Monday, January 27, 2014

RTB Training- Failure and a Race Report

Training was pretty much a bust this week. I guess not completely and not really a failure just not complete. I should have had a total of 25 miles this week and well I ended up with 12! Tuesday morning was a run as usual,  I had checked the radar the night before and it said 100% chance of snow flurries at 5am I was very hopeful we was going to be running in the snow. However it decided to wait until it was time to go to work instead but it really came down for my neck of the woods, I think on that day we had about 3 inches of snow and then it turned back into the frigid polar air with negative temps. Gerard told me if I ran I would end up in the hospital, I thought this was quite humorous but out of respect for him I didn't run for the next 3 days I was beginning to go out of my mind!

Then came Saturday, the day I planned on doing my 10 mile long run. I knew there was a chance of snow, I knew it was going to be crazy windy again I was hoping to be able to run while it was snowing. All of that happened EXCEPT..............
Looking out my front door.
when it started snowing it SNOWED! Once again we got about 3 inches but under the snow on the roads was a thin layer of ice. Gerard had to go to work he knew I was planning on going to run so I received a text that said "Don't try to leave!" Our neighborhood is extremely hilly so I knew he had a hard time getting out. All I could think is well there goes the long run :( Around 9:30 am the snow was ending and I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw a friend post that he had ran in the blizzard snow. The sun had came out and I went out and checked our road, there was a clear path down the center and I thought "I'm lacing up and going around the 'hood! If Mark can run in the blizzard I can run around here!" It may not have been my long run but it was half of it and it was a nice hill work out, I considered going a little further but it got boring going up and down the same way as half the area was still covered(some spots I had to walk through for safety!) and the 20+ mph wind was wearing me out along with the hills.
Some views around my 'hood!

Sunday Gerard and I ran the Snowball Express 2 mile race. The weather was perfect not sure why I didn't think about going out and running a little before the race since it didn't start until 2:30 pm but the thought never crossed my mind?? Maybe because I was really hopeful for an awesome 2 mile run!! It was sunny and 45° most of the snow had melted but it was still pretty windy. Due to some of the side streets still being snowy & icy they changed the course to an out & back rather than a loop around, I remember it being fairly flat last year so that's why I was hopeful for an awesome 2 miles. This race was held in Broadhead, Ky which is a very small tiny town but it is part of the Rockcastle County Regional Hospital County-Wide Strides series, a series that I try to participate in. The school parking lot where we started was still a little icy so I didn't feel comfortable until we hit the road which was just a very short piece. I thought I was ready but I felt stiff and not ready at all I tried to judge how well I was by if I could see Gerard or not I could but I felt like it was a struggle with every step. When we hit a small down hill I went for long strides to make up some ground then I started thinking "Hmm this is an out & back course we are going to be coming back up this hill!" I was getting closer and closer to Gerard. Then a pretty good uphill came and that's where I caught up to him we made the turn around and it seemed like we was at that hill going up again. I wimped out and took a couple of walking steps I just felt like I couldn't catch my breath. I could still see Gerard I just couldn't catch back up to him. My friends and I in the morning crew have been talking about doing speed work this race proved to me I need to work on something that's for sure!

Mile 1- 8:02                   
Mile 2- 8:19

Overall Average- 8:20
Finish Time- 16:21
2nd in Age Group:)        

What are YOU training for?

Run Happy :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Run the Bluegrass(RTB) Training Week 3- Nailed It

This crazy cold weather is causing me to be lazy at home, not necessarily in running but at home I just want to do nothing.....NOTHING AT ALL!! 

2012 was such an awesome year for me in running, for most of the year I ran 5 days a week and I actually think it helped me in getting faster. 2013 I wasn't as disciplined and was lucky to get in 3 -4 days a week and I was quite a bit slower. I decided I want to try harder in 2014 and get back(or closer) to where I was.

Last week I ran 5 days!! 
Which might have a little something to do with the feeling of doing nothing, LOL!

