Monday, April 30, 2012

Ky Derby Mini Marathon

I have had a goal of getting a half under 2hrs for some time now I was ohh so close back in the fall on a somewhat hilly course but came in at 2:00:43. I had several people tell me they thought I could do it at the Derby half as it is flat and a great course but I was still skeptic....

Me & Sarah waiting to start
Miles 1 -4  9:21, 8:51, 8:48, 8:53
I lined up with my friend Sarah who was doing her first Full marathon. The crowd was crazy packed and I almost started to panic thinking I wasn't going to find her but thankfully I did! I stopped on my way to use the bathroom (again thankful:) but while we was standing there waiting for the start my stomach started feeling awful and I needed to pee really bad~ not good. Finally the crowd started moving and we was walking towards the starting mat, I thought about jumping into the potty before I crossed the mat I had to go so bad but I just did my best to block it out knowing soon I would be sweating it out! Once we made it through the mat I told Sarah "Don't take off too fast and remember You Got This!!" and off I went. There was so many walkers mixed in and slower people that I did a lot of weaving, I don't like that as it uses lots of energy. They only had pace groups for the full marathoners but we all stayed together until around mile 8.5, I got up to and passed the 9:30 group and hoped I would catch the 9:09 but I never saw them so I knew it was all up to me to pace it and I was so glad I had a pace band on. The first mile I was behind by about 20 seconds, the second I was behind by 10 seconds but by mile 3 I had gained about 40 seconds. I felt great and strong was keeping around an 8:50 pace and told myself to just hold that as long as I could and "bank" some time.

Crazy crowded
 Miles 5-8   8:50, 9:04, 9:00, 8:54
I was still feeling good and strong. The weather was almost perfect for this it was about 55* and the sun was shining at 5.93 it rained for about 2mins but I was on a street covered with trees so I didn't get wet at all:) Every time I looked at my garmin I was at least at 8:50 pace. About mile 7.5 my back started hurting and I worked on fixing my stride standing up straight and not slumping, I was also beginning to feel blisters on my toes so I worked on adjusting my feet while running but I still felt great overall. Around mile 8 we entered Churchill Downs where the Ky Derby is run. This is the only area that there was any kind of hills as we went down and up a couple of ramps they were very short. As we went through Churchill it was totally awesome to see some of the Derby horses out doing practice I really thought this was the neatest part of the entire race! The course was still very crowded and I was still doing lots of weaving, there was a man I seemed to stay with for several miles that had a firefighter shirt on I was just about to begin talking to him as I figure he was wondering why I was staying so close to him (pacing with him of course:) when he drifted off to get water I kept on going but thought no problem he will catch back up but I never saw him again. I was still doing good "banking" some time and staying ahead of pace band times!

Miles 9 - 12  9:09, 9:06, 9:00, 9:02
I was still feeling strong but was also beginning to feel myself slowing. I hadn't drank any water along the way yet and due to my yucky feeling stomach at the start I chose not to take any GU's. I decided when I saw the water stop at mile 9 I had better go ahead and get a drink. Well that's all I got as the tables were empty of filled cups and the volunteers were dipping the water out of a cooler as fast as they could for the runners, I had to completely stop and wait about 45 seconds for a cup of water that had just enough for one drink of water! That was ok at the time but I was starting to feel a little light headed and hot and thirsty! Thankfully at mile 11 volunteers were standing there with cups of water in there hands, I grabbed one (and said Thank You) without stopping which I couldn't drink and run so I just took a couple of drinks and tossed it. I was getting a cramp in my left hamstring and just did my best to block it out, they were handing out orange slices about mile 11.75 so I grabbed one, I think it helped a LOT! I put several "fast" paced songs toward the end of my playlist on my ipod and I really think it helped me pull through the last couple of miles. A little after passing mile 12 I heard my mom yelling at me I was so glad to see her:)

