Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reviews & My Vacation

I just LOVE being on vacation, even not going anywhere, I LOVE vacation. The feeling of not having to report anywhere by a certain time, not having to stay within the same 4 walls for 7.5hrs a day for 5days a week= I LOVE IT!! Yesterday I started my first day of vacation at 7 am going for a nice 4mile run with one of my running buddies!! This is the first time EVER that I have been able to ENJOY that and let me tell you enjoy it I did!! So much so that I am planning on doing it again on Thursday and possibly Friday! Today we did go to The Beach waterpark in Cincinnati, Ohio! It was really a great family time trip, I got to spend some REAL Quality time with my girls!!  Also the running buddy mentioned has started a blog of her very own so PLEASE be sure to check out Sheri's blog HERE!! And tell her I sent ya!!

So recently the Awesome (anyone notice how I like using the word awesome alot?) Scott from OutsidePR sent me a couple of products to try out. One of the items was some Sugoi RS 1/4 Socks. (Below is a picture of my socks) This is the first pair of true running socks I have ever tried out and I REALLY liked them. The first time I wore them I was a little unsure, my feet slide around inside my shoes and was concerned about possibly getting blister. However once I started running it was ALL GOOD! My socks were dry for once after running not all wet and soggy like just plain regular socks. Most definitely would I recommend buying some of these socks. I have looked around there web site and they have several nice looking products!!

Another Sugoi product I was given to try out is Visor. I have never run in a hat of any kind before and have really been wanting to. This past weekend I decided to try out my visor because I knew the course was mostly sunny. I have to say I LOVE this visor! It is so light weight and incredible soft fabric I didn't even feel it on my head at all!! The only problem I had and it may just be my head is I had a hard time adjusting it small enough to fit right(not saying my head is tiny or anything). Once during the race I tried pulling it down  a little and the entire strap came loose in the back and I had to readjust it to get it back on. Other than that small detail it was, well AWESOME(there it goes again)!!
Below is my wearing my visor and socks!!

One last thing I would like to share is the GoLite daily giveaways! Here is the info I was given about it:

Now that summer has finally arrived- GoLite is giving outdoor fanatics 93 chances to bag free gear. Of all the seasons, summer is the lightest. To show their devotion, GoLite’s giving away a FREE piece of gear every day, all summer long.
All you have to do is go to GoLite's site to register to win. So be sure and check it out also!!

**The views on the products above are strictly mine no $$$ to me for them!!**

Monday, June 28, 2010

Laura Elaine Design Winner

The results from random number generator are:

The randomly picked number is: 9

Lucky number 9 would be:
H Love said...

Just posted a link on my blog.

H Love send me your info so I can hook you up!! bobbie zero87 at msn dot com
Followers if you haven't already check out H Love's blog also!! 
Another giveaway coming up this week. Stay Tuned!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

RJ Corman 5k

Yesterday I ran the RJ Corman 5k which I consider a difficult course. It has LOTS of hills, is mostly in the sun and usually very HOT.  This race is not part of my serres so I tend to use these races as practice races and maybe not give it all I have and hope for the best! My original running partner has been absentee for most of this year but decided to join me yesterday, I was glad to see him back at it again. I know he really loves the races and had some trouble this year, hope all the troubles are over and he will be able to join me for the rest of the year!!
Except for my belly felt a little rough I felt really good and ready for this race. I haven't been running much in the last 2weeks (only twice in 2 weeks) so I knew my legs were plenty rested for this. I started out slow and steady, something I have been trying to work on alot, the first mile was a success. I forgot to start my watch at the beginning and it doesn't have a lap counter and I don't totally remember what the clock said at mile one but I believe it was around 9:05, pretty good! Mile 2 legs starting getting tired, I was HOT, walked through the water station, swished a little water since it was so hot, passed the time clock for mile 2 at about 18:45 still not bad! One good thing about this race is they have the digital time clocks set up at every mile not just someone there with a stop watch. After passing the second time clock and pushing on for about 1/2 of a mile, I decided to take a walk break. WHY? I am really not sure! Knowing the finish line was close I tried to pick up the pace and finish this thing already.  Once again there was a time clock at mile 3 that read about 29:15. I knew I needed to really pick it up if I wanted to finish under 30mins. So I pushed up the last hill again with everything I had to cross the finish line at 29:53! Hey it was under 30 right? I ended up getting 3rd in my age group- YAY!! And I beat my time from last year by 2mins!!
After race looking back, I wish I would not have let myself take the walk breaks that I did, I feel like I should have had more mental strength to push on. Physically I know I can do the distance I just struggle with the mental game even a year later. Just something I need to work on I guess! 

