air gun went off. I heard a couple of men come around me talking to each other saying we need to slow it down we are at 7:50, thanks whoever you was cause that made me slow it down also! I caught up to Kelli/Caden about 3/4mile in and he was walking, he took off way too fast, I took about 5 steps with him and told him to come on and lets pace it out. Being 8 he did the fast slow walk thing for a while and I just tried to keep my pace. When we made the final turn for the finishing stretch the three of us was lined up together, Kelli said come on we can catch that girl in the green and off she went! I did my best but couldn't catch either one of them. That darn Kelli got third again!! :) Love ya girl but it just makes me want to try harder next time! My finish time was 25:49

Caden coming through the finish! He is so cute :)

Saturday Sheri and I ran the Turkey Leg 5k in Burgin, Ky which is where I live, normally we do the Turkey Trot 5k in Liberty, Ky but since this was closer to home! The course was the same as the Run for the Pets except that is a 15k for us and this was just a 5k (yay!). It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining and it was about 45*, however on the coming back part it was SUPER windy! Sheri and I stayed together almost the entire way :) the wind was so brutal coming back I paced with a man for a long way. I looked over at Sheri and said I hope he doesn't mind me pacing off of him, he commented on the wind and said he was going to pace off of us for a while now :) Sheri took a little of a lead on me, I got a snot (gross I know ~sorry!) attack had to take about 5 quick steps to clear my throat and pull out the mantra I have been using "Mind Over Matter". The finish was so close and I was NOT going to walk any! Only the top 3 male/females got awards.
Sheri came in 2nd and I came in 3rd with a time of 26:33! Hooray us!! The awards was little turkeys that say gobble gobble gobble ~ how cute!

What's your favorite "different" award you have received or seen?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Going the Distance - Guest Post by Jackie Clark

A little while back I was contacted by Jackie about doing a guest post and I thought it was a great idea! I have seen others have had some guest posts from Jackie as well, here is mine hope you ENJOY IT :)

Going the Distance

By: Jackie Clark

There are a few things every serious runner knows about a marathon. One being that it is 26.3 miles long, another being that the marathon itself was created in honor of the run of the Greek soldier Pheidippides from the Battle of Marathon to Athens. Of course, aside from the technical aspects of just what a marathon is, every runner knows it takes intense concentration, determination, dedication and heart.

I learned all of the above earlier this year when I completed my first marathon for charity. In addition to determination, dedication and heart, the amount of emotion involved in running a marathon, especially one held to raise money for people suffering from cancer, like mesothelioma, is staggering. Running a charity marathon for cancer is not simply infused with the emotion of the physical demands of the run and the completion of it, but with the emotion of the spectators and fellow runners, many of who have had a family member suffering from the disease or the treatment thereof.

Anyone who has trained for either a marathon or half marathon can attest to the arduousness of the physical aspect of the race. Training is something that has to be done on a daily basis, and again, requires dedication and commitment. Most marathoners train on a roughly 40 to 50 mile a week basis, with a beginner needing to log at least 35 miles. And it is not merely the physicality of the race a potential marathoner should train for; it is also the mental aspect of the run that must also be part of the preparation equation. If these preparations are made and practiced consistently, it makes the completion of the race all the sweeter.

The amount of work put into readying yourself for a marathon can be daunting, but you find ways to help get you through the run. Music has always been my personal motivator to help me get through those long miles. I love blaring my music, which varies from classical rock to country and just singing with the beat of my heart and feet. It really helps me focus on every physical motion as well as clearing my mind of the typical days stresses. This is why I love to prepare for marathons.

Whether it is a water station worker, medic, or simply people in the crowd cheering you on, crossing that finish line bring on the kind of emotion that creates both tears and laughter. The fact that I knew that not only did I personally accomplish something, but also that I did so while potentially helping others was certainly one of the most satisfying aspects of crossing that finish line.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Three Things Thursday- A Few Quick Recaps