I planned on 4 days but Gerard hasn't been running in the last 2½ weeks he wasn't ready for a  9 miler and I didn't want him to either to avoid injury!! So being the awesome wife I am (I know right:) I told him I would break my long run up into two runs so I could go with him. The only thing I didn't like about that is that meant I ran four days in a row! The last run on Sunday was a little tough and mentally challenging I almost cut it short by a mile but gave myself a little pep talk and finished it out:)

 I would have rather been able to do just a 9 mile long run but it doesn't kill me to change things up every now and then especially when it means I get to run with the hubs!

All in all I have to give myself a pat on the back I'm proud of myself for completing the mileage goal for last week!
Here's how it went:
Jan 14- 4.3 mi
Jan 16- 5.05 mi
Jan 17- 4 mi
Jan 18- 4 mi with Gerard:)
Jan 19- 5.05 mi
Weekly Total- 22.42 miles

How's the weather in YOUR neck of the woods? At this moment it is 14° with the wind chill making it feel like 3° BRRR its cold!
Does the weather affect how YOU feel? Make you feel LAZY? Hang in there Spring will be here before we know it!!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Run the Bluegrass Training 2weeks Down

I told you a few times now that I will be running Run The Bluegrass . Well this year they have put out 3 levels of training programs that began on January 1, last year I didn't follow any kind of "training" program and just went on my own of what I thought I should do. However since these training schedules were available I thought I would give one a try.

I chose the intermediate since I have several half's already under my belt and have done this half several times. Although this may be known as "America's Prettiest Half Marathon" it certainly isn't the easiest! And well I'm not going to try and cover it up, its HARD and extremely HILLY!

So how did my first two weeks of training go? HA not the best! The first week was successful and let me feeling very positive about training!!
Week 1-
Jan 1- 5 mile race -Pace was much faster than I thought I could do~ always nice!
Jan 4- 5k Race
Jan 5- 7 mi Long Run

Then along came week 2 and the Polar Vortex! And yep I wimped out of the sub below zero temps and took most of the week off, then I crammed in 3 days of running all in a row! Not a smart thing to do at ALL!
Week 2-
Jan 10- 3.11 mi
Jan 11- 5 mi
Jan 12- 7 mi

So as you can see from what I've done and what the actual training schedule calls for I am not following it exactly I haven't done hill work or tempo runs I'm trying to focus more on getting the mileage in which I haven't been right on with the exact distances either.

Look at this BEAUTY that is and will be waiting for me (and Gerard) MARCH 29, 2014!

When following a "training schedule" do YOU do EXACTLY what it calls for?
Do you think its ok to sway from the schedule and just use it as a base to go by?


Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Five- Ending 2013 & Planning for 2014

An awesome thing that helps you make a come back to blogging- these wonderful list(s) that help you post!

1. I didn't set a mileage goal for 2013 towards the end of the year I thought I was going to be close to 1000 miles but I ended up with 854. Not quite as many as I wanted but still very happy with that since I didn't set a goal! This year (2014) I'm setting a goal of 1000 miles again, I KNOW I CAN DO IT!!

2. Isn't it exciting to start planning races for the new year?? Of course this process starts long before the new year actually gets here but there is sometimes lots of new races added during the new year. My very first half ever was Run the Bluegrass in Lexington, KY in 2010 and I have ran it every year since. Except for the change in the course (holy moly talk about hills!! I've heard someone else say there is about 21 hills in those 13 miles and they aren't small ones! Just makes us stronger though right?!) it has changed hands since the first one but it has gotten better and better every year! Needless to say Gerard and I are already signed up for this years on March 29, 2014!

