Friday, October 16, 2015

Bourbon Chase Weekend and a 5k Recap

When you are reading this I will hopefully either be done with my first leg or about to begin my first leg of the Bourbon Chase!! Its just like a Ragnar Relay except you go along the Bourbon Trail in the wonder (home) state of Kentucky! And the best part is most of the exchange points are at the various bourbon distilleries and get samples even though it says in the guide book no drinking allowed for the runners :) Nothing like a shot of Jim Beam around 7 am to get you jump started! This will be my 3rd Bourbon Chase experience and I totally can NOT wait!!

Last Saturday I participated in the Sydney's Kidney 5k. It was kind of a last minute decision on my part and looking back I should have just passed on it.

There was only about 25 runners if that and I was pretty shocked about that as we have lots of local runners and usually have at least 50 people at races. There was several races going on in the area though and I don't think this one was advertised too well. Right before taking off my Mom informed me that the directors just contacted someone the night before about a course??!! Hmm this should be interesting! However we went pretty much normal what I am familiar with as a 5k course at our local park. It was very cool that morning and a little breezy but perfect running temperature. Once we took off I was shocked I was 2nd female for a long time and stayed right beside the next lady (one of my friends) we played back and forth for 2nd. But what was even more shocking was how fast I was running and able to keep running! I think I was just determined to not let Sam beat me, we both have been battling injuries. I let her take the lead for almost a half mile towards the end until I jumped started my brain and said "Kick it in and don't let her beat you" I almost threw up at the end but I barely got past her.....Sorry Sam! Then came the awards time oh me I have experienced several different type of age groups, places and such but I don't think I have ever experienced a 15 year age group! They did top 3 overall (didn't matter male or female just overall) then 1st place in these crazy 15 year age groups all 3 of the top females (including me) was in that age group but they announced someone totally different?? I try not to get too upset over these things but I jumped straight up and tried my best to correct them and clearly found out very quickly they had no clue how to have a 5k. It took several explanations GRRRR! I didn't even get an award even though I was 2nd female and was still arguing with them for another friend that really got the award! Although I was happy with my time the course was extremely short 2.90 miles 25:06

In the end there was one great thing about showing up for this race....they has a real live Pig! I LOVE pigs and don't eat pork because of liking them!

Have YOU had a bad race experience before? Why?

Run Happy;)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

#TBT- Playing Catch Up- KDF (Ky Derby) miniMarathon

***I had this post typed up and ready to go back in April. The same day I typed it I was registering for the Disney Dopey Challenge and my computer went down!! Do you know how stressful it is to register for well I guess any Disney race?? Geez!***

The KDF miniMarathon is one of my favorite all time half marathons not only cause its flat but I have lots of memories there. This year was my 4th Derby half in the beginning of the year I had planned on it being another 1:59 or less half however the closer race day came I decided its no big deal whatever time it is it will be! And this year I also worked at the expo for a couple of booths Team Beef and Brickhouse Betweenathon so I was on my feet for several hours the day before. I didn't really think it would bother me but my feet and legs were sore & tired by the time I biggie though :)
Sherry & I
The weather forecast leading up to race day was TERRIBLE and scary! They was calling for strong storms with heavy rain, wind, hail, thunder and lightening! The race officials even sent an email the day before saying (my short version of what it said) It is going to be raining but no storms. Since it will be raining you will be wet get over it you only get wet once and once your wet well your wet! Be prepared to be wet! LOL!!Nice thanks for the warning!! That left me feeling unsure of what to wear the temperature was supposed to be around 50 but overcast with rain do I wear shorts or capri's?? Shorts and long sleeves won :)
Sherry, Me, Angela & Jason Pre Race
Because I'm too cheap to get a hotel room I make the 1½ drive up that morning not a terrible drive at all only bad part is getting up and leaving so stinking early! I never arrive anywhere to early but somehow this year I got us there really early but it was nice we had plenty of time to use the bathroom relax in the hotel lobby on the couch chat with friends as you saw them I felt very relaxed at the start of the race. My friends had a corral "B" bibs so we just all jumped in that corral since they were singing the national anthem as we were walking to the start. (Sorry I know that offends some people getting the wrong corrals and such but I am respectful and stay to the side and I DON'T walk with in the first few hundred feet!!)
Go  Team Beef!!

Miles 1-4  9:34, 9:19, 9:15, 9:21
Off we went for this race everyone was on there own as this race is usually every one's personal race where you seek out PR's or just specific goal times. I tried to just keep a steady pace and not over do it in the beginning I know myself and I know how I tank at the end so I have been trying hard to focus on that in training slower start more energy at the end for stronger finish. The weather wasn't terrible it wasn't a complete down pour of rain just a light steady rain. Right before we started I remembered two probably the two most important things 1. I forgot to take ibuprofen 2. I left my music in the car I even made a playlist just for this race!! GRRR!! I felt great the first 3 miles but toward the 4th mile I started feeling a little pain in my knee which I have had during training which is why I take the ibuprofen before I start and it usually helps!! The pain wasn't enough to make me stop just yet but it left me feeling like I had a choice don't risk it or push through it?? I also had a negative experience of seeing someone I thought would've at least said Hello and instead went sailing on past me got right in front of me literally and never said a word....oh no now my emotions was kicking in!