1. Pokey Pig 5k September 24, 2011 Lebanon, Ky- This a favorite race for both Sheri and I, we did this race for the first time last year and loved it! For me its all about the Pigs :) The race is part of a festival that usually is an awesome one, this year wasn't so great but it was ok and gave us something to do after racing! The course for this one is okay, it starts on Main Street and makes a square around back into town. During the last half mile or so you start to smell the festival food ~ YUM! all the not so good for you stuff :) At another race earlier this year I was beat out of an age group award and I saw her at this race, so my goal was to beat her for sure! (Sorry not being cruel just competitive!) Sheri and I stayed together almost the entire way until the end when I started slacking off. I did come in before my person by a couple of mins! Awards time came and they announced that girl in 2nd so I knew I had first BUT they didn't say my name!! I went straight up there and said "Excuse me but I have a problem on what was just called out!" The announcer was reading from the wrong page and they had to call up all the groups they had already given out!! I WAS 1st in the age group with 26:23
2. Black Cat Chase 5k October 28, 2011Frankfort, Ky- Once again one of my favorite races, just about all Frankfort races are favorites even though I don't think the course is the easiest. They usually have LOTS of people and fun things going on:) and they are usually at night so its a family event! I didn't talk up the hubz this time so I really thought he would beat me. My friend Kelli and her son Caden was also there, he is my little running buddy! I took off pretty fast at the beginning and couldn't see anyone, then around half way point I heard someone say "Hey Bobbie!" I looked down and it was Caden full of energy and ready to "run FAST!" Holy Cow I thought I already was fast :? I could only keep up with them for about a half mile or so. Turns out I did beat the hubz and I got a new PR..........24:59!!! HOORAY My first 24 something!!! Who cares that it is one second from 25 :)
Caden & Gerard (the Hubz)

3. Harrodsburg Hobble 5k October 29, 2011 Harrodsburg, Ky- The very next morning after the Black Cat was the Harrodsburg Hobble which is in my town and right outside my office! This is a new race but it was the same course as the Beef Festival Stampede so I am familiar with it, the first half is pretty much uphill to turn around and come back down. Once again Sheri was with me, her hip had been bothering her about a half mile into the race she said something about her hip and I said "I will be GLAD to walk if you want to" my legs were very tired from running the night before! Not sure why I was so badly sore but they was! I walked way more than I should have and really should have tried harder! Sheri ended up with first and me second in our age group (they went by 10's) and I came in at 26:08 not too shabby considering how awful I felt!
Jennifer, Megan, Me & Sheri
The awards was Baseballs since the race was for the schools Baseball team!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Winner Wednesday!!

The Winner of the YANKZ is..............

           Running With The Girls

Send me your mailing info and I will get them right out to ya!!

Thank You to ALL that entered and for Following MY Journey!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Maybe One More Chance??

Well it looks like there is going to be one more Half Marathon on my calendar this year :) The Santa Hustle Half Marathon & 5k  once again in the great state of Tennessee but this time in Sevierville which just so happens to be where we got married at! It is really pretty there during Christmas time and with LOTS of shopping places maybe a little Christmas shopping can be done.   This race is December 11 so that means I have 3 weeks to get in some good training runs, however I am not going into this one thinking 1:59:59. I am thinking whatever it is it is! I have a feeling this one will be quite hilly also so I will be sure to start right away on some hills. I also am not wanting to put any pressure on myself usually that's when the best in me comes out when I am "not really" trying (if that is ever possible :)

We have a local half here in Lexington, Ky Run the Bluegrass
2012 will be the third year for it and it was my first half that I ran! They are also changing the course completely in 2012. I kind of feel obligated to run this half so my mom went ahead and signed me up as part of my Christmas! Right now in my mind this will be the race that I train for to get that 1:59:59 or maybe even better! So I guess I am like several other of you fabalous bloggers, I am looking into 2012 races. Do you know of any good half's in the Kentucky, Indiania, Ohio, Tennessee area??
Tomorrow a winner will be selected for my YANKZ GIVEAWAY if you haven't entered yet do so HERE before its too late!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

No 1:59:59 for Me :(

Yep that's right I bombed out! However it wasn't my worst finish time ever.....

Me, Shalan and my mom made the 3 hour trip to Nashville, Tn for the I run for the Party Nashville 1/2 Marathon Friday afternoon. This is a fairly small event and there was only a packet pick up. (I Run for the Party seems to be a pretty neat series if you live in the Nashville area you should check it out!) It was a little difficult to find the packet pick up, the location wasn't marked very well and was easy to drive past.

We went back to the hotel and walked to the downtown area to find something to eat. The valet at the hotel told us about a great place but we couldn't find it. We walked all around turned a corner and saw the resturant he was talking about! I don't remember the exact name but it was something like Dems? OMG it was amazing!! The best spagetti, bread, cheesy bread and salad :) Will go back if ever in Nashville again!!

We get up Saturday morning and head out it was a few blocks away from our hotel but it was a nice walk. The weather was great, I really wasn't sure what to wear. The sun was shining it was about 44* and wind of 8mph.  I choose not to wear a headband just my ear warmer, wasn't happy with that later! On the walk to the start I figured I better go ahead and turn on my Garmin, with all of the large  buildings I figured it would have a hard time getting satellite there. IT WOULDN'T COME ON! Trying not to panic I just kept on hitting the start button over and over again, it would flash on and go right back off(flash the garmin words). UGGHH!! NO WAY!! WHAT!!

