Thursday, November 15, 2012

3TT- Running Post Marathon

* After the Monumental Marathon I actually felt a LOT better than I thought I would but I still decided to take some time off of running. I went for my first run three days after, my husband is back in his running kick so we went together but I told him I will be slow. I let him lead the way and just as I thought I was slow (or feeling slow anyway). I'm slower at marathon distance than half or less distance so I feel like I've lost what speed I had while training for the marathon. But the craziest thing is I felt like I was high stepping the whole time?? I made it 3.5mi with about a 9:33 pace.

* The very next evening we went again on a different route, one that is quite a bit hilly than the previous night. I was feeling a little easier but still felt like I was high stepping? What has happened to my running legs? I want them back! I was pleasantly pleased however we finished 3.3mi at about 9:22 pace! Getting back slowly now if I can just get faster than the hubs again, LOL!!

* Monday we went out for a run, I was feeling like this was going to be my day. And I think it was! I was able to stay right beside the hubs and sometimes a little ahead of him!! But then he stopped and told me his leg was killing him kinda like in his shin, well dang no wonder I was doing better than him.  Tonight we are running our first 5k this year together, I guess that will be a test to see if my running legs are back or not??

Anyone ever have the high stepping problem??

Friday, November 9, 2012

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon- I Freaking Did IT!!!

So dark at the start line

Saturday, November 3, 2012 I ran my 2nd marathon at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. (My first was May 2011 Flying Pig Marathon) This time around I was a little more experienced and had lots more knowledge of what it was going to be like to run 26.2 miles, therefore I feel like I put more effort into my training in which I felt better prepared.
Cold and waiting to start
Getting Ready~
Mom & I drove up to Indy on Friday night checked into out hotel room and headed out to the expo. It was kinda small but it was decent, with us getting there around 7pm we probably missed out on lots of stuff since it was over at 9pm but we did shop quite a bit and I picked out a few items that my wonderful MOM bought me for Christmas gifts, now I just can't wait to open them, LOL!! The marathon started at 8am and we was less than a half mile from the start line so I planned on and set the alarm clock in the hotel for 5:15am, normally I would have used my phone for the alarm but I left my charger at home! Well I guess I was a little nervous and woke up on my own at 5am, it was a good thing too I had the am & pm reversed on the crazy alarm clock! I really REALLY hoped to have a good potty stop (sorry TMI) before I left for the starting line but no such luck :?

Going into this marathon I had a few goals in mind
*Be able to run the entire 26.2
*Hopefully finish between 4:30 - 4:40
*Have fun & enjoy it

Miles 1 - 6.2        1:05:40
I knew there was going to be pace groups so I was hopeful to find the 4:40 pace group, no such luck there was 4:30 or 4:45 so I lined up with the 4:45 group. I introduced myself to the pace leader and chatted with the group while waiting to begin. I told Sherry the pace leader that really I wanted to finish closer to 4:40 but I wanted to start out slower and speed up more towards the end, she said it wouldn't hurt her feelings at all when or if I left the group. There was one man that kept on saying "I hope the rain holds off, the weather said 30% chance of rain" he said that a few times before I finally replied "That means there is 70% chance it isn't going to rain!!" Pace leader Sherry liked my positive outlook:) We were off and running and I made sure to stay back and not take off all crazy fast like I did in the Flying Pig. Running with a pace group is such a great thing and since I was running a slower pace I was able to talk and enjoy some of the sights. The first and second mile was right on track but then we were slowly speeding up (I thought it was strange the pace leader didn't wear a Garmin or other type of watch just a regular watch) ever so often Sherry would ask everyone what pace their watches was showing. At mile 3 we was a minute ahead mile 5 we was a minute and a half ahead and by the time we reached mile 6 we was almost 2mins ahead and Sherry said "I have to slow down and get to the correct pace, everyone run how they feel and maybe I'll see you again." I told myself to slow down with her but I just kept my pace and stayed ahead but not so far ahead that I couldn't hear them talking and such. I put one headphone on at the beginning kept my music low so I could talk and hear everyone else, I took my first gel at the 10k mark. The first 10k down feeling good and confident!

Miles 6.2 - 13.1      2:19:47
I had to use the bathroom ever since the start but all of the port a potties had long lines and I wasn't going to stop and wait when it was only going to take me less than a minute, I just didn't want to waste the time and I kept on thinking the farther I go maybe I would eventually just sweat it out. Once again I stayed pretty steady during these miles with my pace and was slowly getting a bigger lead ahead of the 4:45 pace group as I could no longer hear them talking. Some of these miles went through residential area and some of these miles I didn't like the scenery as it was on main roads and there was lots of traffic they had one lane blocked off for the runners but the cars was still zooming buy us. At 10.5mile I finally found a potty with no line I really hated to stop but I had quit drinking water because I had to go so bad so I knew this was my chance, I stopped but then had a little trouble getting my compression shorts back right so I did have to walk a couple of steps to adjust them.  They had a big blow up with a sign that said "13.1 Half Way There" up ahead and knew there would be another water stop soon so I took another gel. Right as I crossed through the half way mark it began to drop rain drops just every now and then. Half way down and still feeling good and confident!

Miles 13.1 - 18    3:18:40
About mile 14 I decided it was time to crank up my music a little and lose my mind in it to take it off running for a bit. Then the rain started picking up but still wasn't terribly heavy but it was cold since the temperature was only about 40*, in the beginning I thought I might regret wearing carpi's and a light long sleeve dri fit but at this point I was pretty happy with my choices! It seemed like most of the route went through residential areas which was nice looking at the houses and such but I didn't enjoy the roads they weren't very smooth but rather cracked and uneven and my ankles were starting to bother me a little. Around 15.5 there was a small gradual uphill  but I powered right up it and really was a little thankful for it, it helped my legs in changing  a little.  At mile 16 I got a renewed sense of energy and felt like I was strong and ready to run the last 10miles. At mile 18 it began sleeting lots and heavy it was hitting so hard it was stinging, and it lasted for the ENTIRE MILE!! Three quarters of the way there starting to feel a little run down but still confident I CAN DO THIS!!