Even though I don't really look like it I was still feeling good & Happy to see my mom!
Miles 13 - .15  9:07, 1:10
My feet was really starting to hurt and I was so glad I had "banked" an entire minute and 40 seconds of time. I kept telling myself "1:59:59 its GOING to be yours today! Just hang in there and don't stop!" I had to resist the urge to walk I told myself its ok to slow down just a bit but every time I looked at my pace it wasn't slowing. I saw what I thought was the finish area only to find there was still about a quarter of a mile to go. But then when I rounded the corner and really did see the finish I gave it my all! I felt like I was going to throw up, pass out or possibly even fall down but I just kept on going to the finish mat! My garmin said 1:58:30 but my official time was 1:58:26!! If I had any more strength I believe I could have kicked my heels up!!! :) :) :)

Feeling so Happy and Proud of myself:)

I LOVED this course I could not have asked for a better one or a more perfect day! Although I did not use many of the water stops they appeared to be empty at most of them, I think that is something that could have been better. I can't wait to do this one again and am considering doing the Full marathon next year instead of the half even though I found out after mile 20 there is several hills.
Sarah and I She still looked great even after finishing her 1st Full Marathon!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Today's Mantra 1:59:59

Did I do it??

Hell ya!!!! 1:58:30 by my Garmin:)

Full report to come!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WIR- Running after Crashing & The Prom

Tuesday 4/17- Run 4mi/38:39 Step & Tone Aerobics
Thursday 4/19- Run 2.44mi/21:52
Saturday 4/21- Run for Russia 5k 25:46(official time)
Sunday 4/22- Run 8mi/1:25:44

Tuesday was one of the early 5am runs with Sarah:) We did really good and only stopped to walk one time to take off our jackets:) Thursday I was by myself and CRASHED (read about it HERE). I knew I needed to take at least a day or so off after that as I was having knee and elbow pain. My knee felt much better the next day but then my elbow began hurting pretty bad. I really worried how I would do at the Run for Russia 5k on Saturday. I told myself to just run it the best I could and don't worry how you do. This race is part of a series held by a hospital in Mt. Vernon, Ky, they are having one race a month and if you participate in so many you get a prize at the end, I'm all about the prizes big and small I just want them:) The last race for this series is also where I got my last 5k PR and passed the lady that had to tie her shoe. I knew she would be ready to redeem herself this time and not let me beat her again! These are small races like around 100 people but sure enough that lady started right up front on the line, but I was just a couple of steps behind her:) This course was different from the last one so I wasn't familiar with it, we started going down a short hill and I took off way too fast trying to keep up with the competition. It was wet and raining and a little boy in front of me fell down at the turn around~ all I could think of is "I HOPE I don't fall down again!!" So I decided I needed to NOT worry about the competition and worry about myself not falling! Plus I am no way able to keep a steady 7:50 pace YET that is:):)!! My miles went 7:53, 8:23, 8:33 with a finishing time of 25:46(official time) I ended up being the 3rd overall female 2nd in my age group and 20/113! I was very happy with that considering I was all beat and banged up! When they was giving out the awards the lady that was 3rd in my age group shouted out "She ALWAYS beats me" when they said my name~ that sure took me by surprise and made me smile inside!

Sunday morning I headed out with Sarah for our last long(ish) run before the half (and full for Sarah) of 8mi. My legs felt fine and ready and it was the first morning that I woke up and my elbow wasn't hurting so I was expecting a decent run. However once we got started my body (and mind) felt tensed and stressed! All I could think of was "PLEASE DO NOT let me fall again! It would hurt really bad if I fell again right now!!" I was ready for that run to be over almost as soon as we started~ugghh! I am so in hopes that doesn't weigh heavy on my mind during the Derby Half this Saturday and I can have the best run EVER and finish in 1:59:59, I want it so so BAD!! Guess we will just have to wait and see!

Saturday night my oldest daughter went to her Senior Prom! This was super exciting for us as she never does anything, did not get that from me at all!! She never goes to hang out with her friends, to dances, to anywhere just stays at home all the time! Unfortunately I am not a girly girl type and I can not fix hair in any way so my mom helped her do her hair and such. I enjoyed watching so much it was totally the highlight of my weekend!!

Dang I'm the shortest one in our household!

This is a HUGE thing she NEVER wears a dress at all!
Awww Sisterly Love

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Listened to my Body BUT.........

