Thursday, July 17, 2014

Let's Play Catch Up- Wilderness Trace Serres Races to Date

Holly's House 

I have so many recaps to catch up on its not even funny, so I am grouping all of the Wilderness Trace Serres races together and so short and sweet recaps.

Friday, June 6- Beef Festival Stampede 5k- The race that started it all for me! However this year they changed it up a bit they moved the race to a Friday night at a terrible time of 6:30 pm and moved the course to the local park which is terribly hilly. So I was not too excited for it this year except that Gerard got to run it also. On top of all that it wasn't a great couple of days on the home front either and it was extremely hot & humid. We literally live 10 mins from this race and arrived with 2 mins to the start time??!! I was not happy at all.
Me in the purple on left, Gerard on right in neon yellow!

And who is a part of Team Beef and doesn't even think to wear their Team Beef shirt to the Beef Stampede? Oh yeah that would be me!! Due to my home life at that moment I was not in the mood to run or socialize which makes it nice that my wonderful Mom is always with me I stayed right by her side and talked with her afterwards. The funniest (and maybe best thing that night)  is the little boy in the red shirt shown above I stayed with him for about a half mile or so, we walked & talked together he asked me as I was telling him we should save a little energy for the big upcoming hill "Have you done this before & Have you ever won?" My answer "Yes I've done this a time or two" (I only run about 45 races a year LOL) "And I've never been the first overall winner but I've won my age group:)!" Gotta love kids!! I completely gave up on myself in this race and was never so happy to just finish....28:32 3rd in age group!

Saturday, June 7- Run for the Brass 5k- My local series (Wilderness Trace Serres) also mixed things up this year from about 12 races to 20 and a few are back to back Run for the Brass being one of them. Once again I woke up feeling not wanting to do anything and just in a funk about everything but its a Serres race and I don't miss them no matter what! This race always has a big crowd I wasn't expecting too much out of myself other than just a run. I ran tons better than I thought I'd do but still as great as I'd like.

I think my finish photo tells it all, you can totally see the disappointment I have of myself in it! However I managed to run 30 seconds faster than the night before 28:02 and still placed 3rd in my age group!

Saturday, June 28- Shaker Village 5 mi Trail Run- I am not a trail runner I usually complain about how hard trails are but I keep going back to them especially if they are part of the Serres! So Sherry P and I went into this knowing that we was going to have fun enjoy and make the most of it my only goal/hope was to be under an hour. The first mile was on gravel and road so it was nice but from that point on it was grassy trail with some monster hills! I was so thankful we stuck together at this race and enjoyed it even though its a hard course I had so much fun, Sherry and I had ran a 5k the night before so I was a little wore down. Thankfully we made it under the hour mark and finished in 55:55. Even though I'm not a trail runner Shaker Village is having a trail series and I'm a sucker for series and challenges so I'm planning on doing them all might as well since the first one is already done right?!! The name of the series pretty much says it all (un)Pleasant Hill Trail Runs.
Enjoying the view out on the course!

We have started a usually #pottylinepartypic but this one was after the potty:)

Friday, July 4- Holly's House 5k-

Me & Sherry P think anyone knew we was together?
Another race the hubs was able to do and he did GREAT! It was a cooler morning than what it had been and there was lots of people! Several of them I'd never seen before but I was surprised at how big the crowd was considering there was several different races in our area that same day. Now I'm not trying to speak negatively about people with strollers but at start of this race you go around a slight curve out of the parking lot and I got squeezed over to the edge and my foot was completely run over twice! Grrrr I was aggravated! I took off a little fast in my first mile but I held on until about the last half mile as usual. It wasn't my fastest but one of the fastest ones this year 26:48 and I was 2nd in my age group!

Gerard finished in 24:39
I'm liking that blue on me, LOL!
Saturday, July 5- Wave of Independence 5k- Another set of back to back races & another one Gerard got to do! The course for this one totally sucks most people will skip this one due to that reason however I'm not too sure what happened if it was poor advertising or what but there was only 33 people total! For me its a Serres race so I'm going to be there for sure and if we back away from challenging courses how will we get stronger? Considering I gave it my all the day before and the crazy hills I was pleased to finish in 28:40 and 1st in my age group which wasn't hard since there was only 33 people total!

Not so sure what he's so happy about maybe its the downhill finish!

We did get published in our local newspaper The Advocate Messenger! Gerard, me and Sherry P all got interviewed about doing the back to back races, why we like to run and such and our photo was on the front page of the Sports section!!

Almost all 33 people!

Run Happy;)

As usual thanks to The Picture Lady for the awesome photos! Don't steal 'em!

Monday, July 7, 2014


Is it Monday again Already?? 
Is my vacation over Already??
 Its time to start fall training Already??

Well I had HUGE hopes of blogging until my fingers couldn't stand it anymore while I was off on vacation last week.....did that happen obviously NOPE! For whatever reason I am having the hardest managing my time and getting everything I'd really like to do done and getting done a whole lot of nothing! I am defiantly lacking in organization skills!

Vacation was great even though we didn't go anywhere, it was nice to just relax around the house stay up late which I NEVER do and nap all day or whenever I felt like it! One of the joys of having older children is they still had to go to work while we the parents didn't have too YAY!! Only bad part is one of us had to take them so really our vacation was spent taking kids back and forward to work all week! Thank goodness for my Grandfather who helps me out so much, most days I would never make it with everything I need to do if it wasn't for him! Thanks Gramps:) A quick little funny from vacation: the girls and I decided we wanted to go to a water park arranged our schedules so they would be off work I had looked up all the info on the park so I was prepared money wise. Well we arrived  walked in and paid it was lots cheaper than I was expecting then all of us realized about the same time........we went to the wrong water park!!! WHOOPSIE!! It was all good though cheaper and we still had fun! Leave it to me to do something stupid and/or crazy!

While I was off I did look into the upcoming fall schedule and it hit me OMG there is only 3½ months until the Brickhouse Between-a-Thon(19.65mi)!!! I better get to training!!

Happy Monday All!!
Run Happy :)