Miles 18 - 26.43   4:37:37
After the crazy sleet I came up on two women that was chatting with each other, as I was ease dropping in on their conversations I could tell that they didn't know each other so I joined in. One was from Owensboro, KY which is a few hours from where I live in KY(it was her first marathon ever) and the other was from Cincinnati, OH. Those women helped me out so much more than they could ever know! I was just at the point of fighting with the thoughts in my head of walking "Don't do IT!" is what I kept on telling myself but then when I started chatting with them once again I took my mind off of it and just ran! And actually picked the pace up a little. At mile 22 it started raining and raining HARD! And it rained all the way till the end. I tried my best to avoid puddles but ended up going right into one around mile 23 so I quit trying to dodge them from that point on. I'm not sure exactly when it changed but my Garmin was right on target with the mile markers until I noticed it at mile 21, one of the women I was running with said she thought the markers were at the .2 mark so when we saw the 25 marker we should only have one mile to go.  In the last mile the three of us split up a little and I was in the middle when I looked at my Garmin and there was a half mile left I really started picking it up. Not too sure where I got the energy from but I really kicked it in in what I thought was the last quarter passing the one girl I was with along with a few other people! Turns out the mile marker signs were at the .2 but the distance was a little long my Garmin had 26.43 BUT...........................................
Kicking it in to the finish!
I finished in 4:37:37 which was almost one whole hour faster than my first marathon!!

Feeling so PROUD!
Not trying to brag on myself but I was so stinking proud of myself!! Along with freezing cold and wet LOL!! And my mom was right there at the finish line to greet me (she took all these awesome pics of course but I never saw her as I was coming through the finish).  After I crossed the finish I turned around to wait for the one girl that was from KY, she came straight up to me and hugged me and I thanked her so much for letting me run with her for those last 6miles I certainly couldn't have done it without her (and the other lady)!

Cold, Wet & Freezing!

Once I changed clothes and drank my Starbucks to warm up a little I couldn't believe how well I felt. Just normal legs aches and a little pain in my back but I even drove us home the entire 3.5hrs!

After my first marathon I felt like and even said "I will NEVER do that again!" this time around I'm feeling like "That wasn't so terrible this time" and has left me feeling like hmmmmm which one can I plan on next:) !!!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

It's Here...The Day before the Marathon!!

As all of you are aware I have been a HORRIBLE blogger! Where does all the time go? Why does work have to be so darn busy that I don't have time to blog?? LOL Anyway.................

Tomorrow I will be running my second marathon at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. I am not a seasoned enough marathoner to have big goals and things but I am hoping for a 4:40 or better. If my training runs are any indication I should surpass that goal with no trouble but at the same time I am not putting pressure on myself, I just want to FINISH!!!

When I return I promise to get back to a regular blog schedule and hopefully have an awesome marathon recap!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Iron Horse Half Marathon

Such a great group of friends & Runners!

Last Sunday was half #5 for me this year, the Iron Horse Half Marathon at the beautiful Midway, KY. This is the second year that I have ran this half. I really enjoy this half even though it is hilly, it is VERY BEAUTIFUL going by several horse farms. This year Jeff Galloway was there but I never saw him:(
Me in the background & Jenna waving she is so stinking cute:)
Miles 1 - 4  9:19,  8:48, 8:43, 8:47
This was my friend Jenna's first half. We have been running together in the mornings for a couple of months now but she is way faster than me on 5k's (and she's 10yrs younger than me!!). She had a time goal of under 2hrs and honestly I just wanted to be able to stay with her as long as I could. Her cousin was also running with her, he is kinda like a running expert and was awesome to have along as well as his friend, they talked alot which helped me just listening to pass the miles along. We lined up fairly close to the front but it was still pretty packed for the first few miles. They also reversed the course this year, last year I remember the second half being harder than the first so I liked the thought of them reversing it. I took a Power Bar gel before the race started and brought another one with me. Around the 2nd mile we passed a horse farm where a heard of horses were stampeding up and down the fence line, very cool! I felt really good these miles!

Still feeling good!

Miles 5 - 8  9:06, 9:01, 8:54, 8:51
The course is very rolling but pretty much for every uphill you went back downhill. I knew we was a little fast during the first 4mi but I liked "banking" some time. Cody told us we was a little fast and should probably slow it down a little. I was thankful my knee was starting to hurt (it had been hurting a little off and on for a couple of weeks) but I was still keeping up! Cody was great asking me questions about where my knee was hurting, if anything else was hurting and giving suggestions on what to do, except after I told him all my symptoms of my left knee hurting I realized "I lied its my right knee!" oops! He laugh and said he thought it was my right one all along! The course sorta makes a figure 8, you go out about 3.25mi turn and go back then got out the other direction doing the same. So we looped back through town and this was the only time until the finish there was crowd support. For a small race and small crowd they was loud and very cheerful:) When we reached mile 8 I knew I wasn't going to be able to keep up much longer.

Around half way point, can you tell the look of my knee hurting? UGGHH!

Miles 9 - 12  10:24, 9:18, 10:10, 10:24
Yep I fell behind and fast! Half way through mile 8 I stopped to stretch my knee of a fence, I knew there was no way I was going to catch back up or keep up so I told everyone to go on. Mile 9 seemed like it was uphill the entire mile and I started walking~ dang it! I don't remember that long uphill mile last year. I wish I never stopped to stretch, I wish I would have just pushed through it maybe I would have never started walking! Mile 10 was around the turn around and mostly downhill so I picked up a little time and speed, 11 & 12 was pretty much a run/walk running as much and as fast as I could and trying to keep the walking to a minimum. I saw Jenna after she made the turn around and I was closer than I thought but I got really far behind in miles 11 & 12.

The look of Determination! Less than half a mile to go!
Miles 13 - .04  9:56, 8:09
I told myself to run the entire last mile through the finish but that didn't happen:( My dang knee just wouldn't quit throbbing! I think I like the course the other way better.  I even walked with only a half mile to go! But from that point on I pushed it to the end!
Oh yea the finish line!
Although I didn't make it under 2hrs and I was 2mins slower than last year I am still happy with my finish time of 2:02:01!! Considering the way I felt and that I didn't train on any hills I feel like I did a good job:)
Look at that HUGE medal!

The coolest medal EVER! The light actuallys lights up!