Today is the last day to enter my LAURA ELAINE DESIGN giveaway!!
Be sure to enter, you really don't want to miss out on this awesome giveaway!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Giving it a try & Thanks

The other day I saw this on facebook by Barefoot AngieB (be sure and check out her blog) and thought it was cute, then I realized it applied to me as well! So here goes:
                 My name is Bobbie and I haven't gone for a run in one week!!
WHY??!! My excuse is the HOT & STEAMY weather we have been having. Even at night and early mornings it has been so humid its hard to breathe. I am not happy with myself for not running at all, not even a little, but I guess all runners' need a break sometime or another.  I also posted the other day that I have been getting up and walking around my neighborhood and didn't really think I was ready to try to run it. Thinking about this comment from that post I decided to give it a try this morning!
   Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

the hills are great for you, try the run walk approach to get used to them and you'll be powering along in no time

Actually I did a lot better than I thought and it wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be. No I wasn't able to Run the whole loop but I am guessing I ran about 3/4ths of it! So THANK YOU Amanda for making the comment and giving me the encouragement I needed to go ahead and give it a try!! Be sure to check out Amanda's great blog as well!
Be sure to enter my giveaway HERE there is only a couple of more days left!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shame on Me

Why have I been absent from the blog world this last week? Why have I not been running much this last week? Why have I felt like I was in a funk this last week? The only answer I can come up with is my brain is melted due to it being so HOT & HUMID all the dang time!! Although I have not been running much this last week, I have been getting up in the mornings to walk(about a mile) before work. All week while walking I have been asking myself “Why are you not running this instead?” My neighborhood is crazy hilly and to be honest not sure I am ready or want to run it, but I am thinking of giving it my best shot this upcoming week. I have seen some interesting sites while walking also(I live next to a lake in a highly tree populated area so there is lots of wildlife) one morning a squirrel came running super fast only to have a cat chasing behind. The cat saw me and stopped so I chatted”Good morning Kitty, trying to catch a squirrel, Good luck!” and I patted him on the head. He graciously replied with a “MEOW!” I continued walking and he took off after that squirrel again! The very next morning I saw something up ahead and thought it was another cat, I began to wonder to myself where were all these cats coming from our neighborhood always is full of dogs not cats? But to my surprise it wasn’t a cat, it was a raccoon carrying a baby and another one following! I really wanted to chat with them but by the time I got where they were they were gone. I  really need to start bringing my camera!

Also while being absent from life this week, I realized I have never posted about my back to back races milestone.  What is wrong with me? I will make it short and sweet since now its a thing of the past.

Race #1 was last Friday night. I usually do not like night races as I don’t do as well, I am a morning racer but the hubs can do the night races. I was in HIGH hopes that it would start cooling down as it really got cloudy and looked like rain, however the sun came out super bright and super humid! We have ran this course a couple of time already so I know the course is nothing but uphill the entire first half with a decent downhill second half but I am just running not racing cause I am saving my efforts for the next days race. The hubs likes to start on the starting line, ya know up front where everyone can see you standing there waiting to start. Not me, I like being a couple maybe few rows back in the middle of the pack but on the edge. But I let him convince me to stay close.

103_1287  Me &Kaylan 103_1290   

The race began I went out slow like I wanted (so I thought) could still see hubs ahead thinking he must be going fairly slower as well. Reached the first mile marker with timer person saying 8:35…WHAT?? That is way way too fast for me, I need to slow it down by about a minute. I still felt pretty comfortable so I tried to slow my pace instead of walking. I saw the water stand ahead at 1.5m and could really start to feel the humidity hitting hard. So I grabbed a water cup and walked on thru swishing my water. The leader of the race was coming back down passing the timer person at mi 2 stating 10:18 holy cow he is fast!! I began running again much slower this time just hoping to finish it out, the sweat was really dripping by this point, it had to be close to 90 with the humidity. I could no longer see the hubs, he must have really kicked it in on the downhill, good for him!! In this course there is a concrete bridge and I hate this bridge so I walked it! I thought the finish had to be close looked at my watch still making pretty good time, but that dang humidity it totally zapped me. This by far has been the hottest race so far this year.103_1297 Hubs ended up at 26:41 and 31:06 for me. When I finally got to see the break down of age groups I ended up being 5th which made me feel better about the run!