Yesterday I posted about listening to our bodies when we have aches and pains and when we should or shouldn't run. This morning when I got up about 4:30 crazy am I decided I would see how my knee felt before I made a decision about to run or not to run. It still felt a little sore so I did a little jogging in place to see. It felt fine so I got dressed brushed my teeth and headed out the door to drive to town to run (I live sorta in the country with no lighted area to run so I have to drive into town).

I parked saw that my buddy Sarah wasn't coming so I grabbed my headphones and off I went. I decided to change my route up a little so I would get a couple of miles in fairly close to my car in case the knee started to act up. Things was going along just fine and I was able to maintain an 8:50 pace, I was shocked thinking I wouldn't be able to.

I made it to 2.44mi and then...............

I CRASHED!!!!! :( on the sidewalk!!! The sidewalk we run on is not very smooth at all it is VERY bumpy and cracked and I am ALL the time telling everyone to watch out for it! And I fell on my hurting knee!!

I sat there for a moment, said a few cuss words, shed a few tears and finally got up and hobbled about a 1/2 mile back to my car.

I am okay just scrapped up pretty bad and my knee is hurting/throbbing which has gotten somewhat worse through out the day:( Hopefully tomorrow it will be lots better!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Listening to our Body

Listening to our body is a very hard thing to do.

I recently had one friend drop down to the half instead of completing the full marathon as planned due to some foot pain and other issues.

I also had another friend drop out of a half marathon due to foot pain.

This morning I was suppose to go run. I woke up with a sore achy knee, my back was hurting and a terrible sore throat. I wanted to go run. I debated on going to run. Yes I will go, No maybe not, Yes just go I'm sure you will feel better after right?

At the last possible minute I decided not to go. I think my body was telling me not to and just take the day for rest. My knee is still hurting BUT tomorrow morning I will run or at least try. Should I even if  my knee still hurts? Probably not!

Why is it so hard to listen to our body? What would you do? Run or take another day of rest?

Monday, April 16, 2012

2 WIR- Sinus' make me tired:(

Don't give up on me yet bloggy friends, for the last couple of weeks I seem to be having some sinus issues and have been extremely tired, like going to bed by 9pm tired (man I'm getting old, LOL) and in a yucky mood. But anyway here is a breakdown of my last two weeks:

Monday 4/2- Run/Walk 2.37 mi
Tuesday 4/3- Step & Tone Aerobics
Thursday 4/5- Run 4.25mi 37:45  Step & Tone Aerobics
Friday 4/6- Run 4mi 36:28
Sunday 4/8- Run 8mi 1:15:29

Monday 4/9- Run 3mi 27:29
Tuesday 4/10- Run 3.5mi 31:50  Step & Tone Aerobics
Thursday 4/12- Run 4mi 35:28   Step & Tone Aerobics
Saturday 4/14- Autism 5k(3.21mi) 26:02
                         Run 3mi 28:07
Sunday 4/15- Run 11mi 1:59:59          

I was surprised with myself how quickly I recovered from the crazy hilly half   I ran. Monday 4/2 Sarah and I got up for an early 5am run but we was both still a little sore from that half so we ended up running 1mi and walking the rest. Thursday morning I got up myself at 5am and told about it here. Once again I was impressed with myself:) Friday 4/6 we was all off for Good Friday so Shalan, Kathy and I met up for a morning run, it was Shalan's first run since the half and her foot ended up killing her after, she even had to go and have it checked out but thankfully it wasn't a fracture or anything too serious! Sunday 4/8 I went out for a longish run hoping to keep close to goal pace for the next half (9:09). I felt pretty good to begin with but my hips started to really hurt so I slowed it down and cut the distance to 8 instead of 10mi. I was still pretty close to goal pace though:)

I didn't plan on doing anything Monday 4/9 but when I got home from work the hubz asked me to go run with him, how could I refuse?! The last .30 of the run I completed at a 7:45 pace~ wow that's fast for me! Tuesday and Thursday were both 5am runs that felt GREAT and were below goal pace! I'm really liking the early thing but gosh it sure makes me tired by the end of the day.