The pit stops we made along the way. Thought maybe Elvis would give my watch a little power to come on!

Apparently the battery was dead on it even though I charged it ALL DAY the day before :( I tried really hard not to let this bother me BUT IT DID. That was all I could think about! They had pace flags on the sides and we got in by the 9:00 - 9:30 area. I started looking around at the people trying to remember outfits and such so I would know who to half way look for out on the course to judge my time. I was even asking people around me what their goal time was hoping to find someone to pace with. I don't always look at my watch but I like to be able to look down and see if I am making it for goal time! I am pretty sure I started off way too fast, the first couple of miles was a slight up hill the enire way. Mile 3 had a pretty steep hill and I walked! Shalan was smarter than me and slowed her pace, she got beside me asked if I was ok, I replied with "No not really my head is spinning and I feel like I want to vomit!" But I started to run with her again, not for long and I told her I wasn't sure if I was going to make it she told me I would and went on. I started getting really hot and took off my gloves and ear warmer thankfully that was also about the time we was looping back through towards the start and I saw my mom and tossed her my ear warmer and gloves, somehow she only got my ear warmer but they was only $1 gloves!
I also told mom I felt like I was going to vomit, she said the same you are ok! Right after I threw her my stuff it was yet another steep hill and I walked up it. Mom was at the top of it and I asked her what the time was, she told me it had been about 55 mins.

See the disappointment on my face
That really disappointed me the last mile sign I saw was 3 and I thought I was on 4 but went a little way and saw the 6 mile flag! A little way farther there was a time clock so I assumed it was half way point, the clock read 1:02 something and I had a brief thought of maybe 1:59:59 was still possible.  I do belive every mile from 7 to the finish had one steep hill that went on for at least a quarter of a mile each! I had already walked way too much and couldn't get a good steady pace going! By mile 8 I knew I had already blown it so just go ahead and accept it and do the best I can to finish!
Thankfully the last half mile was all down hill! As you can tell in the pic above I was so ready to be done! My toe was killing me I knew for sure there was a HUGE blister on it and yep I was
right :(  Overall I had a good time and am glad I did it next time I know to train for more major hills!

2:14:54 my finish time!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Three Things Thursday- The Next Half

1. Last Saturday another running friend of mine Shalan and I did a 10 miler to get in one good long run before the Nashville 1/2 Marathon by I Run for the Party & Hard Rock Cafe. We had only ran once during the week and Shalan had been out of town for work for two weeks so neither of us was really sure how we would do. Oh and she has a Zumba class she taught before we ran! Girl has way more energy than me! Well to our SURPRISE we ROCKED that 10 miles at an 8:46 pace!! WHAT?!?!!? I have never had an awesome pace like that for such a distance!

2. I found this Nashville 1/2 Marathon way back earlier in the year and just knew I wanted to do it! WHY? The looks of this suckered me in 

One GREAT thing about half's and longer races is EVERYONE gets a medal :) and I LOVE all of my medals. The cooler they look you can pretty much go ahead and sign me up!! How cool is the guitar medal?? I can't wait to get my hands on that one!

3. Any one else gonna be in Nashville for the half or maybe just because this Saturday? Maybe I will see YOU there! Or maybe YOU can help ME pace it to a 1:59:59 finish :)

 Don't forget to enter my YANKZ GIVEAWAY!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Iron Horse Half Marathon

Me & Sheri  A sleepy cold morning!

The Iron Horse Half Marathon was Sunday, October 23 in Midway, Ky. I had never been to Midway before the Bourbon Chase (read about it HERE and HERE!!) My third leg ended right in Midway and one of the "chicks" in my van had ran the half last year. So as we drove into Midway I asked her if any of it was the route. We actually didn't go through any of it but she said it was pretty much the same, I had already heard that it was gently rolling so I really wanted to check it out first. Sometimes my version of "gently rolling" is different the the officials version of "gently rolling". It really didn't appear too bad and the main street area was just adorable, I will have to make some time to go back and check out some of the little shops!

Me and my bestest friend/running buddy Sheri (who also has a great recap Here) had signed up for this half a long time ago when early registration was to save some $$. So we have had PLENTY of time for training, did I take advantage of it......NO! Why?? Just a bunch of sorry excuses on my part! We got in a pretty good 10mi a few weeks before and we had the Bourbon Chase (11.5mi for me) two weeks before so there was a few long runs out there :) and I had at least two weekly runs of 4mi every week and a 5k every Saturday, not like I wasn't running at all just not distance! The night before the Iron Horse Half I told the hubz "I so really want to get a 1:59:59 but with the lack of training I think I am really hoping to just be able to finish!" 1:59:59 could I?? The weekend before I ran a trail 4k race which wasn't the greatest idea since I twisted my ankle! Nothing terrible just a little pain.