Race#2-The very next morning I had another 5k race that is one of my “Serres” races. These races I WANT to do good in and really I WANT to place (in my age group). Once again like many race mornings this year it was raining when I got up to prepare. I knew it would stop by race time. Meet up with my running buddies chatted waiting for the start wondering where our other buddy was. She had been on vacay so I think she was still on that time cause she came “running” in just in time to start!! She told me how she was a little tired and going to be slow today, good cause I am slow from racing last night. I usually take a 5hour energy or GU before a race but opted not too this morning as my belly was feeling funny. Kinda wish I would have though. The weather was overcast&humid and we did a nice slow and steady run. Mile 1 9:30 much better than the last nights race! Twila however she is like on fire this year, she was speedy fast today!! I lost my steam about 2.5ish and began run/walk. I should have been able to complete this entire thing running as it was at our park, the one I always run at, but my legs were just tired. I did my best to sprint to the finish with a 29:45.103_1333 I really didn’t expect to place but was happy to get 3rd! Twila ended up with 24:56 and 3rd for her age group also, so glad she isn’t in my group cause I don’t think I could catch or keep up with her!! Great Job girl!!

I used windows live writer on this one hope it turns out ok!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Laura Elaine Designs‏ & Giveaway

I recently contacted Laura of Laura Elaine Designs about doing a Runners' Scrapbook Giveaway!
She agreed of course and also made a book for me!! In my local community they hold a "Serres" of races, Laura included these races on the cover along with the logo for the race serres. I was REALLY SUPER IMPRESSED when I opened it up !! The pages inside are pre decorated
and ready for me to paste in my bib's, pics or whatever I want!! I have done some scrapbook projects myself and believe me it is hard work, THANK YOU Laura for taking time to do a book for me!!
Even my kitty was interested!!
I LOVE the colors of the pages!

Now on to the giveaway, Laura has offered to give a $15 credit toward her Etsy shop. That way the winner can either choose something from the shop that is already made and apply the credit toward it, or they can request a custom item from her shop ( custom for the race/races that they may have done) and then apply the credit toward that. So be sure and check out some of the awesome stuff she has HERE! I can't wait to order something else soon!
How can YOU enter to win??? Trust me you wanna win! Just do one or more of the following:

MANDATORY Entry~ Visit Laura Elaine's Etsy shop HERE and tell me what you would like to use the credit on. Don't worry you will be able to change if ya want.
~ Be a follower of my blog
~ Check out Laura Elaine's blog HERE leave her a comment and come back here to comment you did so
~ Like Laura on Facebook HERE
~ Link it on your blog, tweet it or post it on Facebook (one entry for each one)
~ Follow me on TWITTER

All entries must be received by 11:59 pm 6/27 and a winner will be selected on 6/28. Sorry but ONLY US residents!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Running Chics Winner!

So I finally got a chance to wear my tank sent to me from Running Chics and let me tell you it is one of the most comfortable running tanks I now own!! Although I had my mishap that morning and took a tumble (read HERE for all the details of horror or look HERE for pics) I really don't feel like I got to really enjoy my tank to its fullest! It was such a comfortable fit and fabric was extremely soft! I can't wait to purchase another one of these tanks or any of their gear!! Be sure to check out Running Chics and purchase something for yourself, you will be glad you did!!

On to the winners of the totes(don't lie that's the real reason you are reading LOL)!! My number randomizer at the bottom of my blog decided not to work like it did the day I found it :( So I have remove it and use the Random Number Generator found HERE.

The randomly picked number is: 38

Which was :
Darlene said...

I posted your giveaway on my blog
The randomly picked number is: 20
Which was:
S Club Mama said...

My first race was a 5K in my current town. It was for breast cancer research and wasn't really a race but a walk. They added a running portion and it was the lady leading the running, 15 10yo boys and me pushing my 2 sons. cool, right?

Please be sure to check out their great blogs as well!!  
Darlene HERE
  S Club Mama HERE
Ladies I will send you a message or you can contact me with some info
@bobbie zero87 at msn dotcom!!

Thanks to all that entered and stay tuned new giveaway and race reports coming soon!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

50 :)

Hooray!! I now have 50 followers!!! Will have a new giveaway soon to celebrate!! Stay tuned !!
Don't forget tomorrow is last day to enter my current giveaway!! Linked at the top

Between tonight and tomorrow I will be adding another milestone to my "running" career. I will be running back to back 5k's.(I know all you marathoners' are thinking "Oh Please!") Tonight the Hubs & I will get to run together (not side by side since he is way faster). I love it when we get to run together at races, I use him to judge how I am doing, if I can at least have him in my sights then I am doing fairly well!! Although tonight I will not be pushing myself too hard as tomorrows race is part of my "Serres" and I WANT to do good in that race. So tonight will just be a practice race for me!!

