Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday's Five- Just some Stuff

I LOVE pigs they are so cute! 

1. This has been  a LONG week and I don't really know why but I am so THANKFUL that today is FRIDAY!!!

2.Weight loss has been wonderful this week 1.25 pounds a week is the goal and this week I was down 2.8 which means I doubled last weeks loss!! I am hoping and thinking this is going to work out for me and I will reach my ultimate goal sooner than I think I will as now my husband is on board!! He is very extreme on dieting though, some days I have to tell him to SHHHH and let me do what I want I am not as disciplined as him......

3. My Mom is the best supporter anyone could EVER ask for. Not only does she fully encourage me but everyone at the races and such. She cheers for us, takes the BEST pictures of us, holds stuff for us and volunteers for us you really couldn't ask for any better! Well right now she is taking part in the Great Cycle Challenge and is raising money for Children's Cancer! The month is half way over and she is still a ways from her goal. If you can please consider donating to her cause.....every little bit helps! CLICK HERE to DONATE

                                         Ruby Cline Eaton

4.I hate to keep going on and on about this but I have really struggled this week with the friend issue. I thought I was at the point I was ready to move on and get over it but for some reason I have been really dwelling on it this week. There are just answers I need/want and won't be given for whatever reason. I don't handle situations well and will usually end up acting out or saying things I don't really want to say just because my feeling are hurt that is the point I was trying not to reach unfortunately I think its too late I am already there. Just as a reminder to myself I WILL BE OK I CAN MOVE ON LIFE DOES GO ON!

5. I haven't ran much but running has been good for me this week. Thursday morning I ran with my BRF . I wasn't too sure how great I would do I was feeling a little worn out from the week. He said all he wanted a little better than our last morning run.  Well what do you know we was 3 minutes better than our last run!! I still struggle and my hashtag still applies #IamaWorkinProgress but running is getting much much better for me :)

I have 3 races on tap for this weekend two 5k's and a 6k!  I love going to the races :)
What is up for your Weekend??


Thursday, June 16, 2016

2016 Twinkie Run 10k

**Twinkie  Run- 10k split with  a partner  or solo. Predict your time. No watches/timing devices  allowed. Closest person  to prediction  wins. Everyone brings a dish for Potluck at the end!!**

This is my third year for participating in the Twinkie Run and I love it more and more every year. Maybe eventually one year I will get it exactly right. This year I didn't even really put much thought into my prediction I pretty much just grabbed a number out of the air and went with it....I chose 1:02:35 for a 10k. Umm that is a 10:05 pace overall WHAT WAS I THINKING???

It usually ends up raining, this year it was about 90° and very humid I was watching the weather as I was walking out and it looked like the rain in the area was going to go around us. UGGHH I was so not looking to this but off I went! 

As we were standing there waiting to start the skies kept growing darker and darker. It was my time to go I took off easy until I got into my groove then I felt like I was running way too fast. My mom was at the 1 mile mark taking photos and thankfully had some water so I stopped for a drink and off again. Gosh it is so hard to judge speed/pace without my Garmin! Again I knew I was going more than likely too fast but I also knew that the hills coming back was bigger and longer so I was hoping to make up a little time for walking on the way back.
Just before the monsoon
About a half mile after I passed mom the skies unleashed and let loose! OMG it rained so hard BIG HUGE pellets of rain that felt like hail along with strong blowing wind thunder and lightening! It was scary! I had my visor on but it was blowing so hard I barely had one eye open. I kept thinking any second someone was going to come up beside me and tell me to get in for safety reasons. After I made the turn around someone pulled up and asked if I was ok but didn't tell me I had to stop and no one else was stopping so I wasn't about to either!

Finally I caught up to one of my friends and the rain was slacking up. We was so soaking wet we looked pitiful. Both of us thought the same thing thinking that we was way faster than we should be for our predictions and how in the world I "though" I was is beyond me I guess that crazy rain made me speed up!

Somehow by the luck of the running gods me and my friend won 1st and 2nd (me) place! I missed my prediction by 22 seconds!! WOW I was totally shocked! Another unique thing with the Twinkie Run, they use recycled trophies!! 

Amy & I
Great looking bunch of runners :)

Love my 'Recycled" trophy!
Go Me!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2016 (Blanton's) Bourbon Derby Half - Paris, KY

This past Saturday (June 11) was the 2016 Bourbon Derby Half Marathon. All week well actually for about a week and a half leading up to the race it was EXTREMELY HOT & HUMID and was predicted to be the hottest day of the week.....ugghh I was so not looking forward to that heat! Last year was about the same weather and I think it kept several people from returning again the crowd was very low, in fact two of my friends didn't come back due to the heat. My running has gotten better but with this heat I sure didn't want to push myself for any reason at all!!

Look at how much we are "Glistening" before we even get started!

Thankfully the race started at 7:30 am although it was already starting to get so stinking humid it didn't really matter. This was my 2nd year for this event I remember it being very hilly but I thought I remembered several sections that was shady, that thought was wrong! 

I asked my friend Mindy if I could run with her and we decided we would run as much as we could and walk whenever we needed to. Walking came way earlier than I wanted but I just couldn't hang in there I think it was several different reasons but it was working for both of us so we rolled with it.  Mindy's family was working a water stop so it was great to see them and stop and chat for a few seconds :) we even stopped for selfies with them!

