Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday (Almost:)~ I am Now A.........

OMG I can NOT believe how fast times flies by! I am now the mother of an ADULT?!?!?!?!! I am still a Kid myself how can this be~ LOL!!

She looks so Happy doesn't she? Ha! And yes I am the shortest one in our family.

$$$ always make you appear happier huh?

Monday, January 23, 2012

WIR- Getting Better & Zipfizz Winners

Monday 1/16- Run 3mi 27:20
Tuesday 1/17- Aerobics
Thursday 1/19-Aerobics
Friday 1/20- Run 3mi 27:27
Sunday 1/22- Run 6mi 57:43

Hooray last week was the first week since Jan 1 that I actually got in 5days of exercise:) Yay me!! Now to just keep it up and add more to it, intensity wise.  Tuesday my best friend had surgery I took off work to be at the hospital with her and her family thinking I would have time to go home before aerobics class, well barely did I have time! She got out of surgery at a about 4:15pm which left me just enough time to drive home change for class and head back to the gym, ugghh I hate making waisted trips into town so wish I would have taken my gym stuff with me! I decided to use a heavier Kettle Bell in class and HOLY COW I could sure feel it Wednesday!! But as my hubs said "That's what you want to feel! Burn BABY!" he loves lifting weights.  Friday I had planned a run with my friend Shalan and am so thankful I did otherwise I would have done NOTHING at all! There was a small chance of rain Friday afternoon so I checked the weather radar before leaving work, it showed nothing but it was looking awful out. But we ran anyway. With about a mile left to go I had to stop for an unplanned potty break when I came out of the gas station and we took off it began it pour rain~ nothing like a downpour to make you do some speed work!  I really wanted to do a longer run on Sunday but once again it was one of those talk myself into days so I just told myself to just go and see how far I "felt" like going.  6mi is what I ended up with could have/should have done more but hey at least I did something!

I am still having a hard time with my body adjusting to days and days of exercise. Just about every part on my aches in some way or another, I went to get a couple of Aleve and noticed that I have two(2) FULL bottles unopened as well as half of the current bottle and I have two(2) FULL tubes of Tylenol Precise cream! Why do I have all of this? Oh yea from marathon training last year I couldn't get enough of either of those items:) so glad I still have them looks like I am in need of them again!!(But not for marathon training yet anyway!) So how long does (or will) it take for me to adjust and not feel so tired or sore???

And finally the two LUCKY Zipfizz winners are:
Ellen Holley from Sucking Air (awesome blog title :)
Christy from My Dirt Road Anthem
Please send me an EMAIL with your mailing info and I will pass it on to the fine folks at Zipfizz!
Thank you all for following my Journey!! And WELCOME new followers!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

21 years Ago.......

I know today is 3things Thursday BUT

21 years ago my husband and I went on our first date :)

This was one of my Senior pictures for High School! Taken 19yrs ago
Now I am not going to lie and say it has been full of roses and it has most definitely been a wild roller coaster of a ride but that's life right? And most importantly I wouldn't change any of it for the world!! Baby I LOVE YOU THEN AND NOW AND FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week In Review(WIR) -From a Pat on the Back To a Kick In the A$$

Yes my friends that is what I NEED, a kick in the A$$ to get me going! Here's how my pathetic week looked last week:

Tuesday 1/10- Aerobics
Wednesday 1/11- Ran 3mi 28:24
Sunday 1/15- Ran 8mi 1:18:20

I just didn't have the get up and go this week. Monday I went grocery shopping and instead of doing both running and shopping I decided on one. Tuesday I went to aerobics class. Wednesday I was on the fence again about running, should I go or not?? Sent the hubz a text saying I think I am being lazy once again and skipping my run. However once I stepped outside after work and felt how warm it was I quickly changed my mind and decided to run~ I think Mother Nature was/is confused I was able to run in shorts on January 11! That warm weather was short lived because it finally snowed for the first time on Thursday:) and it started really coming down so I skipped out on aerobics.

Sundays long run went pretty well, should have since I hadn't done anything all week! We decided to run in town which is mostly flat. My overall pace is way off from where it needs to be for a 1:59:59 half but I still have time to work on that I just need to get back in routine of running!!