Good Luck to All Racers this weekend!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Plan

After reading Laura's blog post (HERE), I thought to myself I need a plan or a schedule something to make me get out there and do more than I am. Although I do sorta have a plan of completing the local "Serres" of 5k races, I still think I am need of  a little something more.

The hubs and I ran an AWESOME 4mi last night!! I told him I would be really slow since I have a bum knee and all (I am always way slower than him without an excuse!) and usually he doesn't like going anymore than one 2mi loop at the park. If you run in & out to the entrance it adds an extra mile making 3mi and that's what he said we was doing. Okay by me but still I am taking my time!! Surprise enough I kept up way better than I ever thought even though I know he slowed waaaayyy down. When we reached the entry he pointed left and said " Come on let's go" me looking puzzled, crazed and confused just shrugged it off and started going. I had truly found my pace and felt TOTALLY comfortable, the weather was perfect about 75deg with no humidity. As I kept on going I was thinking just continue on to the first stoplight and back, its not that far. And that is what we did. We paused at the light for maybe 30 seconds looking at each other without saying a word I have a feeling we were thinking the same thing"Wow, I really can't believe we are doing this! This is great!" Then I turned and headed back for the park. My knee held up great, did not bother me enough to make me stop. After getting back home I looked up the distance of the route on mapmyrun.com and was shocked to discover that "little" extra distance there & back made that usual 2mi loop into a 4mi RUN!! That is right I RAN the entire distance!! I was so proud of myself, even the hubs said he notice I didn't take a walk break! And the finishing time by my watch was 39:14!! WOW!

SO do I really need a plan or maybe just keep winging it??
The reason he wanted to run the extra distance, we are both doing a 5k Friday night!! I love it when we BOTH get to go!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


First of all I will be picking TWO winners for the Running Chic tote!! I am extended the deadline till June 12 with TWO winners being  picked on June 13!! Be sure to enter HERE!!

Can you tell which one is me??

Do you see what is missing?

I think that look says it all!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My 1st PI :(

Today was going to be a great "running" day!! I felt good, ready to race and even was preparing myself mentally to push hard for a PR today. I know the course and felt like I had it in today! Picked up my number & such and started looking around for the bathroom(always gotta at least try before start) and learn that they were locked still..No problem I will take my goody bag to the car come back and be able to go....HA Guess again! So we walk back towards the start of the race hoping the coffee shop is open NOPE!! WTF!!! No bathroom I gotta go now!! Then I thought about the construction site across the street from the start and ya know they got Port a Potty- YAY success finally. I hear race announcements so I jog back up to the start to find my buddies;) Just in time to hear Ready set Go no problem hit start on the watch look up and WTF Twila is jumping up I am looking down to see why and WHAT wait a minute HERE I go.......I HIT THE GROUND!!! There was a traffic cone that Twila was jumping and by the time I was looking down to see it was too late I had already stumbled over it hitting the ground. (See full injury report below) I looked up feeling dazed seeing another nice lady I have meet this year at these events saying "Honey are you Okay?" I instantly jumped up and took off. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH TWILA for stopping and looking back for me, so very thoughtful of you!! Ya know not too long ago I was wondering why would someone not finish a race, today I realized INJURIES! But like I said I jumped up and just started running, was I okay, I don't know, just keep running, I knew I skinned my knee pretty bad but couldn't really see much other than a scrape, so just keep running. The water station was in sight so I glanced down at my knee as I could feel it starting to throb and it was the brightest bloodiest looking knee. Should I stop at the water station pour some water on it or just keep going, I grabbed a cup of water swished it in my mouth as it was extremely HOT and kept on going. I started taking a couple of walk breaks as I was beginning to worry about my knee and thought I had to. The site of my own blood has always made me pass out, so I started thinking to myself" Please do NOT pass out & QUIT looking at you stupid knee and just RUN!"  The course was an In & Out course with the first half being slightly uphill(let's not lie its mostly uphill the entire way) but that means DOWNHILL to finish!! I again took a couple of walk breaks on the small uphills coming back hoping to have some get up and go at the finish, I was so ready for this to be over. When I rounded the corner to about the last .2 to finish I tried to sprint it out, my hopes for a PR had already been gone but I could at least have a nice finish. But I just didn't have it in me considering the start I had I was just thrilled to be where I was. Oh wait it gets even better... So I am walking thru the finishing shoot reaching for my tag to tear off the bottom and once again today WTF!! I NEVER put on my race bib, ARE YOU SERIOUS!! Luckily enough the race was in my hometown and I knew the directors and she let me go get it and put it in my correct finishing place(Thanks Lesley K). They decided to only give gift cards to the top 3 male/female finishers and draw door prizes instead of medals for age groups so the Lions Club would have more $ to use for area projects, I did win a prize of a free pass to a museum at least I got something for my fall!

