Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Winners Winners Go Girl Sport Winners!

Random.org selected numbers 10 and 76.

Lucky # 10 is Laura Elaine from LauraElaine Designs! Laura Elaine you have won an awesome Toga Tank please go HERE and tell me what color and size you would like!


 Lucky #76 is Stephanie Anne from Running to Health! Stephanie Anne you have won an awesome Visor please go HERE and let me know what color you would like!

Congrats Ladies and THANKS to ALL for following my Journey! Trust me there is LOTS more to come :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

9/12- 9/18 Mind over Matter

Tuesday- 4mi/36:21
Thursday- 3mi/26:25
Sunday- 3.05 (5k race)* see time below :)

So once again like usual I was a slacker last week. I keep giving myself little pep talks and think I have myself convienced to get it in gear. I have decided starting October I am going to join the hubs and go back to the gym. He is always there for at least an hour and a half 3 - 4 times a week, that gives me time to run outside and spend around 30 mins working on my arms/abs with weights. Wish me Luck I can stick to that!!

On Thursday night we decided to run the 5k route that was coming up. For some reason I never run at race pace during weekly runs or just because, but on this night I decided I was going to give it all I had. I have been telling the girls (my running buddies :) that this was the race we was going to kick my hubs butt! He always beats me and never runs like I do and dang it not this time. He went with us on the practice run and I kept a lead of at least 30 seconds or more at all times, every time I started feeling weak and wanting to walk I would tell myself "Its just Mind over Matter, you Can Do This!" I think I may have just found my new mantra!  Saturday morning Sheri and I was suppose to go run 7mi together, which we hardly ever get to do anymore, and for what ever reason I wasn't feeling it and backed out. I felt ashamed and tried to catch Sheri but she was already gone, so I laid around lazy all day!

Sunday race day came, not just any race but the last race of the "Serres" and one that I really want to win an award. They are the neatest awards, hand made plaques super cute! This is usually a big race and brings out all of the fast ones. I went into the race with two goals 1. Beat the hubs 2. Win an award. The only goal I was determined to reach was #1 and I told everyone of my running friends before the race that today was the day, the day I was going to beat him. This race also starts at a slight downhill and is super easy to get caught up in a way to fast take off, I tried telling myself to start off around a 9min pace and pick it up from there. I never look at my garmin during races cause if I see a faster pace than I think I can handle it scares me and I really start slowing down.  At the start line hubs stood in front of me, I think he did it on purpose thinking he could take the lead on me.  The start was crowded and I tried not to weave in and out and use unnecessary energy, I kept my eyes on hubs and once we rounded the first turn I passed him! I kept my momentum going as fast as I could and trying not to overdue it and end up walking, this route has a couple of good steady uphill inclines as well as a couple of good downhill declines if you pace it out right it is a great course. I saw my mom and Steve on the corner and tried judging their looks if I had a good lead or not but couldn't really tell, I passed the first mile and the time person said 7:49, WOW I wish I didn't hear that!

Looking at Mom to see if I had a good lead or not??

 I could tell I was slowing down and just tried to keep a steady pace. Around mile 2.25 you pass through a loop like and get a chance to see who is behind you, the only person I saw was Sheri and no hubs, now I knew I had at least a 30 second lead. The last half mile or so it like a roller coaster up and down and I used my new found mantra "Mind over Matter" Bobbie that's all it is "Mind over Matter".  Although I had nothing left in me to kick in at the finish I felt so HAPPY and PROUD of myself I could not believe I did it! I beat him :) Not only that but I met goal #2 also and took 2nd in my age group!! My official time was 25:47 and the hubs was 27:04 since it may never happen again I made sure to leave him in the dust :)

See the look of excitment
Heading to the finish shoot

Aren't these awards the coolest?!?!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Go Girl Sport Giveaway

The Athletic Apparel Brand for Women Who Dare to Be Different

Earlier this summer I contacted Go Girl Sports to see about trying out one of their products. The fabulous Susan with Go Girl Sports was kind enough to send me a Toga Tank and a Sport Visor (wonder if she already knew I LOVE visors???)