3. Another favorite (somewhat) local Half I enjoy is the Kentucky Derby miniMarathon! This is an awesome course to try and train for a PR, I got my first half PR there in 2012 of 1:58!! I considered and thought about doing the Full Marathon at the Derby this year but I have decided to make my current goal to work towards another 1:58 half (or better), I KNOW I CAN DO IT!! Something VERY VERY AWESOME this year is that both the Derby miniMarathon and Run the Bluegrass have teamed up together for the 

If you complete both half marathons (or the full at the Derby) then you qualify for the Kentucky Half Classic! Which means you will receive an extra "special" medal recognizing your accomplishment, VIP port a potties, special food area and more all for FREE! How EXCITING!! I can't wait!

4. I really am a creature of habit, I tend to complete the same races year after year after year, guess that's ok to see how you improve or not year after year?! One of my favorite series is the Frankfort Trifecta

The Trifecta is a 3k, 5k and a 10k if you sign up early and are part of the first 300 people you get a FREE shirt and a special something after completing all 3 races! One year it was a hand made clay medal, a horse shoe one year and last year a glass! I enjoy FREE things how about you??

5. And of course there is the Iron Horse Half in the lovely Midway, KY.

Not really sure what it is about this one but it is a favorite for lots of people and has been named one of the top 28 Half Marathons by Runners World Magazine! The scenery is beautiful and pleasant but once again this is a hilly course! I have been oh so close to breaking under 2 hours here twice but just haven't been able to pull it off yet, maybe this is my year??!!

I have Marathon fever and am thinking about doing a Fall Marathon. Haven't completely decided yet but I am seriously considering it. Question is Which one?? Got any recommendations? I prefer closer to home, something within 4 - 5 hours of Kentucky so I am able to drive back home after:) 

Run Happy:)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Three Things Thursday- Have you Thawed Out yet?

1. I think (and HOPE) my neck of the woods is done with the #PolarVortex !! Man that was the coldest I've ever seen it~What about you? I LOVE snow but unfortunately we didn't get much snow out of it all like less than an inch however since it was -22° we did get a 2 hour delay for work two days in a row!! Except on the second day I choose not to go into work it was just too darn cold to get out LOL!

2. I was worried to death about our dear ole' dog during the extreme cold, he is a 14 year old Rottweiler that some days he acts like a young spry happy go lucky and then some days he shows his age and looks like Eeyore walking around the yard. I tried really hard to get him to come into the house but he wouldn't make a move towards coming in so I made him a nice bed of blankets in the garage, when I came home from work he was laying outside next to the porch and FREEZING! He was shivering so bad even his eyeballs were shivering! It broke my heart and I took action! The problem is his legs, he's old and they hurt so he can't get up the steps very well even though there is only 2 or 3 steps. So when I got home I worked and worked with him until it finally dawned on me he can get up the front steps we never use our front door so I wasn't thinking. Sure enough it took a couple of tries but I finally got him in~ Shewww that made me feel so much better I just knew if I didn't get him in the house he would sit out there in the cold and die! Even though he has out lived his life expectancy by 4 years its still a hard concept to swallow!
Hello! I'm Brewser

This was a few months ago:)

3. Please be thinking about my newest running friend Sherry. Her Grandmother passed away on Christmas Day and now her Dad is in the hospital! She lives about 2½ hours away from them so its kinda hard on her right now. She is very strong willed and a very positive type of person so she is staying strong right now but I'm sure all of this will catch up to her, have no fear though with a friend like ME(LOL!!) to help along with her awesome family she's in good hands! 

How did YOU survive the #PolarVortex? Get creative in any way to make it through it? Tell me all about it!!

