Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sporty Girl Jewelry Giveaway

What girl doesn't like jewelry? And as athletes of course we LOVE sporty jewelry, right? (Hope you guys are taking notes!!) Enter Sporty Girl Jewelry!

Ann with Sporty Girl Jewelry recently contacted me about doing a review and giveaway. Here are the choices I had to choose from

Wow what a hard decision, I mean lets be honest I want one of everything! Something neat by Sporty Girl Jewelry is that they make each and every piece when ordered and every piece is hand stamped!( I LOVE hand made stuff I have a crafty thoughts and desires to make things but I don't like the time it takes~lazy:) Sporty Girl Jewelry also has an awesome blog check it out HERE! So what necklace did I choose? Let's see......

That's right, I picked the "I Run Like a Girl", I LOVE my necklace! It is the perfect length and I love the beaded chain, my hair doesn't get all tangled up in it! Again as female athletes we should proudly display our love of our sport no matter what it is and what nicer way than with Sporty Girl Jewelry!

So Ladies (and gents you could win for your loved one!) wanna win one of the necklaces above? Well you are at the right spot! Here's how...........

MANDATORY- Follow this Blog
MANDATORY- Follow Sporty Girl Jewelry Blog
BONUS- Like Sporty Girl Jewelry on Facebook and leave a comment telling them I sent ya (don't forget to come back here to comment for entry!!)
BONUS- Visit Sporty Girl Jewelry and tell me what you just "Have to Have"
BONUS- Blog It, Tweet It, Post It on Facebook (one entry for each one!)
***Please leave separate comments for each entry below, I count comments to pick winner***
Winner will be chosen on Sunday, December 5, entries taken until winner is selected!

I was not paid to review only given a product to try out, All opinions are mine only:)

It's that time Again.....

With Thanksgiving now over it is officially Christmas Shopping Time!! The past couple of years I have been trying to start buying things early, this year not so sure what happened to that plan! ANYWAY..... for at least the next couple of weeks I would like to showcase and review some possible gifts(and products I enjoy) for runners!! Sorry guys but these will be mostly gender related however don't forget your loved ones!!:) When possible there will also be giveaways or maybe discount codes~YAY!!! So please be sure to stay tuned!! (I already have the first post ready)

Any retailers out there in need of product displays and promos, hello I am here:)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Arctic Ease Winner & some pics

The randomly picked number is: 8

Which makes Whitney from Running with Whit the lucky winner!! Whitney send me your mailing info so I can get you your Arctic Ease! (My email is listed on my sidebar:)

Some pictures from the Southern Lights Stroll 5k

Sheri, Me & Kelli
crazy girls:)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Southern Lights Stroll 5k

Tonight (Wednesday) was the Southern Lights Stroll 5k, this is a great fun race. Southern Lights are Christmas lights throughout the Kentucky Horse Park, it is actually a driving course that they open up early one night to have this 5k~how nice of them! I ran this race last year and really enjoyed it so of course I was on again this year, except this year I have company:) Tonight was girls night, the hubs could have went since he was off work but today was a cold rainy day and well he wussed out~sorry honey I love ya and all but come on~JOKING! Anyway tonight it was me, Sheri and Kelli (who ran in the half with us) and of course the photographer awesome MOM!! It rained almost the entire way there and it was a cold rain(40degrees) but once we got there the rain seemed to stop~again how nice. There was a decent crowd maybe 200+ runners and maybe close to the same amount of walkers. We started right at the front almost right on the starting line. We took off fast, really fast, I felt like I was running like a little kid legs and arms all straight running as hard as I could, of course that didn't last long at all just long enough to not feel like I would be trampled when I settled into MY pace which just so happen to be 8:45 tonight:):) I was so caught up in wanting to place that I never looked at any of the lights, I told the girls when we got there I was either winning an age award or a  door prize and we decided I can control the age thing but not the door prize so I better run fast. Therefore I kept an 8:45 pace and this is not the easiest of courses, it has several hills, it was dark and wet from raining, there was also a little boy in front of me and he was holding his own staying steady and all I could think is if he can do it so can I. The end is a straight uphill (the entrance to the park) and had it not been so long I may have pulled off a little better but I am very happy with my 27:02 (by my garmin not sure of official time yet) my 2009 time was 29:24~Yay! I felt very confident about getting an award until I heard they was by 10's instead of 5's and wouldn't you know it Kelli ended up getting 3rd~ dang her~JOKING~I still love ya Kelli! At least one out of the three of us got something and Kelli really does deserve it, she has just started doing 5k's and she is a Great runner. The only problem is we will be in the same age group next year and dang she is fast, guess that just means I need to get faster also! Again Kelli Joking girl!