The weather has been cooler and it was almost perfect race morning. It was a cool but sunny 35ish* it was comfortable running and I passed off my gloves at the half way point. We ended up lining up pretty far back, its chipped timed and we aren't trying to win it just 1:59:59! But I think we was too far back, we did a LOT of weaving in and out and focusing on trying to find a path to get through a little exhausting! Around mile 2.5 there was  a man in front of us that seemed like he had a good steady pace, I told Sheri we should stay with him a little while so she talked to him. His name was Kyle and he was hoping a under 2 as well but we didn't stay with him long. This course was really great! For a sight seeker runner like me ( I lOVE to look around and take in my surroundings :) this course is perfect! And it makes like a figure eight, in and out one way then in and out another which means you are always seeing people!

The worst hill at mile 6

The first half wasn't too awful with the "gently rolling". It was fairly hilly but you pretty much went down hill for every uphill. Until mile 5 - 6, right at the 6 mark it was a LONG uphill! That is when I started to notice my opposite ankle hurting :? I guess I was so worried about the twisted ankle that I favored the other too much! But I keep on slowly falling back from Sheri, at first I was getting upset with myself but had to put in a "pep" talk to me! I still had a decent pace and when I passed the half way point at 58mins I knew I had a couple of mins "banked". I think I was able to keep running until around mile 8 then I took a tiny walk break up the hill, the hills on the second half weren't as nice as the first half they pretty much went up with very little downhill. I could still see Sheri but she was way up ahead of me I was just glad I could still see her. That was about the time that my ankle really started throbbing, it began it hurt so bad all I could think was "I am getting me some ice for this thing as soon as I finish!" When I reached the 12mi/1mi to go I looked down at my watch for the first time to see how close I was, I was at 1:50 something and all I could think is less than 10mins to finish in 1:59:59 I MIGHT just be able to do it?!?! So I sucked it up tried to forget about the pain my ankle was giving and run the best I could the last mile.........

Coming through the finish


Dang just 44 seconds short of my goal!! Disappointed? Yes and No! Yes because I only missed it by 44 seconds. No because that is a great half time for as little training as I put in! Thankfully the ankle wasn't that bad afterwards and I didn't have to ice it afterall! I have one more chance this year to get that 1:59:59, this Saturday I will be running my last (I think anyway) half for this year in Nashville, Tn. I sure hope 1:59:59 or better is in the cards for me!  

Be sure to read Sheri's Post Here to see her finish time!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Do you YANKZ? I love myYANKZ (Giveaway:)

Do you YANKZ? Know what YANKZ are? Let me tell ya!!

From the YANKZ site: Expandable cords provide an unsurpassed level of “personalized” fit and comfort. No more tying, retying, double knots or frazzled dirty laces. Slip on your shoe with Yankz!

I saw these laces at an event and wasn't too sure I would really like them or not. I am one that likes to tie my shoes tight (usually too tight) and with double knots to make certain they don't come undone. So the thought of NOT tying my shoes had me curious?! I contacted the fine folks at YANKZ to see about doing a review with a giveaway and P.j. was super kind enough to agree. I had just purchased a new pair of Brooks Adrenaline in the purple color but I didn't like the purple laces (little too much overkill on the purple:) so the timing on this was perfect.

More info from the YANKZ site:
*A personalized fit with two different points of adjustment on the shoe, creating the most comfortable fit.
    *Expandable lace cords form to your foot and reduce blistering and bruising.
   *Available in many color combinations, including reflective colors for early morning and night activity.
   *Uniquely designed for many different sports such as walking, running, aerobics, biking and   other sports.
   *And finally, you never tie laces again

YANKZ come in 22 different colors and you can customize your own! I choose the Multi Black color laces. When I got ready to put the laces on my shoes I asked my hubz to please help me as I was a little confused. He made me watch and do the other shoe myself, but after watching him,  reading the directions and watching the video it really is EASY to do!

 In fact here is the video

Let me just say I LOVE these laces!! They make my shoes just tight enough and they don't make me feel like my shoe is going to fall/come off my foot at all. I went for a 4mi run the first time in them then I ran a half marathon in them still a little concerned that they might be too loose for the half but once again to my surprise I LOVED them! I even think they helped me not to get blisters on my toes because they were just the right "tightness"!

I still haven't cut off the "extra" part yet wanted to make sure they worked out ok!

Wanna win a pair of YANKZ? P.j. was super duper kind enough to send another pair to giveaway! You can win the YANKZ shown below by simply entering below!



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