Saturday 4/14 was the Autism 5k at our local park. The park is not my most favorite place to run bet you couldn't guess why? Its pretty hilly~ LOL!! For some reason they didn't advertise this race on the local web sites so there was a pretty small crowd like maybe 40 and I wasn't sure how they was doing awards or age groups. I knew for sure one person in my age group and that was at least who I had to beat. Well when they said go, go I did!! I took off way fast, fast for me my first mile was 7:46 and I was able to hold that pace for about a mile and a half!! What has gotten into me?? The only person ahead of me was a 12yr old boy and I had at least a couple of mins lead on the next person behind me, WHOOA me!! Towards the end I slowed my pace just so I could control my urge to want to walk thankfully I didn't walk and kept on sailing to be the 2nd finisher overall and 1st female!!! Hooray Go Me!! The course measured a little long 3.21mi and I finished in 26:04 my best time at the park!!  Later that evening when the hubz got home from work he asked me to go back to the park and run it again. Once again I couldn't refuse and tell him no, so I went along for another 3mi run just a little slower this time:)

Sunday 4/15 Sarah and I went for a long run of 11mi. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold my goal pace but I didn't mind I just wanted to be able to run it with little walking.  We actually did pretty well, it ended up being really warm and we walked a little but not any more than a total of a mile overall! I was happy with it considering it made 17miles in two days for me!!

Just two more weeks until the next half, keeping my fingers crossed for 1:59:59!!

2nd overall Whoo Hoo:)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

3TT- Shoes, Foam Rollers, Goal Pace

1. After theHalf last weekend we had already planned on taking a trip into Dick's Sporting Goods, got to use the coupons before they expire:) and Shalan needed to get some new shoes. I just recently got the Brooks Cadence but when I seen the Pure Flow.......I had to have them!! And since I had a coupon why not right?!?!?! I have walked a couple of times in them but this morning I took my first run in them. To me they feel the same as my Cadence but I'm sure they have some differences~ I LOVE them BOTH!!! (Shalan purchased the same ones as well:)

2. On Tuesday night at the end of aerobics class the instructor said we was going to do some cool down stretches with the foam rollers, something we have never done before and this was my first experience with the foam roller. OMG!!! That was the best thing ever, I so needed one of them Sunday morning after that crazy hilly half. It was kinda one of them "hurt so good" feelings. So glad my gym and whoever suggested it purchased those things:)

3. I have been pretty lazy with running this week so I was determined to get up this morning and go no matter what! And actually when the stupid alarm went off at 4:15am I was anxious and ready to get up. I wasn't sure if anyone was going to join me or not and when I figured out I was going to be solo and not chatting while running I set a goal pace for myself. I wanted to run 4mi at 9:15 pace or less (something I need to work on if I want to complete the half at the end of the month under 2hrs). As usual I waited until the end to look at the ole' Garmin was a SUCCESS!! I ended up with 4.25mi at an 8:53 pace!!! SWEET:)

Today is my Friday at work~Hooray!! Anyone have any thoughts on the Foam Rollers? Like em' or Hate em'??

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

WIR- Run the Bluegrass Half Oh those HILLS!!!

I told myself I was going to take it easy all week leading up to this half so I would have well rested legs and easy I did!

Tuesday 3/27- Walk 3mi
Thursday 3/29- Run 3mi 28:51 Walk 3mi
Saturday 3/31- Run the Bluegrass Half

Tuesday my friend Shalan and I walked it was so nice and pleasant. Crazy enough though  my legs hurt guess it was just from doing something different than I was used to! Thursday I decided that maybe I should do at least one little run to remind my legs they were going to be running so Sarah and I went out for 3mi. This was one of the best runs I (we) have had in a while:) We ran and chatted the entire time and our legs felt GREAT!! Guess its where I did nothing all week, LOL! Then I had already told Shalan I would walk with her so that made for a great cool down after the run.

My first priority on race morning was to meet Courtney :)) Oddly enough I text her when we got there told her I was heading to the main barn area walked in the door and we walked right into each other in a sea of people!!
Me & Courtney!!
This girl is SUPER NICE AND FRIENDLY and I so hope to get to meet up with her again!!

Friday night at the packet pick up I was pretty nervous and dreading the Half (mostly for personal reasons)  however I woke up Saturday with a whole different frame of mind, a positive happy it will be what it will be frame of mind. The weather was actually perfect about 55* and cloudy although at times I worried it might begin to rain thankfully it didn't.

