Friday, October 28, 2011

Thanks to our Sponsors :)

As I mentioned in the first Bourbon Chase post, Sheri worked at getting us donations and sponsors to help with our costs. Here is a HUGE THANK YOU to all that helped!!

Scott with Outside PR SportsMarketing sent us a variety of GU gel and Chomps as well as some Road ID FireFly Lights. THANK YOU SCOTT AND GU ENERGY AND ROAD ID!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to FUEL BELT to getting us Reflective Vests!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to the following Local (Danville, KY) for monetary donations:
      Mark L. Morgan & Associates
      McDowell Wellness Center
      Guadalajara - (Great Mexican restaurant :)
      Back to Basics Chiropractic- Dr. Craig Arnold    
      Webster Orthodontics
      Little Caesars Pizza
      AutoMartt LLC- Harrodsburg, Ky

A HUGE THANK YOU to Megan with Build a for making us an awesome door magnet at the last minute :)

A SUPER HUGE THANK YOU to Stuart Powell Ford for rescuing us in our "no van crisis"!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR SAVING THE DAY!!!!! :)

A HUGE THANK YOU to our van drivers:
      Donna Kissick
      Katrina Alexander
      Ashby & Bryan Jakober

And finally.........................................
A HUGE THANK YOU to my MOM for going along with both vans to take pictures and such!! LOVE YOU :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bourbon Chase cont'd........

**In case you missed the first part READ IT HERE!!**

Map of the entire course

After my van completed all of our second legs it was brought to our attention that we were dead last, meaning we were the last team to come through the exchange. This confused us terribly because the previous time they post some results we were right in the middle, how did we get so far behind?? Another team told us they had already received a phone call telling them to bump up, I asked what that meant and was told that basically both vans are active and running the last runner in van 1 just doesn't have anyone to pass off to. So we wondered why we didn't get the same phone call? We drove to the next exchange that we would have meet back up with van 1 and asked the race directors what would happen? We knew if we kept on running like we was we wouldn't finish on time and they would pull us off the course, that was right along with we wouldn't get finisher medals or a finish time! Not what we wanted so they told us to go ahead and bump up also.

Leg 32 (M) 4.3 Miles - Scenic Old Frankfort Pike
Description: This short leg runs along the famous Old Frankfort Pike, passing beautiful horse farms.
0.0 mi. -Carefully cross US 60 to follow KY 1681 / Old Frankfort Pike
 0.3 mi. - Enter Woodford County
1.5 mi. - Continue on KY 1681 / Old Frankfort Pike (by veering right across the railroad tracks and soon begin a long climb.
 4.1 mi. - Left on Woodlake Rd. to exchange.

Since my legs and total distance was so small I didn't train doing any double runs, in my mind as long as I did some long runs I would be okay. Well that would be true for a normal race. And well this was NOT a normal race. My vans third legs was the first and only legs we had in the blazing HOT sun that we unusually was experiencing that weekend. So put the heat + lack of sleep + with a nice LONG hill that went on for like 2 miles = Not a very pretty third leg for me! I already knew going into it I was feeling fatigued so I didn't go all full force and I passed about 4 or 5 people. I went pretty strong for about 2 miles then the long crazy hill came along and I did run/walk for about a mile and a half. When I saw the one mile to go sign I did my best to run it but I walked just a small little part. It wasn't just me of course though everyone was feeling it in their last leg even van one. I am not positive on the exact time but it was around 50+ mins for 4.5 miles.
A few "chicks" had to leave early so this isn't our entire team!

Team "CHICKS THAT KICK 'ASS'PHALT"  crossed the finish line some time after 7pm with an overall finish time that was originally posted as 29 hours and 46 minutes!

A few days later they removed our finish time and posted "No Official Time"??? WHY??? Well apparently when van 1 went through their last to exchange points there was no race officials there and they didn't record our team as coming through those points, so they ASSUMED that we skipped 3legs and only did the last 6 legs in which they was WRONG!!! So now they have given us a time of 32:53:27 BUT I am sticking with our original time since that is what we calculated!!

Overall I had a GREAT time in  The Bourbon Chase and will do it again if our team wants or if I am asked to join another team. The couple of weeks leading into the Chase was not good weeks for me and my frame of mind wasn't there to enjoy it like I should have and since it was our first year it was a learning experience for how and what we need to do next time to improve!

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Bourbon Chase - WOW What an Experience!

**Two weeks later and I finally have a post! Sorry for the delay but I think I am getting back. This is a long post so I have broke it up!**

First off let me say......OMG!! What an experience it is to run an overnight relay!! During the course of 29 hours and 46 minutes I do believe I had almost every emotion and/or feeling possible good and bad! But in the end, I am ready to sign up again next year :)
The Bourbon Chase has been a year in the making for Sheri and I (what little I did, she was our team captain!) We recruited a team of 12 all female runners We had a few team meetings and We had a few girls drop out and had to replace one even 3weeks before the event day!

1st meeting Getting down to business!

Looks like serious Business! LOL

In our first meeting we all (ones that was present) picked out which runner number we wanted to be. The route crossed through our hometown two times and past my office one time so I really wanted one of those routes. Luckily enough for me the one that went in front of my office also was the one with the least mileage :) I would have taken another one however if someone else REALLY needed it!

