Saturday, May 29, 2010


Today was an off day from my race "Serres" so I decided to participate in another 5k because I really like the race director, and well let's face it I am addicted to 5k's and think I HAVE to do one every Saturday! I know this area is very hilly so I was hoping for  a small turnout. I arrived pretty early so I watched as every one arrived and started sizing up my competition(Hey I can't help it I like getting medals/awards). It wasn't too bad of a crowd (maybe around 75 or so) BUT they was mostly women and appeared to be SEVERAL in my age group:( That's okay just keep it slow & steady and kick it at the end, right? The weather wasn't too warm yet but I knew it was coming. Okay time to line up, kiss and hug my photographer (thanks Mom) and the announcer was saying no gun to start just the old fashion way. Looking at my watch we had about 2mins till start so I am going to tie my shoe and what, Ready Set tying very fast NOW and GO!! Are you serious......

That's me in the blue w/crazy look!!
So off we are and what do ya know there is a BIG hill right at the very beginning. But I did pretty good pacing myself. A young boy maybe 12- 14ish came running past me as hard and fast as he could, I so bad wanted to tell him to slow down but felt so much better just sailing past him as he only lasted about half way up that hill!! And wouldn't you know it about the entire race was in the beaming SUN!! But I am still pacing myself pretty good. I made it until about 2.15ish until I took a small walk break about 30 seconds. Between mile 2 till finish was the hilliest part ever, a constant up and down, so I took another walk break about 2.25. My legs once again got the tingly feeling and I wanted to hold some energy for a strong finish as I new there was a small hill at the finish with a pretty big incline. I started up again with a slow pace, up ahead I saw a large curve to the right and new that was the entrance back to the finish line, so I picked it up a bit. All the runners ahead of me crossed over to the right side of the road so I did too, until I thought"Wait a minute, we have to turn left into the park I need to stay on the left and cut the tangent(make a straight line thru the curve)!" That curve also had somewhat of a decline so I picked it up a bit more and that move helped me pass one of the two ladies I soo badly wanted to pass.

I was so glad I was able to pass the girl in the black BECAUSE

It made me finish 3rd in my age group!! YAY!! Official finish time was 29:50 I am happy with it considering the course!!
Me & The nicest race director I have EVER met!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Runs

So its the time of year when its HOT!! And who likes to run in heat??? On my way home from work it started raining(the pop up shower type) and I was thankful cause it cooled down a bit but then the sun came back out and in my opinion it was HOT again!! The hubs & I went to the gym first and then on to the park to run our faithful 2 mi loop we always run. You would really think I would be used to that run since it has been almost a year for running it and about 5 years walking it, BUT I still take walk
breaks:( I am wanting to up my weekly mileage so I decided today HAD to be at least a 4mi day. No worries about speed just get the distance done. My first loop wasn't too bad although at the end I realized I went out way faster than I wanted to cause you guessed it I took about a 45 second walk break. I stopped to  get a drink of water from the fountain and begin the second loop. It was TERRIBLE!! I probably walked about a quarter of it, was extremely hot, feeling the chills running through my body and way out of control breathing. Wondering if just maybe I needed more water before or during the run. I really need to work on that cause I have not been a water drinker while running or even before only after. I have a feeling it is going to be a HOT HOT HOT summer this year and all of my runs except Saturday morning races will have to be after work/late evening.(I am such a better morning runner!) Guess its just like anything else you get better in time! Hopefully once my body adjusts to the heat more I can do better. And really my time wasn't all that bad considering I walked around 1/4 of the 4mi = 41:32(10:22 pace)

One awesome thing today, Running Chics posted MY BLOG on facebook today!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wellness Center 10k

Winner announced at the end of this post !!