Monday, October 8, 2012

I Need Help/Suggestions

I am having a terrible problem with long distance runs. Any run over 6miles I am getting terrible AWFUL blisters on the inside of my big toes, not just one but both of them! It started only on the right side then I think I favored my left side to compensate so now its on both. I have had the same shoes since February/March and am just now having this problem? I feel like I have tried everything and nothing seems to be helping! It bothers me at first when I start to run but then I think I go numb to it until sometime towards the end then they start to hurt again. Just everyday walking seems to hurt the most. Is it better to "pop" them or not? I have been doing that but that seems to make them sore and when I don't "pop" them it seems like they get bigger and bigger and could explode at any moment! UGGHHH!

Sorry I know this is getting into TMI territory but I need some suggestions on things to try, I am getting desperate as my Marathon is less than a month away and I would LOVE to find a cure before then.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Train Hard, Push Your Limits &.....

Results WILL happen!!

On Sunday, September 23 I ran the Big Hit 1/2 Marathon in Louisville, Ky.

Sarah, Me, Angela & Jason

It was a nice cool morning around 40*, I told my friends that it felt like perfect weather for some PR's! The course is advertised as flat and fast and I have been searching for a half marathon PR since I got one in the Spring (1:58:30) and this course was pretty much the same course so I felt confident I could pull off a 1:57:something.

Miles 1 - 4
I know the magic pace for 1:59 is 9:09 and I know that I am TERRIBLE for going out too fast and wearing down towards the end which ends in me bombing out for my goal time. So I decided to run with the 2hr pace group and hopefully be able to pick it up at the end. Choosing to run with the pace group was one of the BEST decision EVER and the pacer was super nice! The first few miles are usually a struggle for me not sure why but usually by mile 2.5 I begin to have doubts and tell myself "Why are you doing this?" I didn't feel quite that bad this time and actually felt comfortable. As promised the course was flat there was a little steep uphill that was only about 50 steps. By mile 3 I was warm enough to take my jacket off and still feeling strong!

Miles 5 - 8
I wore a pace band for a 1:57 finish and tried not to get too concerned that I wasn't meeting the marks for it but wasn't a long way off. I told the pacer of my goal time and he said that he would make sure I reached it~ SWEET! I did get a little concerned that every time I looked at my Garmin I was off pace, it would say 9:20 but I don't watch it all the time and told myself to just trust the pacer he KNOWS what he is doing! Another lady in the group heard me say my goal time and she said that it was about her goal time as well so maybe more towards the end we could pace each other, except that she took off around mile 7.5 and I knew that was still too early for me so I stayed with the group. I was still feeling comfortable and strong and actually feeling great!

Miles 9 - 12
I ate one Peanut Butter GU before the race started and had another one in my jacket pocket to take around the half way point but my jacket was tied around my waist I didn't really feel like I needed the GU and didn't feel like fumbling around with my jacket to try and get it out. The race was handing out GU's around mile 8.5 so I took one but never ate it. At this point the pacer also said we was about a minute or so ahead of the 2hr pace and how great we was doing (there was only about 5 people in the group). They slowed down and drank water at every water stop but because of the cooler temps I only got water at every other stop but slowed down through the stops with the group. Around mile 9.5 I saw my friend Sarah (the course looped back around) and she asked me if I was on track, I answered "I think so!!!" Around mile 10 I started to pull ahead from the group, the pacer came up beside me and told me what I needed to do, start increasing my pace keeping it comfortable and when I reached the downtown area with a mile to go make a game with it run hard for a block or so and back down for a block or so.

Me in the last half mile,

The Last Mile
In the first few miles we went under an underpass and my Garmin lost some distance, in this last mile we went under it again and my Garmin lost more distance. This was playing with my mind because I really had no idea how much distance was lost or about how much distance was left. I picked up my pace maybe a little too much during miles 10-11 and was feeling it a little in the last mile. Then I reminded myself run hard for a block and ease off for a block. At one point I almost felt like walking but I then remembered what I overheard the pacer telling someone else "Never let someone tell you you can't do something. You can do anything you set your mind to do". So I told myself "No your NOT going to walk, the pacer believes in you better yet my Mom believes in me and still better than that I BELIEVE IN ME. I CAN DO THIS!!!" And do it I DID!! I crossed the finish line in 1:55:18!!!! Two minutes better than I wanted and three minutes better than my last half PR:) Talk about feeling excited, that was the best feeling I have had in a long time a true "Runners High"!

My stats!
Sorry it has taken me so long to compose this post but I'm sorta glad it did, now I am reliving that feeling again and of course it makes me smile & very happy all over again!! And not only did I get a PR but all of my friends did as well:) I tried telling them at the start that day felt like it was a day for PR's!!

Sarah & I with our "Bling"!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life has Been Busy

I really hate that my life seems too busy anymore :( it just seems like anymore I haven't had time to keep up with everything or maybe its because I haven't made time??!! Getting up early to run has me going to bed fairly early during the week, my computer has been acting stupid & slow so I haven't been using it much and my office at work moved into a new location~ that left me worn out last week! But I am getting my act together. I will make time to read all of your fabulous blogs and write posts to my blog!

I have a really exciting post to share and hoping I can  get it together tomorrow:) (It's exciting to me anyway!!)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Disheartened and "Serres" Swag

Sunday was the final race of the Wilderness Trace Serres. Once again this year I completed all 14 races on the schedule. The final race is always a big one that brings out lots of runners and lots of faster runners. The course is almost the same as one of the earlier races (in which I PR'd at) and is pretty much the same route I do all of my regular runs on. Which means I SHOULD do fairly well, right?? Usually my hubz runs this race also and last year I really talked it up telling him I was going to beat him, this year he decided not to run:(

The Constitution 5k is always held on a Sunday evening at 5pm and is usually HOT. This year it wasn't hot and was about 73* and it felt pleasant. On my way to the race I could tell I just wasn't "feeling" it, I was disappointed the Hubz wasn't running it with me and disappointed that he wasn't even going to go watch me finish~ SHAME on him! I have been in the habit of taking my GU at least one hour before race time so if its going to "hit" me bathroom wise I still have time to deal with it, so I also ate my GU on the way. I picked a Blueberry Roctane out of my box, once I put some in my mouth I thought "This thing taste a little funny?' but I kept on eating it until I just couldn't stand it anymore. I looked at the back of it, it expired 10/2011??!! No wonder it tasted funny! Now I was worried and feeling nauseous although I'm sure it was all in my head.

