Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hello Sunshine!

It has been gloomy, cool and windy here in Ky for the last few days and this morning (and suppose to all day) the SUN was SHINING!! Isn't it just amazing how GOOD mother nature can (or not) make you feel. Not much going on with me this week. This weekend is the Ky Derby, I have never been to the event but it is a big one for our lovely state. Unfortunally the forcast is for RAIN all weekend. Sorry derby goers!! Also my events lined up for the weekend is a first for me. Depending on how bad the weather is, I am planning on running TWO 5k's, one on Saturday and one on Sunday! I usually do not even run two days in a row, I keep an every other day pattern so I don't over do it. But the hubbs always has to work on Saturdays and he enjoys 5k's as well (he is much faster than me) and since there is one on a Sunday he wants to do it!! So why not join him right?? The Saturday run will be a new course for me and I have heard it is a little challenging, how GREAT that will be in the rain. But there is a local "SERRES" of races if you participate in all 14 of the races you get some prizes and Saturday is the first race. Needless to say I am doing it RAIN or SHINE!! Sundays race will just be to prove I CAN DO IT!!

Needing a little advice from the bloggy world- Towards the end of May I will be running my first ever 10k. Back at the end of March was my first half and I haven't ran any "long" distance since then. At the most I have put in 3mi. So I am wondering what kind of running schedule should I start to have a successful 10k??

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Happy Running y'all!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

5k in the Rain

YAY!!! It is finally raining here in Ky, we have been needing some rain I honestly do not think its has rained since I ran my 1st half back at the end of March. Now I am REALLY wanting to do this 5k tomorrow and it is suppose to be THUNDERSTORMING!! What luck. Right now I am pondering the decision, do I go ahead and go or should I just wait until the next weekend? (What would you do??) Considering the fact I DID run my half in pouring rain and freezing wind, I SHOULD be able to handle a "little" 5k right?!! And what is wrong with me, I still am finding it hard to complete a whole 3 miles without walking a bit.  Our local park that I train/pratice at has a couple of pretty good hills and so I am wondering if that fact is hindering my running the whole 3 miles without walking. I really struggle with the mental game in running and I really do not know why. I don't usually ever get stiches, I think I just mentally get tired and feel like I have to stop for a few seconds, then when I start running again my legs are tired and don't really want to start. UGGGHHHH!! I HATE THIS about my running. I so badly want to be a "GOOD" runner and guess that I am not a horrible runner but I really want to be better. I am hoping that will come in time, I still haven't passed the first year mark of being a runner yet.

To all those running halfs and full marathons this weekend GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!! May the running gods be with you!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not much today

As I stated in one of my last post(s), we had snack day at work so dieting this week has sucked :(! I am really wanting to loose a couple of pounds but gosh it is terribly hard when you REALLY LOVE all the foods that aren't good for you! Also the boss is taking us out to eat for admin professional day (but we aren't going until friday) so that will be another day of not eating good food. Guessing I will work a little harder next week. I did work on my changes for my 3 changes challenge. On Monday I worked for 30 mins on strength training!! Normally when my hubbs & I hit the gym I go run and he does weight training but since my half marathon training is over I said that is something I need to focus more on, so I was proud of myself for doing a whole 30mins.

I am still deciding on my blogging schedule. Where I work solely depends on customers coming in to be waited on so I usually have free time in the day to blog! Right now I am thinking this:
                    Monday: Plans for the week
                    Wednesday: Mid week update
                     Friday: Weekend Plans & such
                     Saturday: Race report(s)
                     Once a month I will be posting a ***GIVEAWAY*** list. I will update this list as I find (and as the come up) new giveaways!! Please be sure to keep checking the list as it will change from time to time!!

Anyone who wants me to include their race reports please let me know, I would be HAPPY to do so!!

Until next post.......Keep on Running!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Goals & Trainer??

Okay so I guess I am back in the running/workout scene after my 2 week break since the Half marathon. I decided to set some new goals for myself since that was the only way I was going to convince myself to GET OUT THERE AND DO SOMETHING!! I am also trying to have a NO CRAP week. What exactly does that mean, for me I am not really sure but I am taking it day by day. One thing it does mean is no crap excuses for not running or going to the gym, no matter what is going on or how I feel I am running and going to the gym or doing some form of exercising EVERYDAY!! So far I am good on that, 2days down 5more to go.  I am also trying to cut crap food out, maybe not completly but cut WAYY back on what I have been spurling on during traing for the half (running more miles per week = more goodies your able to eat?? NOT) which is more likely than not the reason I haven't lost any weight AT ALL!! All that said I am in need from the Blog world: 1. Tips on exercises * I am looking for some easy but good ab exercises 2. Diet tips * I am not a lover of the good for you foods, there are few veggies I like but I LOVE just about any kind of fruit. Mostly I am interested in some Low fat desserts or snacks, easy to make of course I am all about convience!