Happy Running:)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Resolution Run 5k

Me & Jenica
Don't you just love a new year and a fresh new start to everything?! Last minute decision I decided to run a 5k this past Saturday I didn't run a couple of days this week due to the yucky weather so I knew running a race would make me run!
My last couple of races I have done so much better than the beginning of 2013, Gerard says its because I'm trying harder and putting effort in, not sure that's it or what but I am in a much better mind set.  I wasn't looking to set any records but I was hoping for a great run. I thought it was going to be a little warmer than it had been especially since the race was at 1pm, it was warmer but the wind was fierce and made it seem really COLD I couldn't decide if I wanted to leave my jacket on or off until the wind came straight at me which made me leave it on! This course is actually a really good course it has a little bit of everything downhill flat but you do finish uphill :( I'm trying really hard to not go out all crazy fast this year and build my speed up as I go along, with this being a small race (only 63 runners/walkers) I pretty much blew that up in the first mile! There was only a couple of people I knew there and I tried staying with one at the start about a mile in she said to me "I really need to slow down, I'm winded!" I agreed but I did my best to stay right with or behind her until the turn around. Its uphill leading up to the turn around so I eased back to try to reserve some energy for the finishing hill so I let her get about 20 seconds ahead of me. Although I wanted to walk (in my mind of course) I forced myself to just keep going and I caught back up to her, she heard me come up and said "oh Bobbie I'm struggling here you go on girl!" we was still about a half mile from the finish and still had the bigger uphill to finish on so I just keep going at my slower pace. I did have to stop for a few steps once I got to the top of the hill to clear my throat (dang snot!!) but I wasn't going to let her pass me again so I gave it all I had left to finish.
Mile 1- 8:21
Mile 2- 8:57
Mile 3- 9:00
Mile .08- .37

Overall Average- 8:45
Finish Time- 26:55
1st in my Age Group!!

How's the weather in YOUR neck of the woods? It's a frigid 2° in Kentucky with the wind chill making it feel like -17°!! That's COLD!! And supposed to get worse as the day/night goes along!

Do YOU still run outside in this kind of cold? Or take it indoors? What is YOUR cut off temp for outside running? Hubs would have a fit if I went out to run but I sure would bundle up and go LOL!! I totally despise a dreadmill (great job to all those that do!!) so I'm thinking a couple of days rest is in my future today and tomorrow:)

Happy Running:)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year/Happy Anniversary Setting the Bar High

Hooray it's 2014!! I'm so excited and ready to get this year started! Hubs and I started the year off right running the Resolution Run 5 Miler for the second year in a row! This year I was way more prepared and actually felt excited to "race"! Race against myself that is:) We have maintained a weekly long run of 6 miles for the last 3 weeks and they was all actually fairly good runs for me. I have improved and I can see it in myself and am beginning to feel proud of myself again but in no way am I trying to brag on myself again I am only racing against myself!
Today was the PERFECT day for a race it was sunny and 45 degrees there was a slight breeze however that we had to run into most of the race. They said the awards would be based on gun time even though it was chip timed as well so we tried to start pretty close to the front and I went ahead and started my garmin before crossing the mat. I told Gerard I wasn't going out all crazy fast and with the crazy crowd it seemed like it would be hard to go out fast but my first mile was 8:12! Too fast for me to start at but I just tried to keep on and keep up with Gerard. We slowed it down a bit and there was a gradual uphill for about a half mile but I was able to stay right behind him for about 2½ miles! After that I could see him but there was no way I would catch him, I was still happy with that. The last mile seemed FOREVER long and got me, I had (hang on its TMI) thick snot chocking me up and since I'm not a spitter (I seriously can't it goes all down the front of my chin!) I had to stop a couple of times and clear my throat. At the beginning of the race I said I was shooting for a 45 minute finish. Even with my short walks to clear my throat I am very pleased with each of my miles and my overall average:
Mile 1- 8:12:
Mile 2- 9:07
Mile 3- 8:34
Mile 4- 8:38
Mile 5- 9:09

Overall Average- 8:44
Garmin Finish Time- 44:04
Chip Time- 43:54

Take that 45 minutes I blew you away!



How did YOUR New Year start?
Have a Hangover? I'm not a drinker but they had some bizarre remedies on Kathy Lee & Hoda this morning!

This is my first race for the 14 in 2014 Challenge! And the start of the Run The Bluegrass Half Marathon Training Schedule!