For some reason this year they decided to move the start to where one block into the race you had to make a left turn, this was the dumbest decision ever with about 300 runners and of course no one lines up right, slower ones in the back. This made me nervous and sure enough I got caught up in several people and felt like I was fighting my way through.
This was the start after pushing my way through
Once we took off running you could quickly tell that even though the temps wasn't really hot it was REALLY humid! I had told one of my buddies before the race I would like to start out with 8min miles if I could, she agreed and thought that sounded like a good plan however she took off like a rocket, once we made the turn and got going down the first hill I never saw her again! She is much faster than me anyway so I expected her to go on without me. When I started getting really hot from it being humid I began to feel dizzy~ dang that expired GU that's what I blamed it on anyway.  Another thing that disappointed me, I left my headphones at home but I had my ipod with corded headphones in my car I just hate fooling with the cords. For the entire first mile I tried to get it right and just couldn't get the earbud to stay in place, I finally gave up and just tucked it into my shirt which meant I now had no music to help me push through. (The only time I listen to music is during races or if I'm long running by myself.) The first mile was my best at 7:50.

The second mile goes uphill downhill uphill downhill uphill then levels off. I could tell I wasn't running well and still wasn't feeling "it" by the time I reached the 2.5mi point I almost walked but reminded myself even my slower pace is faster than walking! There was a woman in front of me that I REALLY wanted to pass and I just couldn't work up enough strength to do it. Then a girl I know is in my age group passed me although I told her "GO!" as she passed me I really thought I would be able to pass her once we got up the hill. So much for that thought I was just completely not with it and couldn't perform like I know I CAN!
About a mile & half in really not into it if you can't tell
 So needless to say I missed out on placing at all.  My time was 25:44 which is still good. But I placed in every single "Serres" race except the last one which left me very disheartened!! I know you can't win them all and everyone has bad runs and I am VERY grateful that I am able to run and run half way decent. I just really wanted it that day!

On the other hand I was one of only three people to compete all 14 of the "Serres" races!
My "Serres" swag:)
If you complete so many of the races you get various stuff the extra thing for all the races was the bag. So I got a Tech Shirt, a Fleece Pullover, a Visor and the Bag! I LOVE the color they used this year also:) Now its the waiting game for it to start all over again next year! Although my month of October and well most of the rest of the year is booked with races~ got to have some motivation to keep on running!

Monday, September 10, 2012

That's more Like It.....I Learned from my Lessons

In my last post I mentioned where I thought I went wrong in not reaching my goal time at the Half. So I took those lessons into Saturdays 15k in hopes of reaching a goal time I have wanted for 3 years.

Me & Sarah:)
Saturday, September 8 was the Run for the Pets 15k (or 5k) which is another "Serres" race. The first year I ran this I had awful belly troubles and it rained lightly, the second year it rained before the race but not during (at least I don't think so) this year the forecast said 80% chance of rain one of my daughters even said "Mom it always seems to rain at this race for you!" It had stormed in the night and rained quite a bit in the morning before the race and was very cloudy everyone was hoping the rain was over. As we lined up and listened to race director tell us about tree debris and a limb that fell on the road it began to rain.....well not just rain but DOWNPOUR sheets of rain. Less than a half mile in the wind picked up(30-40mph) and it rained even more & harder, the drops felt like pellets hitting our bodies!  The rain lasted for about 2 miles but the wind continued the entire race off and on.

Don't think this pic really shows how the rain was coming down but it was pouring!
I say this over and over but I am not one to look at my watch to keep an eye on my pace but this day I did, I had a goal I wanted to achieve! Even though I was feeling fine and ok with the pace I told my buddy "I'm going to fast I've got to slow it down a little so I don't die out at the end." The course for this race is pretty & hilly (like every course around me!) but the end seems to be the worst on the hills and you finish going uphill with a slight downhill to follow.  Jenna (#302 right behind me in the pic above) is a much faster runner than I am but she was pacing with me we talked off and on mostly during the crazy rainfall but I tried to focus on my pace and such. I was super impressed with myself that I was able to stay with her for 5miles after that I told her I had to slow it down a bit and I was going to do my best NOT to walk any! So the next 4mi was all me....I walked through the water stop around 5.25 and jokingly ask the small young fellow there "Think you could carry me to the finish?" The look on his face was priceless, LOL! I made sure I kept Jenna in my sights and not let her get so far ahead I couldn't see her anymore. At 5.81 a big ball of leaves came flying down at me out of a tree and hit me on my left ear hard enough to almost knock my headphone out! But I kept on running along:) I took one GU before the race and brought another one with me, I could feel my energy getting low and decided to take the second one at the water stop at 6.40. That was the only two times I walked was through those water stops I was so proud of myself! As I was going up the last hill which is fairly steep, part of my mind wanted me to walk but the other part said "Feel the Victory, You might be feeling a little pain now but that is what Victory feels like DON'T STOP NOW!!" and I didn't I pushed on through it.

My goal time was 1:25:00 my finish time:
Hooray I did it!! I was so stinking happy and didn't even care anymore that I was soaking wet from head to toe! I think the rain made several people stay home there ended up being about 46 people in the 15k but I was lucky enough to get 1st in my age group (30-39) and its the first time I have ever placed at this race!!


Friday, September 7, 2012

Indy Women's Half- I Wanted SO Much More...But it was FUN

Some of the sights before my phone died!
Downtown Indianapolis is really cool place, I think so at least:) It sorta made me think of Nashville, Tn without the bars. We walked around the downtown area the night before and decided to carb load it up at Buca di Beppo, have you ever been there? It was a very interesting place I felt like I was on an episode of the Soprano's and might have to take cover under the table at any moment, LOL! The food was spectacular and everything is served family style huge portions for everyone to share even the dessert

Look at the size of that thing! Mom made us get the dessert, LOL!

All smiles before & ready to roll!
Sarah, Shalan & Me
The weather ended up cooperating with us as far as the rain goes, HOWEVER it was so crazy SUPER humid at 7am it was 83% humidity and 77*! Thank goodness the sun didn't come out and it stayed cloudy we would have really roasted! I went into this half with a big goal: Finish time of 1:57 or no more than 1:59! My last half was 1:58:30 so I really thought I could do it, I even printed me a pace band to help 8:55 pace I should be able to handle that.....