The best part is we are all getting up in the morning and doing it again at the  Thoroughbred Classic 5K ! Sheri is running this race with her 9 year old niece, it will be her very first race and 5k ever! She has been practicing so hard I know she will do GREAT tomorrow~GO Gracie!! Be sure to read Sheri's Blog and see how well she did. I am considering staying back with them but I am going to wait and see how I feel in the morning!

Don't forget to enter my Arctic Ease giveaway it ends 11/27! I am only 2 followers away from 200 gonna have to work on some great giveaways to celebrate!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Running Scared

Daylight Savings Time is NOT for runners! I love the fall and even the winter snow but I do not like the dark coming so dang early.

We have a 5mi running path that has street lights almost all of the way except for about 1/2mi at the half way point. With it getting dark so early it is usually really dark when we hit that area. I am not one of those people that gets scared easily, something has to happen to me at that moment in order for me to be bothered. Last night as we was heading out of the dark area, which just as luck has it is the longest uphill ever, there was a strange man/boy walking in all black clothing! I could not see him at all until I was right up on him but Sheri saw him a little ways back. The area we are running in is country, the way he was walking was leading way into the country. After we passed him a little way Sheri looked back and thought he had turned back around towards us, so we KICKED it in up that hill ~ holy cow we was at around a 8:00 pace going up that hill! Wish I could run comfortably at that pace all of the time guess I need to imagine someone chasing behind me~ha! Maybe it was just in our mind that he turned back around or maybe it was just too dark and we couldn't really see which way he was going...........................................................hmmmm............
This morning while getting ready for work, I was listening to the news only to hear that the BP station was robbed by a masked robber which is close to where we meet to begin our run!! WHAT??!! Could it possibly have been the person we saw walking? The robbery happened about 3 hours after our run. OMG!!! I do have to say that kind of Scared me!

Saturday, November 20, 2010



I LOVE LOVE LOVE ZBSports! Are you in the market for new shoes? Please, Please Please check out ZBSports!! Why might you ask? Here are MY reasons why I think you should buy from ZBSports;

They donate 1% of their net profit to 3 different organizations (animal, environmental and health research). That means 3% donated and best of all they let the consumers decided on the organizations!

James the president/ceo of ZBSports is a marathon runner among many other outdoor sports. Being an athlete he has got to know that he is selling are GREAT products. I also like the fact that James believes we all need to do our part to help within our communities to keep them clean, healthy and safe.

ZBSports has a Discount Membership Program in which you can receive special savings ALL year long!

ZBSports offers a wide variety of great products and brands.

So if you are in the market for some fresh new kicks, head on over to ZBSports. And remember a portion of your total goes to charity!

I was not paid by ZBSports to post this. I wanted to share this info all on my own. I was given a pair of Brooks in which I will review in another post, however I would have made this post either way.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Arctic Ease Giveaway

Recently I was contacted by Arctic Ease to try out their product. Hmm, let me think about that, well of course I will:) Since completing our Half in October we basically have been doing the training schedule all over again (minus the number of runs during the week). Last week was 7miles and I knew that would be a great time to try out Arctic Ease. There has only been a few times after long runs that I have ever "iced" my knees or anything and why I don't know cause I really think it would help me. Enter Arctic Ease 
Here is a little info from there site:

The optimal temperature for effective cold therapy is above 59° F (15°C).*

When skin temperatures go below that, tissue damage such as frost nip and frost bite can occur - it's one of the biggest risks associated with traditional ice therapy. And it's why you have to put ice on, then take it off - over and over again. Arctic Ease eliminates this inconvenience, reduces the risk and discomfort associated with temperature extremes and makes it easier to get relief from pain and swelling so you can get back to doing what you want to do.

So after the 7 miles and breakfast of course I mean hey we run for something right, I headed home and opened Arctic Ease and below is what it looked like.
Pretty much like a moist ace bandage with gooey gloppy stuff on it. The gloppy stuff made me think I do not want that stuff on me and I started to wipe it off, however after reading further I realized that gloppy stuff was probably part of the "cryotherapy" that Arctic Ease is all about.