Sheri worked really hard at getting donations from various local business( a "Thank You" post to follow :) to help us pay for costs with the race, it was $100 a person to register plus renting of two vans, gas, snacks etc.. She also called Enterprise vehicle rental to reserve us two vans in April(or earlier) so they had plenty of notice, we knew of a couple of other local teams so we wanted to make sure we got vans. That girl did great at getting donations! We had enough to buy short and long sleeve wicking shirts pay for vans/gas and still have enough for snacks and such.
The last group meeting

About a week and a half before race day Sheri called Enterprise to check on the vans, bet you can't guess what happened?? YEP they had NO reservation for us and they had NOTHING available anywhere!! Thankfully Sheri and her mom are best of friends with one of the owners of our local Ford dealership, Stuart Powell and they graciously donated TWO 15 passenger vans at NO COST!!!

Our Team Name:

                                          Chicks That Kick 'Ass'phalt

Van #2 My van minus one, she was out running!

Van #1 These Chicks look ready to roll!

 The wonderful state of Kentucky has several Bourbon distilleries, hence the Bourbon Chase travels 200+ miles to and past those distilleries! The starting location was at Jim Beam and van 2 (my van) started at Makers Mark. Our team starting time was at 1:15pm but since I was in van #2 we didn't start until sometime around 6.

Leg 8 (E) 3.7 Miles - Heart of Kentucky Description: Rolling course over country roads early until you enter the city of Lebanon
0.0 mi. - Continue south on KY 429 past golf course

1.2 mi. - Turn right on KY 2154
2.5 mi. - Take first left on KY 49 (across from Hampton Inn)

3.4 mi. - Continue to follow sign for KY 49 by turning left on Walnut and then immediate right on N Depot
3.7 mi. - Exchange zone is after you turn left on MLK St. at the Heart of Kentucky Downtown Pavilion

I was runner #8 my first leg was around 6:45 or 7pm which meant I had to wear all of the safety equipment (reflective vest, head lamp and rear blinky light), nighttime running I am used to safety equipment not, but it wasn't too bad the only thing that half way bothered me was wondering if I would step on road kill~ YUCK. The total mileage was 3.7 and very little hills. I felt GREAT during this leg! My legs were fresh from not running all week and the sun had gone down as it was around 85* with full sun for all of van #1 legs. I ended up passing 4 other runners and finished 3.7mi in 30:40 not too bad!

Me running my 1st leg
After our van (#2) completed the first round we went to eat around 1am at The HUB Coffee House & Cafe in Danville, Ky (our hometown) which is one of my favorite places! They make the best lattes and sandwiches and such! They was also kind enough to stay open ALL night long just for the Bourbon Chase! After we ate we went to the hotel room my mom reserved for us to use, a couple people took showers but all I wanted to do was lay down and close my eyes for a little while. We figured we needed to meet van #1 around 5:30am or so but we told them to text us when there last runner started running. By the time everyone got settled and closed our eyes it was time to get up again, I think we got maybe an hour & half of sleep~ NOT MUCH!!

Leg 20 (E) 3.5 Miles - Kentucky’s First City Description: An extremely short run down a wonderful Main Street into Kentucky’s oldest city - Harrodsburg
0.0 mi. - Continue north on US 127
1.2 mi. - Continue straight past the traffic light for US 127 Bypass
1.6 mi. – Cross US 127 Business – just before Spirit Chevrolet GMC dealership - and turn right on Beaumont Avenue; this road twists a little, but just follow the main drag toward town
3.2 mi. - Bear left and then immediately right to end up on Main Street and at the exchange

It was a little cool but actually perfect weather for running when my second leg started around 6am. This was the leg that went by my office so I was very familiar with the route! For about the entire first mile it was all down hill then a somewhat gradual uphill for about a half mile before it leveled out. The greatest thing for me on this leg is that I knew the volunteers so when I came through I said "Thanks Kevin" he was shocked to see me and said "Hey Bobbie! Great Job Girl!!" and then I heard another voice that I still am not sure who it was say "Alright Bobbie Way to go!" praise always makes you feel better! After I finished the lady that finished right before me said" Glad you followed me, the other person took a wrong turn!" On this leg I didn't pass anyone (except the wrong turn person~ha) nor did anyone pass me I didn't start my watch right so my estimated 3.5mi run was about 31 mins.

Lisa, Me, Kelli and Tara after 1 1/2hr night of sleep and running!

***To keep this post from being a mile long....I am breaking into another post! But I will wait until tomorrow to post it :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Please Forgive Me................

Please forgive me for being absentee from blogging and reading blogs. I have been doing some running until this week......... Last Thursday my last Grandma passed away :(

It wasn't unexpected I knew it was coming. That is why I went to visit a couple of weeks ago, I am so VERY thankful that I did. Although I have lost touch and not stayed in touch like I should have(we live 6 hours away!) I still love her dearly.

Then on Sunday morning Death struck my family again. This time TOTALLY UNEXPECTED...........

My baby Zeus passed away in his sleep :( Unfortunately for what ever reason I seem to be taking it harder than my grandma~ sorry. I am all teary and trying HARD not to really break down again. I do not know what happened he seemed just fine the night before. He was 7yrs old and an AWESOME GREAT LOVING dog.  I am still in shock so please forgive me...........

Go Girl Sport winners I have not sent the info yet but I will do it tomorrow. I am trying to snap out of it and get back to reality. I have ran a couple of good races and will try to blog about them. The best thing is on Friday me and my running friends (some new) will be running the Bourbon Chase 200mile Relay through wonderful central Kentucky passing several bourbon distilleries.  So please stay tuned and Please forgive me I will be back soon...............