Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Like a Runner!!

Yesterday I took the same long 7mile run that killed me last Saturday. I seriously thought about chosing a different path but thought about it again! I know the half course will more likely than NOT be very flat at all so I need to be practicing on "hard" courses. But I sure did a LOT better job than last week!! I tried to really stretch before and warm up with a 5 min brisk walk. (I tried to do my homework this week and study up on some stretches and moves and such) When I needed a walk break I timed them and tried to not let them get over 1 min. This week it took me 1:13:52 which was about 4mins less than last week and a pace of 10:33. I walked a total of 13:31 and started out with a goal of only walking 10mins so I was pretty close. The most important thing is I felt GOOD about the entire run. I was comfortable, not upset with myself even though I passed my walking goal and tried to push myself to keep running a little farther before taking that walk break. Still a little unsure if I could have kept that pace up for another 6.2miles but did feel more positive about it!! I also iced my shins, knees and ankles when I got home and felt better in the evening as well, probably should have iced each area a little bit longer but I did feel better overall! I still haven't convinced myself to go ahead and sign up for the half marathon but I am setting a time limit of Sunday, January 31, 2010 to DO IT ALREADY!!

One last thing before I go. Last blog I mentioned and her giveaways, well here was todays entry:

"And the Winner is....Funktional Spa giveaway" it was ME!!!

Hooray for me!! But she is at it again, make sure and check it out!!

And how could I not forget to mention, today is my daughters 16th Birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLAN!!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Great Run tonight

After my long terrible run last Saturday, I skipped the easy 3mile run Sunday. SHAME, SHAME on me!! However I did go Monday and do 4miles outside and it was a beatiful day I had a pretty decent time of 43:17. Ran most of the way with maybe a total of 1/2 mile worth of walk breaks. But tonight was a treadmill run as it was so foggy and misting outside that you couldn't even see in front of yourself!! I felt really good the whole entire run, not tired, out of breath or achy, but most important I RAN the whole 4miles without stopping. It took me 52:00 which came out to a pace of 12:00 NICE if I can keep that up for 13 miles!!! Also did a little weight training for my arms after. Have to say I feel really good tonight, TireD but really good!!

Before I head off to bed tonight just want to share with anyone reading, I have found this site through another friends blog and it is really cool. You should check it out, here is what I posted today on FB about it:

MONICAONTHEGO.COM is at it again!! Check out her site for the latest contest!! "Something Pretty Wednesday & Giveaway" on 1/20/2010
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Again check it out, she blogs about lots of stuff, everyday stuff that I usually think about as well. But best of all is the GIVEAWAYS!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Not a Runner Today! 2nd Long Run

Am I insane??? What in the heck was I thinking?? I am not A RUNNER, AM I??? That is the thoughts that I had today when I started my 2nd long run of the half marathon training, and to be honest I pretty much had those thoughts and many more the whole entire 7 miles. Towards the end I realized the course I was running was not an eazy one by no means, there was several hills the whole entire way, but I also feel like that is what the Lexington Half course will be like also. So why not train on a similar type course!! I completed the entire 7 miles not running but I gave it my best effort possible. I probably walked about 2 1/2 miles of it if not a little more. Which I am very disappointed in myself, but I am hoping to take that attitude and move forward doing better the next time. I have been on a constant schedule for about 2 weeks now and I think my body is still adjusting to all the running. Not only my body buy my mind also since that is all running is, mind over matter. That truely is my weak point, the mental part and pushing myself beyond the limits. I give up too eazy and today I seriously considered not doing the half. Again towards the end of todays run I started telling myself "NO, You ARE doing this thing even if you end up walking the entire way!! Just keep up the training and it WILL get easier, it HAS to!!" Then I got home and looked up my pace at and was SHOCKED to say the least!! It said I had a pace of 11:05 and my goal pace should be around 12:35!! Now if only I can learn how to slow it down a little and pace it out the whole way to where maybe just maybe I could limit my walk breaks!! I am just guessing that is the purpose of TRAINING!! Although I still haven't talked myself into signing up for the half yet, I do feel one step closer!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Long Run

Yesterday I completed the first long run on the training schedule of 6 miles. Yay for me!! I took it really slow and it took me way longer than I expected (82:45) but I really like the way I approached it. Until I get more used to the long runs I think my best bet is to take them slow. Plus I am still on the treadmill and I think I can have a somewhat faster pace and still feel comfortable with it doing an outdoor run. My feet were really tired and a little sore and I really thought I would be feeling it today, but I don't feel a thing. So I guess I will go ahead and finish the schedule for this week and do an easy run today, for me that is going to be on the treadmill with no incline so its like running downhill!! I totally need to start working on the diet end of training which will be the hardest part for me! Maybe then I can start losing those pounds you should be able to lose when you run, it really does burn a LOT of calories!! Yesterday mine calorie count from the treadmill was 815 and another 200 from the wii. WOW that's 1000 calories. Good thing since I went out with my friends last night to Eddie Montgomery's Steakhouse, the atmosphere was GREAT and a FUN time, the food was okay and expensive but the wait to be seated was TERRIBLE!! Granted we had a party of 8 which always takes longer, but we was told it would be an hour wait and ended up being a 2 1/2 hour wait to be seated!! Wish I would of had something to eat before I went cause I could have enjoyed myself a whole lot more if I did. I was sooo hungry and couldn't drink with no food on my stomach, took a couple of sips and felt drunk already, then I got a pounding headache from hungar!! Other than that it was a really great time and will go back, just waiting for the new to wear off a little though!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 2