As you can see from my fabulous leg shoot above, I know its one of the sexiest legs around~HA!~ I wrapped from just above the knee down and cut it off. I wasn't sure how much was left on the roll but I started wrapping my other knee as well. There was only enough to go around my knee once but it still worked out okay.

What I Liked:
* It wasn't freezing cold
* I was able to move around, didn't have to sit still holding the ice pack
* Comfortable- once I wrapped it around my leg that was it nothing to hold it on
*Wasn't messy at All

What I Didn't Like:
* Honestly the only thing I can say here is it wasn't cold enough. Although I do not want it freezing icy cold a little colder would have been a little nicer!

I wore the wrap for a couple of hours until it was completely dried out. Then I wrapped it back around the roll that it came on, placed it back in the package it came in and put 2 tablespoons of water in the package sealed it up just like the directions said. Last night I got it back out to use again and it was just like new!

Would you like to try out Arctic Ease for yourself? Well you are in luck! Shelley with Arctic Ease was kind enough to send a couple of extras to giveaway!
MANDATORY* Be a follower of my blog
MANDATORY* Go to Arctic Ease and tell me why you wanna try it out
*Blog It
*Post It on Facebook
*Tweet It

Winner will be selected on November 27 ~Sorry but US Residents only

Arctic Ease contacted me about trying out their product and giving my opinion. I was NOT paid in any way!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Do All Runners Dream of 26.2?

The good ole running buddy and I have always discussed the thoughts of doing a marathon someday. Both of us felt the same way; maybe one day but not today. Well now Sheri thinks one day has arrived. What? The other night on one of our regular 4 milers, she brought it up"So I am thinking that marathon day is coming" Me thinking in my head "What??" but I answered with "Maybe one day but I am not sure I am ready yet"So from that moment on, it had me pondering the thought. That night I fell asleep on the hubs side of the bed and I had a crazy dream, we was running the marathon and I couldn't believe it we was talking to each other just really proud and then I woke up fell back asleep and was running again! I woke up and fell back into right where I left off still running 3 times finally at 5am I just decided it was time to get up cause I was tired from all that running all night long!! Yesterday on our long run of course it was brought up again. Except this time it was " I am thinking we should do the Flying Pig Marathon"( We have already decided to do the half there, mostly due to me wanting to with the whole pig theme ~ I LOVE PIGS!!) I don't really think I gave her an answer but once again my head said"WHAT?? THAT IS IN MAY!" I told my husband about the talk about it and he said "Why not just take your time since its your first and all" Huh? And that night when we all met up for dinner, I knew it was going to happen, good ole Sheri says" Gerard has Bobbie told you, I think she should do the marathon" and his reply"Yes she told me and I agree I think so to, so she is doing it!" As soon as we got home I jumped straight on the computer and looked it up. So my dear friend and awesome rocking running buddy Sheri here is my answer to the Flying Pig Marathon ( I know you are reading this:)

After looking over the site completely on the Flying Pig I will agree to sign up for the Marathon and train for it. One of the main decision factors for me is the fact that I have until April 18 to decide if I can really do the whole thing because there is an option of switching races back down to the half. So if I do not feel like I am ready by April 18 with the training I will be backing down. Also I am VERY doubtful in myself that I can run the entire thing, I mean look at the last half, so in training I will be doing a lot of run/walking but I am giving it my best effort. I am NOT going to set an outstanding goal time, my thought right now without any training I am saying my hopeful finish time is 5 to 5:15 again not outstanding but a starting point. So my friend these thoughts make me extremely nervous and I sure hope you are ready to be spending some time together we have a journey ahead of us for sure!!

So blog world let's hear it! Do all runner's dream of completing 26.2? Is it ever too soon, do you need to have been a "runner" for years before you are really ready? Is six months long enough to train?(I was really thinking a year) Is it okay to go into it with a run/walk method? Does that make you less of a marathoner? Do you ever feel like you are ready? What made you decide to sign up for a Marathon? What's a good training schedule? Help me??!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

6+ Chilly Miles in Plain Clothes Runner

Saturday's 6 miles was our coldest run we have had so far. Don't know the exact temperature but it was around 34 degrees with sunshine which made it not so bad. I was recently given the opportunity by Mike at Plain Clothes Runner to try out some products. (Since it was so cold I actually tried out everything at one time:) I was given a short sleeve Vneck wicking shirt, a long sleeve wicking shirt, a training jacket, a regular and a winter headband