Miles 1-4:  8:40, 8:34, 8:57, 9:04
There was a little over 1400 women running so it wasn't terribly crowded and we lined up about half way in the middle.  Of course like I always do, I took off like a rocket weaving in & out realizing we should have moved up a little farther about a half mile in I got caught up in all kinds of walkers (I have nothing against walkers just wish they would get closer to the back:). I was feeling good these miles checking the Garmin often seeing I was well above the "goal" pace. I kept telling myself to slow it down but for some reason my legs wasn't listening to my thoughts! I was around two women that seemed to have a good pace going and I felt comfortable so I tried to just stay with them, every time I checked the pace it was around 8:30-8:45 dang it still too fast but I was feeling ok so I just kept on with it!

Miles 5-8:  9:14, 9:52, 10:25, 10:30
Geez it was so stinking HUMID and I was drenched in sweat and burning up wishing I hadn't worn my hat but I didn't want to lose it either and starting to have sinus trouble. I am terrible about not getting water at the beginning stops and waiting until I feel like I just HAVE to have a drink. The first two water stops were just a little before mile 2 & 4, at 5.5mi I was regretting not stopping at least at one of those but there went my thoughts again "The next one should be here in just a few minutes before mile 6, right?!" Nope it was almost at 6.5!! About mile 5.75 I walked~UGGHH! I was still close to the two women I was trying to hang with but I was feeling like I just couldn't go on any farther, I made it a small walk break though. When I finally reached the water stopped of course I walked through it and a little past....ok well maybe a lot past before I began running again. At the half way point I was still on target to finish in "goal" time IF I could keep running and pick up my pace a little. Around mile 8.5 I was just DEAD!

Miles 9-12:  10:42, 11:08, 10:54, 12:38
Yep all that "quickness" in the beginning got me, I was SUPER hot, had a terrible chafe spot under my right arm that was buring like fire, really needed to pee but didn't want to waste any more time to stop and go and I could feel a blister coming on my right big toe! Holy cow I was falling to pieces!! During mile 9 I kept looking at my time trying to calculate if I could still finish in 1:59, of course the answer to that was NO but even if I could hold on to a 10:00 pace it should be just a little over 2:00. I just couldn't do it. I was having the terrible talk to myself saying "you are such a terrible runner, why do you even put these BIG goals on yourself, suck it up and go!!" Then at the 10mi water stop my friend Shalan had caught up with me and nothing against her but that really crushed me I knew I was probably so much ahead of her and then there she went sailing on past me! I was happy for her don't get me wrong I was just mad at myself! We walked through the water stop together and I told her I was just done and ready to be finished and I raised my arm to show her the chafe spot, her reaction showed me it was worse than I thought it was. From that point on I just ran as much as I could and walked lots~UGGHH! I did see one of the women I was originally trying to stay with which was making me feel better.

This was at mile 12~ So READY to be DONE!!
Miles 13-.15:  10:51, 1:25
Oh goodness that was the longest last mile (but isn't it usually!!). Some how I managed to work up enough energy to actually run most of the last mile and completely run the last half mile or so. I crossed the finish line in 2:13:00 by my Garmin, only 16mins off from my "goal" time. The first thing I did was walk straight into the medical tent and ask for something to put on my chafed arm, it hurt BAD! That is the first time also I have ever had to visit the medical tent. I know I went wrong in the beginning by not making myself "slow" down to the 8:55 pace and by letting myself to start walking when I should have just slowed down and keep running but these are lessons I will take with me into the next half in a few short weeks!

Yep shoes off I'm over it!
Overall this is really an awesome race. I wasn't too sure if I would enjoy an all women's event you know how it can be when you get a bunch of women together (LOL) but I was pleasantly surprised how friendly everyone seemed to be. The finish area was great serving Chocolate Milk,  Mimosa's, Bloody Mary's and Beer but the fruit and main food was gone by the time we got up there. There was a couple of bands out along the course and several spots that had crowd support, lots of police and volunteers with traffic control which was really nice since we was running in some high traffic areas. The expo wasn't very big with just a few booths but they did have free manicures provided by Paul Mitchell the School and free massages at the expo and after the race although we didn't do either :(  The course was perfect and flat going through the downtown and a couple of residential streets. I look forward to making this an annual event with my girlfriends and hope that more of us will be able to go next year and maybe be able to make a long "Girls Weekend" out of it!!

Still smiling when its all said and DONE!
Stole this photo from FB but the butterfly on top corner is a removable pin~ How cute!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Saturday I will be running my 3rd Half Marathon for this year at the Indy's Women's Half Marathon

and what is happening with me??    The WORST sinus infection I have had in several years!!! And I just looked at the weather forecast......Bet you can't guess what is says?

                        Sat  Sep 1  81°  71°  Rain /Thunder        
                     Chance of rain: 70%

How awesome is that?!?!?!?!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shouldn't our Hair be Phit Also?

Recently I was sent a sample pack of Phit Shampoo and Conditioner to try out.
When I saw an advertisement for Phit I wondered "Can these products really be That much different than my normal Shampoo/Conditioner?" I have long hair (couldn't tell you the last time I've had a hair cut~ sad I know) and have to pull it up to run which sometimes leads to broken ends from pulling ( read that as yanking out) the ponytail holder. I am not a hair person at all and the only thing I do to "fix" it is use the straightener. I wash my hair every day except on the weekends and then I wait until Sunday after a full weekend of running (but yes I do shower off:). Therefore I figured that would be the perfect time to try out the Phit products when my hair was really funky!

My first thought was the shampoo didn't lather up a lot so I used a little more. More was not really needed and my usual quarter size amount was enough. With the conditioner I always use a little more than shampoo and I always leave it on for a little while before rinsing. I really liked the way the conditioner felt it didn't feel heavy or weigh my hair down. I did not blow dry my hair after using the Phit products instead I went to bed with wet hair so I could see how my hair would feel in the morning. It was great! So soft and smooth feeling and easy to brush! I also LOVE the smell:) I would definitely recommend using Phit Hair Products! Maybe not on an everyday basis but for sure a few times a month to get a really good "clean" feeling!!