Last night I completed day 2 of training which was 4 miles on the treadmill. When I finally reached the 4th mile I felt like I could have went ahead and done a 5th (possibly 6th) but I thought that I should probably stick with the schedule! Any thoughts on that would really help me!! As stated in another post, I really wish I had to gumption (sp??) to wrap up and go outside and run but I just haven't got there yet. Maybe after a couple of long runs on that treadmill and I will change my mind!!

Well I am really disappointed in today's Snow Event! I knew not to get too excited too early cause it just wouldn't happen and sure enough we are getting just enough to tease us.....dang it!! Although we still have a good month and a half of possiblites!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Half Marathon Training Day 1

Yesterday was the offical Day 1 of half training!! I found a training schedule thru which sent me to for the schedule. (Here is the link to it ) Anyway it is a 12week schedule and my half is in exactly 12weeks, so I hopefully should be ready, if I follow the schedule that is!! Since I have been running at least 3 miles 3x a week, I decided to start at week 4 of the schedule. Hopefully I don't change my mind when it comes to long run day, however I am trying to keep the motto in my mind "NO PAIN NO GAIN!!"
Speaking of pain, I have to admit I was a little doubtful of the wii fitness actually working, but I have to say after 2 days of doing ea sports active I am a believer!! My legs and back muscles are so very sore, like I have never worked out before in my entire life! Holy Cow!!! Today is a non running day for the schedule but I do have to do another ea sports active workout, again no pain no gain!!

I still haven't quite figured out all this blogging stuff yet but it is all starting to come together! If anyone has any helpful hints PLEASE share them!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

How it Began

Woke up to an extremely cold and snowy morning, wishing it would REALLY REALLY snow! Also really wishing I had the clothing and the will I guess to go out and take a run! Decide to complete this post and play some wii fit plus instead! I would really recommed the wii fit plus to anyone considering purchasing it, it is AWESOME!!

The how and why I decided to run goes like this. I am an avid lover of the show Biggest Loser. For the past couple of seasons at the very end the last 4 or 5 constants have to run a whole marathon! Some of those people go from 300 + pounds to running a 26.2 mile marathon in like 16 weeks which is AMAZING! So while I was sitting on my couch, probably eating something wondering why I gained about 15lbs of my 40lbs lost back, last spring watching the marathon episode I told myself why can't I do that? The only answer I could come up with in my mind was "You CAN DO that, you are the one holding yourself back and you have to make that decision to get up and DO IT!!" So about a month the Beef festival 5k came around and the office was going to walk it, so I did as well and LOVED it! People were getting awards, there was FOOD, people just hanging around talking having a really good time enjoying each other. That was all it took for me as I was hooked from there. Next week was the RunfortheBrass 5k and I was there along with Baylee and had decided I was going to try and run as much as I could. I think I did great for my first time and again the environment was just great! The next week brought the HeartofKy 5k, again I was there and running. Great environment except this time something wonderful happened. I got an AWARD for 3rd place female 30 -34 age group!!! HOLY COW!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! I knew from that point it was on, this is something I am enjoying and it is good for me. I competed in a 5k race almost every Saturday since June 6 to compete in 25 races and winning 11 awards!! And the best thing is I feel like a winner just for saying I did it and I can do it and I WANT to do it!! Gerard also hopped on board and is a runner as well, although he can't compete in as many races he do 5 and got 2nd place male 30-34 in his 1st race!!

I don't have a goal of completing a whole marathon but do for a half. As soon as I heard Lexington was having one in the spring I knew that was my sign, it was destine for me to do it. I am going to sign up for it. Right now I feel very doubtful that I can run the whole 13.1 miles but by gosh I AM going to give it my best try and THAT is ALL that matters!! Right now I am up to 5 miles on the treadmill which is totally different than outside running but I guess it still counts!

Until next time....

My 1st Post

2009 brought a lot of changes for me gaining some of the weight back, becoming a runner, losing my grandma and many more. Including this blog! Something I said I would never do cause I thought it was silly to sit around and write about yourself and your life, who would really care. Actually I don't think blogs are about that at all, I think its a place you can express yourself, talk about your own life's journeys and hope for advice or common goals with follow people. People that understand what you are trying to accomplish and help you reach those goals no matter what they may be. So this is new to me and I am going to look around at everything now, but I will post soon a little about me!!