I felt pretty good before the race and kinda felt like I might have a decent run. My wall for a half usually hits at mile 8. I slowly started losing it about mile 7½. The coolest thing ever, some people that lived on the course set up their own water stop and a running SHOWER! I don't like getting my shoes wet so I chose not to stand under it but Mindy did! Mile 8 we hit the horse farm area and there was NO SHADE AT ALL! Mindy told me several time "You should've stood under the shower I am so much cooler now" dang it I should have listened cause I was burning up!  By mile 10 I felt like my whole body was on fire!! Mile 11 I told Mindy she could go and not stay with me the heat had really got to me and I was probably  going to walk the last 2 miles, I ran/walked as much as possible  but from 12.3 on I walked to the final turn to the finish. The best thing was my awesome little  buddy came and walked with me to the finish with me! I was so great full for her at that moment  as I was starting  to let all of my negatives  take me over but when you have a super happy friendly  energetic  9 year old that is so happy to see you it kinda pushes the negatives  away!

This was by far my slowest  half to date but with as hot as it was and me just trying  to "come back" I am more than happy  that I  finished ! I knew the heat  was cooking  me I threw up a little  bit  after I finished  but felt much better  afterwards !!

                            Hooray we all survived the crazy heat & humidity ! !

What was Your hottest  race? Ever have to DNA because  of it?


Monday, June 13, 2016

Now Let's Talk about the Positives

√ I'm slowly getting better at running
√ I'm slowly getting better with weight loss
√ I'm slowly feeling better in general
√ I am a work in progress (That is my hashtag at the moment :)

Ok now that I put all of my negatives out there its time for the Positives. It is a hard concept to completely understand BUT Life IS what you make of it.....Right??!!

The Positives going on now

√ I decided I needed a new approach on the weight loss several years ago I lost 40 lbs so I KNOW I CAN DO IT I just have to FOCUS. Like almost everyone else I am a Fitbit user so I am challenging myself to get at least 10k steps everyday. And I decided to break the pounds down by month and look at it that way instead of the whole picture. The first week I am .15 lbs ahead.......GO ME!!

√ Our youngest daughter graduated from High School!! That was a long challenging journey to get across that stage but by George "we" made it! In a few months she will turn 18, both girls are still our children but NO MORE KIDS!!! WOW!! Although I don't expect her to go anywhere anytime soon & the other daughter will be coming back home any day now but I am excited to begin the new chapter/journey in me & the hubs lives together! And tackle the bigger problems our children may encounter :)

√ I am still slow at running and still stink at distance (over 3-4 miles) BUT I am getting better and it is getting easier for me. I have also taken a new approach to my running....going back to the beginning of when I first started running and trying to learn it all over again with a little more knowledge this time around about what I am doing. I literally got straight up off the couch and started running in 2009....I had ( and still don't somewhat) no clue what I was doing.  Going back to the basics have helped me tons, once again I KNOW I CAN DO IT I just have to FOCUS!

√ My friend situation isn't any better but I am just still trying to move on and get over it. There are lots of things in life I just don't understand and I am probably not suppose to. However life does go on and things do (or will) get better in time. Again life is what you make of it.....Right??!!

I am feeling more positive about everything in general, therefore I hope to get back into regular blogging. (Its only taken me a week to complete these 2 posts LOL) So be on the lookout for me :)

I ran a half last Saturday and now I am done with half's until September....YAY!!
What are you currently training for??


Thursday, June 9, 2016

WOW- Life as I Know it Right Now


↔ I suck at Running
↔ I suck at Losing Weight
↔ I suck at Being a Friend
↔ I suck at Life in General

Yet once again I took a blogging break as I was (am) in yet another run/funk. Geez adult life is so hard! I really need to stop taking these silly breaks.....blogging helps me clear my mind and stay positive about life situations.

The Negatives going on Now-

↔ Our adult child that moved out, on her own last year with her boyfriend, well now the love isn't so great. One day she wants to come home the next minute she doesn't. It has been a struggle dealing with everything involved with that including unnecessary friction between us at home for various reasons.

↔ I think its a combo of life in general but work is also driving me nuts! Every day seems like a struggle just to get up and get out the door.

↔ I just feel worthless. In the middle of April I made the decision to drop down from a full marathon to a half (in May). Mentally & physically I just wasn't able to do the training therefore I knew the actual race itself was pretty much out of the question. That made me feel like such a loser as I've never had to back down from a race yet. It doesn't help much that I keep losing/gaining the same 5+ pounds not to mention the extra 25 I am packing since 2012. I HAVE GOT TO GET SERIOUS!!

↔ I have lots of friends in general but a few really close 'Best Friends' until now......I am really not sure what exactly I do wrong or why I am such a terrible friend but apparently I am. I have one that has yet to text or even ask me how I was when the last time I saw them (way back in March) I was crazy, terrible sick and ended up having the Flu! After 7 weeks of NOT hearing a word from her I just gave up and quit counting. This one doesn't hurt as bad as the next one as its been an ongoing thing.  I have (possibly had) another best friend that I guess has decided that I am too slow or not a good enough runner or just a terrible person in general. Every time in the last couple of weeks I have asked to run together (which seems like I am the only one that EVER asks) I'm told that they can't but then a little bit later I see on Facebook that they have ran with others??!! HMMMMM....guess I must be the devil?? As I stated this one is hurting me the most, its the person I always pick up my phone to text about anything, everything and nothing at all I catch myself picking up my phone to text then just sit it down and say to myself "oh yeah". I am trying hard mentally to get over this and just move on but it is so hard. Life in general is hard and things like this sure do not help.

I have refrained from blogging because I do feel so negative with everything going on BUT the time has come for me to let it out. Everyday I just want to cry and give up on everything even life itself. Its time to move on. Its time to accept if friends don't want me around in their lives or just don't like me anymore in general then they don't and that is OK! It is time to focus on ME and make ME feel better!

I WILL BE OK. I WILL BE FINE. YES MOM (probably the only person reading this) I WILL BE OK!

Feeling Broken & Lost But I will get there! 

Sweets are my weakness please share your "Sweet Treats" that don't hurt the waist line with me!!
What things do YOU do to help get our of the dumps?

Run Happy ;)