Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Did You Win?

I promise to have a real post soon. But for now did you check to see if you are the

Thursday, March 19, 2015

3TT-My latest Tragedy

1. I  two indoor cats. One 17½ (Jazz) and one almost 5 (Garcia) years old.

2. Ever since we got the second cat my older cat was never happy about it. She was always a loner type and stayed to herself most of the time and really became a loner after that.In the last couple of months Jazz physically looks fine but kinda lost like in her eyes then she stopped using the liter box. I don't think it was an arthritis issue as she was jumping on top of the hot water heater to lay. It became a daily struggle constantly cleaning up messes (which I was perfectly fine doing) and it was making my husband very unhappy. I know longer knew what to do

3. Yesterday I had to make the decision to put her to sleep. That took more courage than I knew I ever had. I feel like I have failed Jazz and completely let her down. She loved me more than any cat ever has and would come to my rescue at a simple 'Jazz Help ME!' Life is Hard. Life SUCKS at times but I guess it still moves on.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Time to Get Serious- Hopefully this Will Help (Giveaway)

I said in January that I don't make New Year's resolutions but I would like to lose some weight. I did pretty good in January with my food choices and such but then started falling off the wagon in February. There are several excuses I have for falling off like, my tooth ache/removal, being snowed in for a week and well just plain ole Lazy!

Then I was given an excellent opportunity through Sweat Pink to review MealEnders! This couldn't have came at any better time for me!

What is MealEnders you ask? Well let me share some facts with you:

 MealEnders are a low-calorie, drug & stimulant-free Signaling Lozenges that is designed to help people learn to avoid overeating and master portion control by clearing the desire to consume more than needed from the mouth and mind. MealEnders work with the body's natural hunger rhythms using a combination of psychology and sensory science.

How does MealEnders work?
 MealEnders consist of two components: a sweet outer reward layer and a cooling/tingling inner core. The outer layer provides a measured dose of "dessert" while the inner core layer engages the trigeminal nerve (the nerve that senses "taste" sensations in the mouth) with long-lasting cooling/tingling sensations to cure the end of eating and clear the palate.

MealEnders are a tool, NOT A MAGIC ELIXIR, and work in the following ways:

  *Establish an important chronological marker for meal & snack end
  *Fill the 20 min gap until normal satiety signals reach the brain

   *Provide a measured sweet cue for dessert replacement followed by a palate cleansing to REDUCE cravings
    *Alter anticipated taste of additional food
    *Engage taste receptors to transition you away from foods being consumed

    *Train the mind to recognize healthy portion sizes
    *Create habitual cueing of meal completion
    *Heighten mindfulness of natural digestive rhythms
    *Empower a sense of control

My biggest weakness is at night after eating dinner I am one of those that thinks (well actually I just know lol) that I HAVE TO HAVE something sweet. I'm usually good throughout the day just at night I'm thinking I suffer more from the psychological issues. So instead of eating cookies, brownies or ice cream  I would pop in a MealEnders!

Right now my most favorite thing (that I should NOT be having at ALL) is the Andes Mint Chocolate shake from Arbys so the flavor I like the best and was most anxious to try was the chocolate mint.....YUMMY!!

 It looks like a huge chocolate covered raisin but the outside layer taste like a soft mint chocolate then you get into the harder cooling layer and that is exactly what it is cooling and somewhat tingly I had a weird sensation on my tongue so I assumed that was the tingling effect.  One of the MealEnders kept me satisfied all night long and most nights I didn't wake up in the middle of the night with the sweet craving! As far as if I have lost any weight or not I really can't say my current weight loss mission I am on I am only weighing myself once a month and time hasn't come yet. I can say that they have helped with my sweet tooth cravings though!  Now I have to say the chocolate mint is the only one I have tried I had my tooth issue going on and didn't hardly eat any food for a week. Just this week I am starting to get back on track with everything running/exercises and better food choices.

Now here's the best part for YOU....MealEnders has agreed to GIVEAWAY a 4 pack (one of each flavor) but its only for US residents.

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