In MY opinion you can NEVER go wrong with a Visor!

Have you seen the Toga Tank? This tank has been one of my FAVORITE tanks this summer~ Why? Well the entire back of it is mesh which allows air to flow through it SWEET!! With as hot as it has been this summer the Toga Tank has been a great relief. I was a little concerned about the front, the top of it looked like it crossed and I worried I wouldn't like the way it fit. However I was wrong, it was a perfect fit and very comfortable to wear. Choosing a color was the hard part, I like all of the color choices but I choose the Rose color,  the front is a light grayish color and the mesh back is rose color super cute!! I don't like anything to fit snug so I got a Large and love the fit for me it is perfect. 

I think this Awesome Toga Tank was my lucky charm, the first race I wore it to is one that I NEVER get an award at

Not this time around :)

Here is what the Go Girl Sport site has to say about the Toga Tank:

The Toga Tank lets you show your wild side with a full mesh back for superior breathability while providing enough coverage to satisfy your modest side. Seams are sewn flat and offset from tender areas to avoid chafing. The moisture wicking performance fabric keeps you comfortable even in the most challenging workouts.

Are you ready to show your "wild side"?? Susan is also kind enough to let me Giveaway one of the AWESOME Toga Tank AND a Sport Visor!! One LUCKY Winner will win a Toga Tank of their choice and One LUCKY Winner will win a Sport Visor of their choice! Hooray :)

How can you WIN???

Mandatory- Be a Follow of this Blog
Mandatory- Go to Go Girl Sports and let me know what is Your favorite item
Tell me what is your favorite item of clothing to run in
Spread the Word Blog It, Post It to Facebook and/or Tweet It
Follow Go Girl Sport of Facebook Tell them I sent you
Follow Go Girl Sport on Twitter
If you are having problems (like I do) leaving comments and want to enter just EMAIL ME and I will make sure you get in :)

A WINNER WILL be chosen on Sunday, September 25

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

15k, a Lesson Learned and a Razzy Roo Winner

Saturday, September 10 I completed the Run for the Pets 15k in Burgin, KY this is another race in the local "Serres". They also do a 5k but being the hard core runner (ha ha ha yeah right :) that I am I do the 15k. As usual this is an extremely hilly route, the worst part is from mile 3 - 4.5 I do believe it is uphill the entire way that gets steeper and steeper. Last year Sheri and I ran the course several times to prepare for it and when race day came I had terrible stomach issues and did horrible and walked lots, this year we have only practiced on the course a few times and I made sure NOT eat Mexican food the night before :) The week leading up to race day was nothing but rain rain rain all week and I was too wimpy to run in the rain so I only ran once during the week (which is why I haven't done a week in review post for the last two weeks!) so I had pretty fresh legs.  Race morning weather was about perfect but it heated up quickly. I had already planned on starting very slow and work my way faster, I just really didn't want to walk any. To my surprise I was able to run  the entire first half and was able to stay right by Sheri's side (she is way better than me at long distances and well overall she is a much better runner than I am). After the turn around is when I started slowing down, I made sure that I kept Sheri in my sights and even had to take a couple of quick short walk breaks, I kept the walking to 30seconds or less.  I finally caught back up to Sheri and she was walking and not looking happy, I asked her if she was okay and her legs were bothering her, I happily walked a little way with her and we stayed together through the end of the race. At the very end there is a monster hill to go up (it is just wrong, wrong wrong to make us finish a 15k on that crazy hill!) I told Sheri I was probably going to have to walk up that crazy thing but once again I was surprised and paced myself very slow up it. My main goal for this race was to beat my time from last year:
                                      2010- 1:33:18
                                     2011- 1:27:32
HOORAY!!! I beat 2010 time for sure but I wasn't able to keep the pace I wanted and need to finish a half in 2hrs or less. I still have time to work on that though!

After the race and breakfast (race morning tradition gotta eat something :) my oldest daughter and I got in the car and drove 6 hours to go see my grandma. I wore my compression socks for recovery. We had to turn around and come back home the next morning early, 6more hours in the car. On the way home we decided to stop at the outlet mall, when I got out of the car my upper legs were so stinking sore I could hardly walk! The lesson I learned is it is not wise to run 9 miles and then sit in the car for 12hours!! Holy Cow !!