Sarah, Me & Shalan
Sarah is a HUGE Ky Basketball fan, she was decked out in her UK stuff:) Go Big Blue!!
Sarah, Shalan and I decided Friday night we was going to do our best to all stay together hoping to give each other the motivation we needed to push through those darn hills. I am very thankful that Sarah and I did one of the practice runs they had on the course to be familiar with it. Sarah asked me was I going to be the pacer for us as we was waiting to begin~ Uhhh me?? a pacer?? That is normally NOT me but I told her I would do my best:)

Only the beginning!
Miles 1 - 3  10:00 9:42  9:17
Did I mention this thing was full of hills and I am a terrible pacer? I just ran how I felt the first huge uphill was right at the mile one point with no down hill after it. I did quite a bit of talking during the entire Half something else I'm usually not to good at, I think instead of the pacer I was the motivator:) as we was going up the hills I would say "Almost there!" As we began mile 3 I had already counted 5 hills and not just small hills~uggh!! I lost count after that!

Miles 4 - 6  10:04  10:14  9:48
Yep I'm not a pacer! Originally we talked about running 2miles at a time then walking .25, around 4.5mile going up yet another huge hill Shalan asked "Are we EVER going to walk?" I just looked at her and smiled and replied "Maybe the next uphill." Unfortunately we was loosing Sarah I kept looking back for her and decided if I saw her I would start walking in hopes she would catch up with us but I couldn't see her so I just tried to keep on with a steady pace. As we approached mile 6 Shalan said she was going to need a walk break and I agreed so once we saw the water stop at mile 6 we grabbed some water and walked to drink it! I was still talking quite a bit a stroller pusher passed us and I said "Hey think we could trade places?" he said "Sure you want to push for a while?" my reply "Ha! No I want in" :)

Miles 7 - 9  11:22  9:52   10:51
These were some TUFF miles but the hills were starting to be more fair meaning they gave down hill after the huge climb up! It was pretty much like a roller coaster ride up and down up and down. This is when we had to begin walking some but we still limited our walking to no more than .25 at a time. Also around 7.5 mile the medic cart came passing by us with Sarah on it!?!?! She yelled at me so I would be sure to see her and was bummed out, she has been having some serious trouble with her foot and it had hit hard:( When I saw her I dropped my arms and said "oh man DANG IT!!" The random lady beside me looked at me funny, I told her that was my friend in the medic cart and then she understood my crazy reaction.  From these miles on we pretty much stayed in the same group of people some of us would walk and then we would run taking turns passing each other.

Miles 10 - 12   11:29  11:22  10:49
Umm yeah I'm not a pacer! Shalan has been having trouble with her hamstrings and they was beginning to bother her. My calves were beginning to scream at me. But we still did a pretty good job at sticking to the only walking .25 although we wasn't running a whole 2miles in between walking. There was still some pretty steep hills during these miles and we both was ready to be DONE!! I never looked at the overall time the entire time so we had no idea what it was. I knew the last mile and a half was fairly even and wanted to try to run that entirely. Right before mile 12 there was one more water station, I hadn't taken any GU's due to being afraid they may upset my stomach but since there was only a little over a mile left I decided to take the one and only one I brought with me since there was water to help wash it down.

Mile 13 - .13   11:11  .54
We pretty much just ran slow until the final turn to the finish line. Then something took over Shalan...that girl took off in a dead sprint!! It was ALL I could do to keep up with her!! My words out loud were "HOLY COW!! I THINK I MIGHT THROW UP!! I'M GOING TO SLOW DOWN!! ARE YOU GOING TO SLOW DOWN!! I MIGHT THROW UP!!" And finally we crossed the finish line:)

The sprinting was beginning! What the heck is that lady doing??? HA!
I am VERY pleased with my finish time of 2:16:58!! I am VERY pleased in the way we ran the entire half!! I am VERY pleased that this is the first time I have EVER finished with someone I trained with and was able to stay side by side the ENTIRE time:) Even though it wasn't my fastest overall this was an awesome experience!!

Goodness Gracious the walk to the car seemed like forever and miles away!

OMG that was hard! And a hard task of putting on my compression socks afterwards!