Don't forget to enter my Zipfizz Giveaway!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

3TT- Aggravated Frustrated Stress

I am having a pity party on myself today so please excuse me. The other day I read Tricia's post at Endurance Isn't Only Physical about I quit and it has had me thinking about my life in general (not really on blogging just in general). I think these three things pretty much sum up my general everyday feelings I have been having for several months:

1. Aggravated- Just plain ole aggravated in myself for feeling down, worthless, not sure as to even why I "try" to think I am a runner, feeling like I let everyone down I could go on and on but no one really enjoys reading depressing thoughts. I am good at hiding these thoughts however if you was around me you would probably have a hard time seeing this in me.

2. Frustrated- In the fact that I have let myself get in this shape. Why have I let my feelings get so out of control. Why can I not seem to get back into MY routine of running and eating better (not healthy not too many healthy options I like but not JUNK all of the time!!) I have good intentions on getting back but just can't seem to commit to it! I always say "Only You YOURSELF have the power to HELP yourself. Until YOU believe it no one else can make you." so why can't I convince myself of that.

3. Stress- About everything. Why I don't know I have went from being the most care free person to worrying about everything and letting everything get me "down".  I am not a good talker about my feelings person so I am putting it on here Hope I don't bring any one else down ~Sorry!

Its all ok though it will get better (I hope:)

Zipfizz- Healthy Energy Drink~ Wanna Try It?

Looking for some ENERGY?? Or maybe just a little "pick me up"? I think you should try out Zipfizz!!!

Sometime around the beginning of December I was contacted by Zipfizz about trying it out. Sure thing I will! First I should tell you, I am a HUGE skeptic on "energy" things, most of the time I feel like they really don't work and maybe it is just a mind thing. And most of the time I don't enjoy the taste(s) of energy items. That was NOT the case with Zipfizz! Too my surprise I actually felt more energized while drinking Zipfizz and the taste was not bad at all either. The Orange Soda actually tasted exactly like Orange Crush (I used to LOVE Orange Crush when I was a little girl!).  I fixed up my bottle of Zipfizz one morning when I was preparing to house clean. As I stated I was really impressed in the "extra" amount of energy I had while drinking Zipfizz, it gave me the "push" I needed to keep on going and get that house cleaned :) Another great thing about Zipfizz  it is carried at local stores (and I am sure at one near you) like Costco, Sams Club, Target & WalMart + many more!!

Here is some info provided by the wonderful folks from Zipfizz:
Hope you can read that ok :)

In addition to the Energy Drink mixes Zipfizz also has Energy Shots and Immune Fizz! Hope they carry these at my local Walmart I would love to try them out as well!!

Wanna WIN some Zipfizz to try for yourself?

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Thank You Zipfizz for letting me try your product! I really enjoyed the video on the USB drive :)
*I was contacted my Zipfizz to try it out and give MY opinion on it. The above info is MY opinion!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROLINE (from Canadian Runner in Exile)!!!!


Tell me when your b-day is, I will do my best to post it on your day as well!!

Monday, January 9, 2012


Yesterday Sheri and I went out for a (somewhat) long run down the good ole' country road we always train on. As we were heading out a small Jack Russell dog was on the corner running around. Being SUPER cute we stopped and pet her thinking her owner would be out shortly to get her. We started to run again and the cutie followed us. We got about a mile in and I stopped to use the port a potty and I told the dog "You better go back home sweetie, if you are going with us its for the long haul of 7mi!"  Sure enough she continued on with us! We discussed what we would be doing with this dog the entire run. My hubz would kill me if I brought her home so Sheri had decided she would if we didn't find the owner. I told her we should name her Brook since we wear Brooks shoes but Sheri wanted to call her June. That little dog was the best entertainment ever, we would stop every couple of miles to give her (and us) a little rest except that little dog didn't know the meaning of rest! She would take off in the fields and just run and jump~ Super CUTE!! And although it was a little slower she was an excellent pacer :) We fell in LOVE with this dog! We were almost completely finished with entire 7mi and a car pulled up, I knew they were looking for "June" and yep they was! Turns out her name was Baylee (which is one of my daughters names). Although relieved to find her owners, we were kind of sad. We really liked this adorable dog and had planned on taking her for runs as often as possible! Talk about bittersweet :/