Penny from Pink Hat Runner

Yay for Penny!! Please just email me your "Funky Runner" headband choice :)
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Friday, September 9, 2011

Lost and Found...

Lost: My running schedule, my motivation to run,  my wanting to Blog and the words I want to Blog, and just my normal happy go lucky self :(

Found: My Blog (oh yea I do have one of those things)

Sorry I haven't announced a Razzy Roo Funky Runner Headband winner yet so if you still want to enter you need to go HERE NOW I will pick a winner on Sunday, September 11!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

8/22 - 8/28 Sore Legs = Crazy Dreams?

Its kinda late in the week to be posting about last week but anyway.....

Tuesday - 4mi/36:45
Thursday- 3mi/28:02
Saturday- 5k/26:25
Sunday- 8mi/ 1:06:42

My goodness will I ever get on a regular schedule? No probably not so I might as well accept it and quit trying! Sometimes things come together better if you don't try so hard but we shall see...

Sheri and I both really REALLY want to get this fall half in under 2hrs even if its 1:59:59. We have been trying to keep our runs close to that pace, the upcoming 15k will be a test to see how possible it is! Tuesday's night run was hot and humid although it hasn't been as hot it is still pretty warm even at 8pm. I felt pretty good this night. I had all intentions of going out Wednesday but quickly talked myself right out of it since I was going to be solo. That meant I HAD to go Thursday night which I thought was going to be solo again but Sheri text me so I was HAPPY about that! Her legs were a little tight from boot camp exercises and I wasn't really feeling into to it, Sheri said she was sorry but she was probably going to be slow and for me to go ahead if needed. I told her no problem I was into an easy run tonight, however I don't really think we took it as easy as we thought we would! We mixed our usual route up a bit for a change of scenery and ended up going up a long hill and still kept a 9:10 pace :)

I was also going to run Friday morning as I had taken off work to take my girls to the Ky State Fair in the afternoon, but I was running a 5k Saturday morning and knew we would be doing A LOT of walking at the fair so I decided to save my legs. We ended up not getting home from the fair until 1am and I had to get up and leave by 6am to make it to the race on time~ uggh I was SUPER tired and almost didn't go but I had already registered so I had to go. This was a new race for me I had no idea of the area or anything. Driving in mom and I saw the markings for the course, I could tell it was a gradual uphill coming out which means slight downhill going back SWEET but then I saw it......the MONSTER HILL! My mind instantly said "Holy Crap! It is totally ok if you walk up this hill today you are running off 4hrs sleep!" And that is exactly what I did. This was probably one of the only times I paced myself good and didn't take off like a bandit which helped me keep an even pace until I reached that terrible hill coming back, going out it was pretty steep but coming back I believe it was twice as steep! I was thrilled to finish in 26:25 because I felt like it was going to be a 30min run! I went straight home and took a nap, my body was so tired for such little sleep I felt like I had just ran a marathon. It took me no time to fall asleep and the dreams started rolling, I hardly ever dream that I remember anyway, but on this day they was jumping from one thing to the next. One moment I was somewhere running, the next I was eating some kind of crazy food to being somewhere crazy....Amazing how your mind works when you are super tired!
Sunday morning I got up early once again to meet Shalan to head out for 8mi. I was still super tired and just told myself its okay you aren't in a race today just pace yourself slow. Well the first half of the run was around a 9:09 pace. Then we set off to finish the rest of the run...we ran in town and I almost stomped on a bird that was on the sidewalk ~OMG!!! Why didn't the crazy thing move? It just sat there and hopped to the grass after it almost lost its life! I was losing steam and fast and was so ready to be done trying hard to not start walking, so I ask Shalan if she cared if we cut it off at 7mi instead of 8. Thankfully for me she didn't mind either as she had ran up a mountain a couple of days earlier! I think we ended up with around a 9:31 pace overall which I was very pleased with!!

Hope everyone had a good week last week! Happy RUnning!!