I am not positive that my good words and opinions on these shirts and jacket will do them justice. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL OF THE PRODUCTS I RECEIVED!!!! I am not one to wear fitted clothes not even for running. I have the "I'm fat" complex and do not feel comfortable in fitted clothing. So when I find clothing in a size Medium that I am comfy in, or a Small and still have plenty of room, I am one happy girl:) The wicking shirts have extremely soft fabric, it was so nice wearing it I really didn't want to change out of it when I got home. Another thing I found great about Plain Clothes Runner is their prices. The Vneck wicking shirt is only $20 and the long sleeve is $30 maybe close to or about the same as others but I LOVE the way these shirts fit me! Here is a little clip from their site:

Plain and simple. No expensive coordinates. No trendy, tight fitting outfits or prolonged preparation. Just casual, comfortable clothing that let’s you get up and go. Our “run wear – any wear” apparel is ideal for competition, everyday training and even out on the town.

Mike was also kind enough to send some items for my husband! Of course that made him happy, his first products to try out:) He also received the same long sleeve wicking shirt, a Rawlings Trainer fleece, and a toboggan hat

Mike made the right choices on items for Gerard to try out, he LOVES fleeces and now a breathable one that he can run in~ do I really need to say it~ he LOVES it:) I think the fabric on it is super soft, I know all fleece is soft but this is a smooth super soft! He also LOVES toboggan hats we have tons scattered around the house! As far as the long sleeve wicking shirt his reply"It ROCKS!" So I am guessing he totally enjoyed everything he tried out as well. Tonight we ran 4mi and I wore my long sleeve shirt again, another thing I learned that I like about it is the sleeves stay up when you push them up instead of coming back down while running. Another Plus for sure:)

So my bloggy friends there you have it. Plain Clothes Runner has some really awesome products at reasonable prices! I would really encourage you to head on over and get something for yourself or maybe someone on your Christmas list!

All the opinions above came straight from the hubs & I and were not paid for. We were given the clothing to review and not paid! However if Mike wanted to send us (me actually) a women's Rawlings runner jacket to review we would be happy to do so as well:))) Just sayin'

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pineapple Roctane GU

Saturday Sheri and I decided to run 6 miles. I have been staying away from any kind of GU products due to my stomach being so wishy washy while running. However I have been trying to begin using them again on the weekend we do long runs. We had purchased Pineapple Roctane GU's for our half marathon a few weeks ago and I didn't use mine. So I pulled one out for Saturday. WOW! That thing was delicious!! I even made the comment I could eat those things all the time just because it tasted so dang good. And the best part, it never upset my stomach at all:) If you haven't tried it I really, really recommend it!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Treadmill....or should I say Dreadmill

Does anyone really enjoy running on a treadmill? NOT me! At the beginning of the year I trained for my first half marry mostly on the treadmill and it didn't bother me to be on it for miles and miles. However after getting an awesome running buddy (or few) and running outside all spring/summer it bothers me now! Or maybe last night was just an off night, but I don't really think I can ever enjoy the stinking DREADMILL. I have already done a couple of 4mi runs that wasn't so bad, last night by .80mi I was already looking at the distance thinking "is that all?" I started talking to a couple of people around me that I knew hoping to pass along the time but that didn't help either. Around 1.5mi I put my Yurbuds in and hoped I could hang in to finish 4mi, my last "mill" run I tried using my Yurbuds but couldn't get them to stay in from sweating so much this time success even sweaty :) Mile 2.45 I started daydreaming thinking I was outside running, oh look I am in town running looking at the shop windows as I pass by and I can hear Sheri's garmin beeping away, hang in there your almost back to the park where you started from, 3.5 mi OMG are you still not done yet, look there is your car just kick it in and GO! Finally it's over!
4miles complete in 43:43 Seriously???
Granted I was taking it easy as I really didn't feel the greatest, my eye had some kind of problem going on along with my head all stopped up and just feeling tired in general. However I just can't seem to break 4mi in under 40 mins on that stupid dang DREADMILL, WHY??? So that is now one of my goals for the next month, get 4miles done in under 40 mins on the treadmill, I know I can do it. I have also decided I will NOT doing any longer than 4mi on the crazy thing, any run longer than that will be done outside no matter the temp (except rain if I don't have to I am not running in the rain!).

So my bloggy friends let's hear it, I know you have one, What's your opinion on the treadmill/dreadmill? Love it or Hate it? How do you manage it?