On to my trainer, this is a good one! Last night my youngest daughter Baylee (Dang forgot to take a pic) wanted me to go out walking with her, good time to get in excerise + family time, of course I will go. So she decided she was going to ride her bike and I walked at a pretty fast pace. When we reached the turn around point, she said "Why don't you run to that black mailbox up ahead?" No problem I can do that! (I had no plans on running only walking since I ran 3mi the night before) When I reach the mailbox I kept going to the next point, to the next one then I told her why don't I just go till I think I need to stop which was good with her. The entire time I was running Baylee would look back with words of encouragment like "Go Mom" "Doing Great Mom" "Go Perkins You Can Do IT" Wow what great insperation and encouragment to keep on going. I probably only ran about 1.3 mi but hey that's 1.3 more than I planned on. She also asked when my next race was and if I needed a cheering section, OF course I DO, who doesn't and it just so happens I am racing  a 5k this weekend. So trainer no she's not but a great encouragment coach!! The only downfall, when we finished she said "You did such a great job mom, you should take us for ice cream" and what did we do, go have ice cream. Dang there went the no crap food but it is the first this week so that is an improvement!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Insomina, New Shoes & Giveaways!!

A lot of nights I have the crazy insomina thing, I wake up in the middle of the night and am wide awake for a couple of hours, I have been up now since 3:30am and it is now 5:44am!! That would usually SUCK for getting up for work but not today, took a couple of vacation days to be home with kiddos on Spring Break so at least I will be able to take a nap later in the day!! I have also used this time to catch up on some reading of blogs (see list of giveaways below :)!!) and some dvr recordings! One of my ALL time favorite shows is BIggest Loser, that show is really what I give credit to my journey in running. I do NOT mean any harm in this statement but if those people can go from the shape they are in and end up running a marathon (at the end of the show) in about 6 months time, why can't I run!!?? That my friends is what made me make the decision to "try" to run last summer by doing 5k's. I signed up for every local 5k that I could and the half marathon this spring, WOW how far I have came.

I still haven't resumed a running schedule since the half a couple of weeks ago :(!! For what ever reason my legs still hurt when I try to run again ( ran 1 mile one day and 2 miles another day and hurt the next day), they have the tired feeling while I am running. I am guessing that is something I am just going to have to run thru. I am doing a 5k next weekend and it is on one of my not so favorite courses due to being VERY hilly so we will see how that goes. I have also been on the search for some new shoes. Right now I have Asics Gel1140 and really like them but they are really close the the 300mile mark so it is time to start looking! I have considered trying some Brooks, they seem to resemble asics alot but I haven't tried any on yet. Any thoughts on GOOD running shoes? What's your favs?

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Some Pics, Cool Giveaways & Still not Ready to Run:(

So I have been trying for some time now to figure out how to put pictures in my blogs and I am thinking just maybe I have figured it out. So let's see:
Here is me before the Half started. I was a nervous wreck. With the traffic back up we didn't pull into the parking lot until 7:50am and run to start @ 8am. Again was so glad I went into gas station for bathroom while waiting in traffic!! After getting into the line up overheard people saying they delayed the start 10mins due to the traffic.

And we are off, right before the POURING RAIN started! That's me above in purple jacket next to lady in red.

Here is me after and ready to put some dry clothes on! I didn't get a pic of me crossing the finish line, my family left to get something to eat and couldn't get back in since they shut the road down. They had to park about 2miles away and missed me finishing :(

 The beatiful farm that hosted the Half Marathon!!

I am fairly new to the blogging world, I have been doing it for a couple of months now but am really learing things about it now. I LOVE reading other peoples stories about the same things I am going through in my own life, its nice to know there are others out there like me!! Another LOVE about blogs, CONTESTS & GIVEAWAYS!! Who doesn't like winning stuff?? Here is 3 current giveaways I know about :

1. Runner's Rule Book & Sunglasses giveaway @ Randomthotschick
2. Road ID/GU giveaway @ I Run becuse...I Can
3. Performance Mess Tank giveaway @ Long Legs on the Loose

I have all of these blogs listed on my blog roll so anyone interested can link from me! I am really wanting to host a giveaway myself but need to get more followers. PLEASE help spread the word!

Finally, I was wondering when I should begin running again. I gave it a try the other day and it wasn't too great. I decided I would start with just a mile and go from there. Now I am not looking to put in a lot of distance just a couple of miles or so, however the pain in my left foot quickly came back and my thighs/hamstrings felt horrible!! I completed the mile and called it quits! Guess I'll try again Monday and see what happens. I have realized that I want to stick with the 5k's and a few 10k's with one half marathon a year, so I am thinking of keeping a schedule of running 2 - 4 miles at least 3times a week with a local race on Saturdays. Does that sound like a good schedule or is there any other advice on that out there??

Another giveaway I came across today is for a Bondi Band @running for good!! I would LOVE to win one of these!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

When to Run again?

Well I felt better than expected the day after my first Half. My upper legs hurt somewhat but my left foot HURT terribly! The only good thing was were really busy at work and it helped to take my mind off of it. Today (4days later) my foot is finally feeling better and now has me wondering is it still too early to get back out there? Of course long runs are over (for a little while any way) so I would probably do no more than 3miles. My thought is to go ahead and just do it and see if the foot hurts after and go from there. Any suggestions??