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Giving Myself a Pat on the Back

I must say I AM proud of myself for putting in exercise. I "LOVE" having something to train for! Here is how my week went:

Monday- Run 4mi 37:21
Tuesday- Aerobics & Toning
Wednesday- Run 3mi 26:52
Thursday- Aerobics & Toning
Sunday- Run 7mi 1:09:51

I am not big on Resolutions but I did decide that I WAS getting myself back into fitness and not just running. I want to put some serious work into my core and arms which in turn I think will make me a better runner. During the month of November I went to the aerobics class at my gym and really liked it, then I took my "break" in December and am now returning. I know I have to work myself up but HOLY COW I felt like I had been run over by a truck after the first night at aerobics! They do a lot of arm toning exercises also so I really like the class, some of the moves are a little challenging on the step but again hopefully with time I will get them down :)

I am also trying to get back into a regular running routine. I was going to run Friday as well as we had perfect weather for it but I was tired and it made me think about it. Maybe I shouldn't go "All In" at once and kind of work my way up going from just running 4 - 5 miles a week into 14 is a fairly big jump!

Now I have a question for you blogger friends. How would you recommend (or have you ) start a new routine? Do you just "jump" into 5 -6 days of exercise or slowly build the days up 3-4 then on to 5-6?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Thank You Bloggers

I started this post yesterday for Three Things Thursday (3TT) but never finished so this is a day late!

1. This year I participated in the 2nd Annual Holiday Blogger Gift Exchange hosted by Run w/Jill.

The Gift I received was the GU sampler pack from Beth @ Chasing my Joy! Thank You Beth for the awesome gift, just in time as I begin Half Marathon training again:) Also Thank You Jill for hosting I can't wait to do it again !!!!

2. I also participated in Courtney's Holiday Sock Swap @ Third Time's a Charm Runner. Being a crazy sock person I LOVED DOING THIS!!! Below is the socks I received from Alex @ Healthy Life Happy Wife

I LOVE the stripped Santa socks (just wish I had them a few weeks ago when I did the Santa Hustle 1/2:) my socks were filled with lots of goodies note cards, fruit snacks, nail polish, Rudolph chapstick, Santa window cling and some chocolate coins~yummy! Thank you Alex for the awesome socks & goodies!! And Thank You Courtney for hosting, can't wait to do it again either!!!

3. Last year I did participated in Zaneta's Christmas Card Swap and thrilled to see that she was hosting it again this year. I love to send cards out and this was a perfect "excuse" to have to send some more cards!! So I also participated in Kim's Holiday Card Swap from (Just) Trying is for Little Girls! Just look at all FABULOUS cards I received in the mail!!

Thank You to Group Cookie and Team Santa Claus for all of the awesome cards! I also got several idea's for next years card exchanges :) Also Thank You to Zaneta and Kim for hosting the Card Exchanges can't wait to do them again next year!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


That is the number of races I completed in 2011! If I have them all down on paper correctly I think it breaks down to this:

1 Marathon
4 Half Marathons
1 Relay race (Bourbon Chase)
2 3k's
1 10k
1 15k
30 5k's

Although I did not achieve ALL of my goal times in 2011 looking back through the year I have found some motivation in moving forward in 2012. I feel like I have spent way too much of 2011 in the "funk" (and still somewhat struggle with it everyday) BUT I am happily looking forward to WHATEVER 2012 may bring!

Also let me apologize for the absence, I had thought I would spend my long holiday weekends blogging and getting caught up on several computer things and well NO that didn't happen. Instead I decide to unplug from the computer for a while and just "THINK" about things. The few times I have been logged on I have enjoyed reading all the end of year/new year goal posts~ good luck and best wishes to everyone with their goals:) I am still thinking about my "big" races for 2012 besides all of my regular 5k's! So I hope to share my "future races" soon!

I still haven't heard from a couple of the Wright Socks the end of the day tomorrow I will be submitting all the names and address I have.

Happy New Year!!