So my bloggy friends, today was a day of 1st's for me but it was definitely my first PI Personal Injury!! Here's the breakdown of my injury: As I stumbled over the BRIGHT NEON ORANGE cone that I never actually saw, I was heading face first for the pavement, I honestly believe it was about 2inches from my eyeballs. All I could think was PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT LET ME SKIN UP MY FACE OR KNOCK OUT A TOOTH PLEASE!! So I tried to catch myself with my hands trying to push myself back upright knowing that is was too late so I rolled to my back. When I looked up I really thought I would see my mom looking at me but it was a fellow racer (walker but does them all in the serres) saying are you okay and all I could think was go go go. During the race I really felt okay but as soon as I stopped the pain began. My knee is throbbing but I think it will be okay. I skinned my fingers on my way down, they are sore. And as I rolled to my back I scraped my shoulder which feels like it is on fire right now. Not to mention the fact that my back has been hurting all week and just starting to feel better, NOW feels like well honestly like my whole body has been run over with a mack truck!! I am off for a nap now and will post some pics later!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

My 1st 5k


Tomorrow I will be running the first 5k event that I walked last year. After completing that walk last year and after watching the biggest loser complete a whole marathon, I told myself you can do this. No you don't have to run a whole marathon but you can do a 5k. And the after race crowd and FOOD was just so great, talking with people everyone just seemed so happy. I knew I was hooked from there! From that race forward I participated in a 5k every Saturday through October, several in November and one in December 2009. January 2010 I decided to train for a half marathon and completed it in March 2010 in the worst weather conditions possible.

I am so glad I have discovered running!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Celebrate June & Running Chics Tote Giveaway

For those who do not know me June marks my official one year mark of being a "runner". I am so impressed with myself for hanging in there and sticking with this. A couple of years ago my husband tried to get me to run when we went to the park to walk, I basically stomped my foot and said NO WAY AM I GOING TO RUN GO AHEAD & GO IF YOU WANT TO! And now look at me, although for the last couple of months I feel like I haven't taken it too seriously, I am wanting to up my weekly mileage and get a more consist running schedule. I am thinking I would like to find another half to do in the fall but we will see what happens! To celebrate I am having some giveaways this month:)

The other day I received a happy little package from Andrea @ Running Chics!

This tank is one of the most comfortable tanks I have EVER put on!! I LOVE how it is longer and not short waisted. I haven't run in it yet as I am saving it for my "race" outfit on Saturday, I did put it on and wear it around the house for a while. The fabric is VERY soft and comfortable, no one could go wrong purchasing one of these babies!! The alo Mesh Back Tank also comes in Navy(which I also want) black, red, white, turquoise and currant(the one I got:)
Along with my wonderful tank I also received
This cute tote bag but not just for me, also one for one lucky Blogger!! I can't wait to be sportin' mine at the gym, how about you?? Bet ya wanna know how to win....

*Be a Follower of ME of course
* Go to Running Chics and tell me what ya found
* Do you remember your first race? What/ Where was it?
*Follow Running Chics on Facebook
* Follow me on Twitter
*Link my giveaway on your Blog, Post it on Facebook or Tweet it(one entry for each)

Entries will be accepted until 6/12 11:59pm Winner will be selected by Randomize box at the bottom of my blog (I will count the number of comments in the order they are posted) on 6/13Sorry but US residents ONLY!

The opinions above are strictly my own

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


ugggghhhhh........My back is killing me!! Why I do not know but I really wish it would go away!!

I also wanted to share a funny little story...Kids say the funniest things!!

On the last day of school, it was also my papaw's b-day. I asked my girls "Do you know what today is?" Oldest daughter(16) replied" It's Thursday"
 me "No"
 oldest again"It's the last day of school"
 me again "No"
 oldest "Ok then what is it?"
 me "It is Papaw's b-day!!"
oldest" Mom, how do you know every one's b-day?"
Youngest daughter (11 3/4) "Sis, that is part of her JOB DESCRIPTION of being a Mother!!"
Ha Ha Ha How cute!!

Stay tuned for a Giveaway announcement later!!