Miles 5- 8  9;36, 9;52, 9;54, 9:41
I decided it wasn't worth it to entirely push through it but just keep doing the best I could. I really think if I had my music I could have ignored it lots and pushed a little more but knowing I had a marathon coming up in 3 weeks I needed to play it safe. My first plan was to keep running until half way point at least I started finding people around me to pace with. I found a man that seemed to have a nice steady pace I finally talked to him a little over mile 7 I told him my knee was bothering me and I was going to start walking any time now. He told me his calf was hurting him but I should wait to walk until Church Hill Downs and enjoy the sights! Hmmm that's a pretty good plan except I walked a little just before entering Church Hill. Church Hill Downs is where the Ky Derby is held the grounds are so beautiful and some of the horses are out practicing those horses are worth way more than I will ever be! There is 2 tunnels that you go down and up and I decided to walk those areas as they are dark and uphill. My knee was really starting to bother me more and more.

Miles 9-12       11:28, 10:44, 11:05, 11:14
After leaving Church Hill its usually the best part because you know then you are so close to being done and by that point you will know if you are going to meet your goal for the day or not! Obviously it was not going to be a 1:59 or less for me and I had a little moment of a break down and teared up over it, beat myself up over it then did my best at talking myself out of it and not sabotage the entire run. But my knee was throbbing or maybe it was in my head?? I came up to a little girl maybe 12-14 years old around mile 11 and she was crying so I asked her if she was ok? She told me her ankle was hurting so I asked if she has someone waiting for her at the finish line to take care of her she said her mom should have already finished. So I told her how my knee was bothering me just trying to talk to her and get her mind off her troubles, I also told her I'd try to carry her if she wanted me to but it wouldn't be pretty and might end up hurting both of us even more! She laughed so I felt better knowing I at least made her smile :)

Almost there!

Miles 13 &.17      9:42, 1:23
I tried keeping a slow and steady pace until the finish and ended up leaving the little girl behind. Some how I managed to pull off another 9:42 mile but I think its because I was just so ready TO BE DONE!!! Once I crossed that finish line I had a first....I went straight into the medic tent and had my knee checked out!! I kinda laughed when the doctor lady told me "You've got Damn runner's knee!" and just told me to take it easy for a couple of days and ice it!

Although I didn't get the finish time I wanted I was still thrilled to finish in 2:12:13 with an Overall Average: 10:02! 
Oh Thank Goodness I made it!

Eric, Sherry, Me, Angela & Jason Post Race

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Last Saturday was the inaugural KyHistory Half in lovely Frankfort, Ky. Starting Tuesday of that week it began to rain and get a little cooler each day, at the beginning of the week it said Saturday was going to be sunny and 51°, however when Saturday arrived it was still raining, gloomy, windy and cool! Thankfully we got lucky and it only was a light rain on us for a short time!! SWEET!!

Sherry, Amy & Me
 Sherry, David & I (my BRF's Best Running Friends) all decided we was going to stay together we made a pack! I really wanted to bring my camera because for at least 2 weeks before the race they was telling about all the 'History' stuff we'd be passing along the way but due rain forecast I really didn't want to fool with it, now I regret that decision....GRRR!

The first mile was a little boring nothing too exciting to look at.  Miles 2-3 took us up around the Capital. After that the rest of the race was unknown to me and I had heard that there was a big hill somewhere close to a cemetery. Well they wasn't lying except that it was a HUGE MONSTER of a hill that I bet was every bit of a half mile long ~ Oh My!! I was looking forward to coming down that thing :) Then we turned into a the cemetery where the final resting place of Daniel Boone is along with his wife! Unfortunately I did not see the grave but another reason I wish I had my camera!! After leaving the cemetery we got to go down the HUGE MONSTER hill and I was really surprised it didn't make you go really fast down it, I guess it had just enough of a grade that you could just coast down it easily. 

After the first the rest of the race wasn't too bad hill wise and had lots of neat things too look at. Unfortunately the 'history' places they had told about wasn't marked so I really had no clue when or where I was passing stuff. I think they should have had everything marked with balloons or something??

Sherry and I had taken a little bit of a lead on David and since we all agreed to stick together that is what we did! David had been out of town for a couple of weeks and hadn't ran for a while so he was having a little trouble, no worries though cause Sherry and I had a BLAST!! We chatted, cheered on other runners, talked with the water stop folks, thought about going into the distillery we passed (Buffalo Trace) to get sample shots but of course we didn't and Sherry's silly self was plotting out places she could hide and scare David when he came through, of course she didn't do that either I was afraid we would frighten him too bad and get hurt LOL!! 

Me, David & Sherry Can you tell we was having FUN??!!

Needless to say we absolutely had the best time EVER and made the most of not so desirable weather conditions! For this to be a first time event they did very well on the planning and such and best of all there was indoor bathrooms and you got to go indoors when finished to stay warm!! Without a doubt I will go back next year and maybe be a little more serious and try LOL!!

What's the MOST FUN you've had a race?

Run Happy ;) 
Sherry & Me

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Oh my October Already!!!

October has always been a busy running month. Towards the beginning of this year I was looking forward to this year's October I just knew I was going to be in top shape.  Well that still hasn't happened yet and guess what??? October didn't wait on me to get into shape!!

But that is ok I will just keep on winging it pretty much like I have all year long! I have probably already said this but I have figured out 2015 just is my year for running or running well! Oh well that's just how it goes and I've stayed as positive as possible and keep on trying so I haven't given up!

Here's my October line up:

October 3- Ky History Half- Frankfort, Ky
October 11- Iron Horse Half- Midway, Ky
October 16- Bourbon Chase 203 mi Relay- Across Central Ky along the Bourbon Trail
(my part is 17.7 miles!!)
October 25- Brickhouse Betweenathon 19.65 mi, Stanford, Ky

Shew that's 63.55 miles just in races not including all the extra training miles! Makes me tired just typing that, LOL!!

What's Your October look like?

Run Happy;)