Here is some info from the Phit site:
*All of our products restore your hair’s pH balance to its natural levels. Ph-optimization helps strengthen hair while repairing damaged ends. All of our products are pH-optimized with an acidity level appropriate for each type of shampoo or conditioner.

*Sulfates find there way into products as a “filler” ingredient, but can damage your hair. They cause it to dry out, and have even been known to cause cancer if used excessively. Sulfates are especially troublesome for people with sensitive scalps or skin and can cause a variety of ailments like eczema and dermatitis. Our wide range of products offers sulfate-free alternatives that will leave your hair softer and smoother than ever with a mild cleansing, moisturizing formula.

*Quinoa is a protein-packed grain that, when used in hair products, nourishes strands with plenty of essential amino acids and vitamins. The coat of this hydrolyzed grain not only strengthens and protects hair but also is believed to enrich moisture, attracting it from the air. This grain is a revolutionary ingredient in hair care products, but has already proven beneficial for all different hair types. It contains film-forming properties to protect your hair, and your scalp, from environmental exposure.

Phit Shampoo & Conditioner runs $17.99 each for an 8oz bottle or you can try out the Starter Pack for $9.99. Either way it is WELL WORTH the investment or the PERFECT gift idea for any person who lives an active and fit lifestyle!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hey......I'm still here

Here I go again slacking on blogging. It just seems like I have been tired all the time lately and I really don't want to whine all the time on here.

I have been doing LOTS of running and why? Well I have a pretty busy fall schedule lined up:) Here's my schedule of what I've already signed up for (thus far):

Sept 1- Indianapolis Womens Half Marathon
Sept 23- Big Hit 1/2 Marathon/Louisville, Ky
Oct 14- Iron Horse Half Marathon/Midway, Ky
Nov 3- Monumental Marathon/Indianapolis, In

Yep three half's and one full marathon and the first one is next weekend! I said it would be a LONG time before I tackled another marathon after doing the Flying Pig in May 2011 and here I am doing it again a year and a half later:) Just goes to show you should never say NEVER!

Will any of YOU be at any of the events?? Let me know so we can plan Blogger Meet Up!!

I have a few great product reviews coming up and a giveaway as well so stay tuned:)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Run With All Your Hart

A little while back I told about Sarah Hart a runner close to my area that was murdered on an early morning run~ such a tragedy. Sarah was also a well known pharmacist in her hometown. Her family decided to hold a 4mile race in her honor and to raise money for scholarships for local kids. So many business' and people wanted and was willing to donate to this it was unreal!  In just a matter of a couple of months they was able to pull together probably the most awesome race EVER!!

Look at all the people
In the beginning it was said that only the first 300 people registered would get shirts, they filled up so quick they had to take that back and along with local business donating shirts this race grew to 2900 runners/walkers! (They also had a 1.5mi fun run/walk for anyone not wanting to do the 4mi) Then someone suggested they do a virtual race as well, they even sent shirts out to all virtual runners as well and had around 1500 of them register! So many people were touched by Sarah's story. This is probably the greatest race I have EVER been to,a DJ playing music, the KY Wildcat and Louisville Cardinal Mascot that raced each other through the shoot,  there was a vendor set up passing out free sunglasses, UK College of Pharmacy doing blood pressure screening and such, a jewelry vendor donating portions of profits, tons of PowerAde and water bananas, oranges and watermelon! The mile marker signs were pictures of Sarah's children I saw several runners kiss there fingers and touch the pictures as they went by, it was so touching!

The starting line up
Along the course there was cheer leaders from the local high school and bands about every 3/4mile. All for a simple 4mi race!!

This isn't even all of my group!
I really REALLY wanted to medal at this race, not to be greedy or think I am someone but I knew the medals would be something different and unusual. Me and all of my buddies lined up right up front of the starting line, it started out flat then downhill before a nice long steady uphill. I haven't run the exact course before but I have ran a couple of races in that area and was familiar with how hilly it was. I told myself NOT to start out all crazy fast knowing this and one of my buddies was wanting to pace at around 8 flat, I told her I would do my best and stay with her as long as I could. Well we all took off like crazy people when I looked down at my watch (when we was going downhill) it said 6:46 pace~ HOLY SMOKES that is way to fast for me and there was that terrible steady uphill coming. Once I found my man running buddy I paced behind him, he was a little bit ahead of me but not too far so I knew if I just stayed close to him I would be ok. (I've said this many times but I don't like to look at my pace during races, it freaks me out and I "think" its too fast for me so I just don't look!) In my mind several times I wanted to walk but I just told myself "Don't DO IT! DON'T let Ricky get too far ahead of you!!" Right after we passed the 3mi mark my buddy Ricky turned to look back and see where I was and motioned for me to come on and get up there with him~ HOW SWEET of him. We passed a sign that said 9/10 to go and I knew I could do it, along with my buddy's encouragement:) We stayed beside each other the entire last mile, we got mixed in with some of the 1.5mi walkers and saw a blind woman out with her family, how nice was that of her to come out for Sarah's family!

Me looking a little stressed and Ricky (in the blue/black) right behind me!

At the beginning of the race we all threw out what our goal times were, mine was 35:20 my finish time was 33:11 by my garmin and 33:06 official time and I was

Is that not the coolest Medal ever??
   3rd in my age group!!! I smashed that goal time:)

I can not wait to continue to do this race year after year even though I did not know Sarah Hart I want to be a part of helping her memory live on!

Friday, August 10, 2012

I Usually Don't Mind BUT I'm Glad that One's Over!

Normally the Birthday thing doesn't bother me, age is just a number and you are only as "old" as you feel! You only get one day of the entire year to say its "Your Day" and should always celebrate it.  However it struck me hard this year. I didn't even want to discuss or tell anyone that my birthday was coming let alone celebrate it. WHY?? Not too sure I didn't advance age categories as far as races but you know when you complete applications or surveys etc. the age categories go from 18- 35 then 36 - well I'm not sure what the 36 group goes to?? Well I am now in that 36 and up group and I DON'T LIKE IT AT ALL!!

Birthday Love from work~ Chocolate Grapes so YUMMY!!

Reasons I Dislike 36-
* Now in the next up category as explained above
* I've dwelled on it for about 2weeks now and not so sure why~ has to be something with turning 36!
* In my two weeks of dwelling I've gained 5lbs, ate lots of horrible (but so good tasting) foods and become lazy in running and/or exercise in general!
* Went to run the other night and my calves were KILLING ME, I think it was because they dreaded turning 36!
* Only 4 short years and it will be 40!
* The first 36 years of my life have went by fairly quick and keep getting quicker every year which means the next 36 will be that much faster and then I will be 72~ HOLY COW!! Quit thinking that!!

Reasons 36 is OK-
* Only 4 short years and both of our girls will be grown and completely out of High School!
* Its another year wiser!
* I'm still just a YOUNG Chic!
* I gained 5lbs and feeling more focused on getting myself back~ eat better food choices~ better training for my races~ adding more exercise into my daily life all to keep me feeling youthful!
* Still 4 LONG years till the big 40!
* I am still here able to breathe and live my life to the fullest!
* I have legs that are capable of running!

In the end, Age is just a number and I am SO THANKFUL to be here to enjoy everything I wish to enjoy!
Sorry for the fussing, it feels good to get it off my mind, now hopefully I can and will return with my Happy Running Self!

A Rainbow for my Bday~ How Sweet:)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Quick Catch Up

Ummm yeah so obviously I am behind in blogging, Why? Don't really know~ Ha! Just decided to take a break I guess. So instead of boring you with my mileage for the last few weeks I thinks I will just share four quick race recaps!

*July 13- Country Sunset 4miler- This was a tough run! The description for this race read "Are you country strong?" so I didn't really look for it to be an easy race but what else did I have to do with my time on a Friday night, Lol. This race is also part of a second series that I have been doing, if you do at least 7/12 races then you get a long sleeve dri fit shirt that makes it worth it right? It had rained off and on all day so I was expecting it to during the race but the race gods came through and it got very hot and humid instead. It was a night for the 3 H's Hot-Humid-Hills! And bugs this race honestly was in the middle of no where in the country and as the sun was setting the bugs came out in full force! I told the person I was going to be running with I would probably be at 9:15 to 9:30 pace and I was going to do my best not to take off all crazy fast. This was the first race that I actually had to walk a little to get up one of the steep hills! I was pleasantly surprised with an overall pace of 9:00 and a finish time of 35:37!!
Thankful that was over:)

*July 14-Run for Independence 5k- The bad thing about the 4miler race, the very next morning was a 5k that is part of the "Wilderness Trace Serres" and it is another tough course with hills. I thought I would be sluggish and tired legs but I wasn't I did notice though once we took off the first mile is almost all uphill and my hamstrings got tight and achy but I paced myself well and made it up. This race usually has a fairly big crowd (for our area) of at least 100+, this year there was only about 50 not sure why but I'm guessing because no one likes the course. Thankfully I paced myself well enough to pull off a finish time of 26:03 and a PR for this course by a minute and 37 seconds!! YAY ME:)
Thumbs up~ That's how I run

*July 21-Bluegrass State Games 5k- This race was held at the beautiful RJ Corman property in Nicholasville, Ky. (You should google RJ Corman, I think he has an interesting story and a very nice man!) I had done this race in 2009 and haven't been able to do it since. I really like participating in it since it is the Bluegrass State Games which is kinda like the Olympics for Ky.  On this morning I woke up with the dreaded awful stomach GI issues (sorry TMI!!!) I didn't think I was ever going to leave the bathroom but the race gods pulled through for me once again and right before the race started I felt so much better! Several of my running buddies were there and I met a couple of new ones~ Love it my group grows:) I didn't do such a great job pacing as usual and took off way too fast but I did not walk any even though I could have. I had a little young fellow in front of me that kept going side to side, he would slow way down and I would pass him then he would come speeding fast past me, it was driving me nuts, when he saw a race photographer he really went speeding in front of me and finally made some distance ahead of me. It was cloudy and a little bit cooler I was really hoping for a 24 something even if it was 24:59 its been a little while since I have ran a 24 something but at 1.5mi I began having a strange pain in my chest assuming it was due to my major bathroom issues that morning and I had to slow it down a little to regain myself. I am still very thrilled with my 25:08 and 2nd place in my age group!
Told ya Thumbs Up! Why do I look so gigantic??

*July 28-Jingle in July 5k- This was the 9th race in the Wilderness Trace Serres only 5 more to go! During the week before this race for whatever reason I only ran once and it wasn't a great run so in my mind I thought I would be really fresh and ready for that 24 something. From what I remembered about this course it was downhill going out and a long hill at the finish~uggh! And I bet you could never guess that I took off way to fast, why do I do that got to start controlling myself better!! One of my new running buddies told me at the end his watch beeped and said we was at 7:06 pace for a little while, I told him next time to yell at me to slow it down and save that for the end! (Something I will focus on:) Instead of feeling fresh and ready I felt heavy, tired and slow! I truly wanted to walk but my buddy was right in front of me (thankfully) and I told myself not to walk and just keep on going even if its slow! I mentioned to my buddy about the fact that I really wanted to and almost walked and he said "Around me you will never walk! I WILL NOT let you walk!" Oh thank goodness I have someone to pace with and hopefully improve with! I ended up finishing in 25:13 and 1st place in my age group~ guess it wasn't so bad after all I just know I can do better.
Every one in my growing group got medals~ Hooray!

So there is my month of July I have been doing long runs on Sundays and have been VERY pleased with them I'll let you know what the long runs are for soon!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

3TT- Out of Shape, My Horoscope & No Power

1. For whatever reason (trust me I have lots of excuses) I have fallen out of my regular Step & Tone Aerobics routine, I was going two times a week and was still able to keep up with my running. Then I started missing here and there sometimes not going at all but kept up on running. I told myself this is the week to get back to it! I want/am going to aerobics two times a week and keeping up with my running mileage of at least 25- 30miles.  Well.......I went to aerobics Tuesday night and have barely been able to get up and down since and feel ten times worse today~ Gosh I'm so out of shape!! Needless to say I haven't ran any this week :(
2. I was/am beginning to feel a little down and out about my out of shape(ness) then I read my Horoscope in the paper last night, the message it told me:    Take a break from your normal pace.  Thank you Horoscope for making me feel better about it:)

3. I had every intention of running last night even though I was barely able to move. I told myself it didn't matter if I was slow or even if I had to take walk breaks just get out there and get some miles in! It was crazy super hot and humid so I needed to wait for the sun to go down a little. It began to get cloudy and all areas around us was having storms but none looked like they was coming our way so I got ready to put the running attire on. Of course the wind picked up, it started thunder and lightening with pouring rain and our power went out ugghh! Its nothing unusual for our power to go out and normally comes right back on, wouldn't you know that wasn't the case last night! Our power was out from 7:15pm until 3:15am which of course meant I didn't go run:( I was starting to have memories of a few years ago when we had a terrible ice storm and had no power for 2weeks! So thankful we didn't have to wait that long again!

Wish me luck in going to aerobics tonight, as sore as my legs are I'm trying to talk myself out of going BUT

No Pain No Gain, RIGHT???

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WIR- Still catching up- My Week in Panama City Beach, Fl

Monday 7/2- Run 4mi/36:00  Walk 2mi
Wednesday 7/4- Run 6.21mi/58:07
Saturday 7/7- Run/Walk 3mi/38:21

I am still trying to get back into a regular blogging routine, gosh one week off and its so hard to fit everything back in gear!

Panama City Beach, FL was the greatest family vacation we have EVER had (that came straight from my kiddo's!!). We are bad parents I know but this is our girls first ever trip to the beach and the are 18 & 13 years old so yeah they REALLY enjoyed it! Before we went I told my youngest daughter that "Yes I WOULD be running while we was on vacation, don't worry it will be early in the morning while you all sleep" her reply was "Mom it is vacation and you should be taking a vacation from everything!" But (for me) how often do you get to run by the beach??

So on our first morning there I got up and out the door around 5:30am (their time was an hour behind my time at home and that made it so much easier getting up~ crazy!). I knew is was about 1mi from our room to the Pier Park Mall so that was the direction I headed, I went up and down every street in the mall so I could check it out and see what all stores they had and find the Nike outlet:) When I first went out I didn't see anyone else out but one my way back I started seeing other people out running and cycling.  Wednesday morning my friend Sarah was going to be running a 10k at home, since I couldn't find a race of any kind in FL I sent her a text telling her I was going to get up and run my own 10k so I would at least be in "Spirit" with her. This time I went the opposite direction than the mall don't get me wrong I enjoy running flat ground but all flat and no hills even little hills didn't work well with me mentally. I felt like I was NEVER going to reach 3.10 to be able to turn around and head back! This morning I got up a little later and didn't head out until 6am I saw several more runners and walkers out that morning. One thing I didn't enjoy was the crazy humidity early in the mornings it felt like I was running in a sauna and my clothes looked like it as well! Not sure if I just sweat heavy or what but it seemed like the others I saw along the way was no where near as sweaty as I was! On Wednesdays route I went pass the County Pier on my way back through I stopped there to use the bathroom and get a drink of water and enjoy the ocean view for a couple of mins~ Sweet:) A couple of days we drove around to check out the area before we hit the beach, it really amazed me how many people waited to be out running until 9 - 10 am in the full sun no way I would have been happy doing that and probably would have drown in my own sweat, LOL!

The morning after we got home I got an invite to run/walk with one of my running buddies that is pregnant, it was nice catching up with each other and enjoying Cracker Barrel breakfast after!

After two days of being on the beach all of my family decided they was ready to move there permanently! I wouldn't mind going once a month but for me there's no place like home!!

Where has your favorite vacation spot been? Did it make you want to move there forever? Or is there no place like home?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WIR- Geez I'm so Far Behind/ I REALLY came Alive in June

I am still trying to catch up from being on vacation and am just now catching up on the last week of June!

Monday 6/25- Run 4mi/36:45
Tuesday 6/26- Run 3mi/31:19  Step & Tone Aerobics
Wednesday 6/27- Run 4.5mi/40:49   Run 3mi/28:25
Thursday 6/28- Run 3mi/32:06
Saturday 6/30- RJ Corman 5k 25:41

For the last couple of weeks I have been doing good at running 6days a week, it has taken me some time to adjust to it both mentally and physically but I am enjoying it. It has also been so gosh awful HOT around my parts like many other places in the country that I have been doing most of my running in the early mornings to beat the heat! Monday and Wednesday I ran in the evening with the Hubz, I enjoy those runs so much because even though he doesn't "LOVE" running as much as I do he still goes along with me so we spend time together:) Usually I let him lead the way when we run together but Wednesday I chose our path it was all good until I took us a somewhat new direction and we went up a crazy small but super steep hill! We was already about 1.5mi into our run, it was at least 88* and I said "this was dumb, who's idea was it to come this way, LOL!!" He replied with "yes it was wonder who decided this?!" and he had done squats at the gym the day before so he was really feeling it~ sorry sweetie!! We was able to reward ourselves after with some yummy Orange Leaf froyo dang I love that stuff I bet we go there at least 3 times a week!!

So I'm not too sure how and or why but I sure came alive in the month of June with running, my monthly mileage was 107!! That is my first 100+ mile month this year and its been probably a year and a half since I've had one! Now if I can just keep it up and keep adding on:)

Saturday I ran the RJ Corman 5k in lovely Wilmore, Ky. The course is a pretty tough course but they serve home made ice cream after so yep I am there!! It was one of the crazy super hot days and at 8am when the race started I think it was already 85* so I told myself to play it smart don't go out all crazy fast and just pace myself the best I could on the hills. None of my regular "race" buddies was there so I was all on my own for pacing, at the end of the race I felt pretty pleased except this girl and I kept playing back and forward with each other, I would pass her then she would pass me this went on for about a mile and a half. Finally I tried my best to pick up my pace in the last half mile and get away from her I thought I had it but she passed me in the last .15 it was just so HOT & HUMID I just let her go!
 I actually had another woman pass me as well at the end (shown above in the black shirt), she came out of no where, guessing she paced herself much better than I did. When they started the awards in my age group I thought that lady looked like she was in my group and I probably got 2nd place which is still great. They didn't call my name for 3rd or 2nd so I looked at Mom and said "Well dang I didn't get anything" she kept telling me "I think so just wait and see". Sometimes I hate to say it BUT Mom's are usually right and probably 9 times out of 10 mine is right...... I got 1st place!!! Of course her response was "I told ya!"

Once again THANK YOU Mom for believing in me and being with me for support!! Love Ya:)