I really started stressing about the 10k about 2weeks ago, probably cause I didn't prepare. But I told myself don't let the mental game get you!! So when I woke up yesterday I didn't even really think about it being any different than getting up and ready for any ole race. Clear mind and stress free. Plus I was wearing my running skirt (see yesterdays post HERE on that) and just had to look cute wearing it. I had tried earlier in the week to try and find out the course with no success, but it didn't really matter I still had to run it. (I like to try to see the course before hand for some reason) I quickly met up with the "girls" and started discussing a game plan. I soo badly wanted to just be able to keep up with them. We kept about a 9:30 to 9:45 pace for the first 3.5mi and I was still right with them, then we stated approaching miles 4-5 and I started losing them:( They were in my sights but I could see myself getting further and further behind. About mile 5 we entered a neighborhood that looped around, on the back loop it where I completely lost them and I was really feeling drained. At the beginning of the race I drank a 5hr energy but my legs were really getting tired, then I remembered I put a power gel in my pocket for just in case so I swallowed it! And what do ya know...when I was reaching the finish maybe about .7 or so mi left to go I picked up my pace and sprinted to the end!!
See Giving it All I Had Probably the worst looking pic of me I will ever post!!
I really wanted to finish in an hour or less but my finishing time was
Guess that's not too bad and since its my first 10k got it its a PR!!!

Okay so now for the real reason you are reading...I didn't use instead I used Random Number Generator to pick a winner. And the lucky number was
The randomly picked number is: 66
Which was
Holly !!
Congrats Holly send me some info so I can get ya your package
bobbie zero87 at msn dot com!!
Thanks to all that entered and a BIG thanks for all the advice!! I am working on some more giveaways so stay tuned!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wearing a Running skirt?


Today was a day of firsts, I ran my first 10k and I wore a running skirt for the first time. (Race report will come tomorrow!!)

I gathered my outfit last night and of course tried it on to see how I "looked". Wasn't too sure but thought what the heck, you bought the thing might as well wear it. I purchased my running skirt from another blogger it is black with the "Run Like a Girl" motto on the back. It has the undies built in but I also wore thin undies as well, it was a more comfortable fit for me.  After arriving to the race and wearing the skirt for a while I felt more and more comfortable in it. As the race began I started feeling my thighs rubbing together and worried about having chafing. However except for being annoyed by the rubbing I did not have any chafing which was a huge relief!! The wonderful Hubs took me to Kohl's the other night and purchased me another running skirt, it also has the built in undies so I am going to give it a try to see if the rubbing is an issue with it.  I am wondering .....Do they come with maybe a little longer "undie" inside maybe with some compression?? Sounds like a good question for the ladies of and MAYBE just maybe they will offer one for me to try and HOPEFULLY giveaway, we'll see what happens!


A couple of pics showing the skirt

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So I had really hoped to further than this but, I have broke the 200 mile mark!! When I started training for my half marathon I thought I should end up with some serious miles this year, as I only began my running status in June 2009, I did not keep track of home many miles I completed. So when January rolled around this year I decided I needed to keep track of these kind of things however I did decide not to put a number on my yearly totals. I think since this is the first complete year of running maybe I should just keep track of the mileage and set some kind of goal next year. Would any other "bloggers" agree with me on that or should I have set a goal already?

I also LOVE watching Biggest Loser, was it not great tonight? The marathon is one of my favorite things to watch on the show. Those people just continue to amaze me every year. I have absolutely NO thoughts about doing a full marathon anytime soon, but watching those people tonight WOW just truly inspirational!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

PR Baby!! :)

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Guess the ducks felt the urge to run today as well!!

Yesterdays race was held at our local park, which is where the hubbs and I run, so I was glad about that although I still haven't mastered that course yet I do feel pretty comfortable with it. However when I woke up to prepare for the race I wasn't feelin' it. The weather was going to PERFECT for running so in my mind I was thinking that there would be LOTS of people and I will probably suck. None the less I got ready on was on my way and on the way I got the butterfly feeling, why? This was at the place that I run (attempt to anyway) all the time why am I feeling so nervous?? Maybe its because I DO run there all the time and I SHOULD do fairly well but today I am not expecting to do so well!
When I arrived there was a very small crowd, which I was pleased with usually for me the smaller the better my chances of placing. However my mistake the race didn't start until 8:30 so the crowd slowly started to grow. All in all it still wasn't that bad but I still felt nervous, then they separated the walkers and let them go first so that took out a few what I thought was some my age. So I started feeling better about it.
Look I am smiling!! As we began the race my knees felt weak and tingly like. Then I told myself this is crazy you know this place no matter which way you turn it around or weave it around it is still the same place you come to ALL the time. Get with it!! So I started a slow and steady pace. Twila has been rockin' these things so I thought as long as I can keep her in my sights I am good. Then there is Betty...she is in her 60's and still rocks these things!! And what do ya know I had her in my sights as well. Sorry Betty we Love ya but it sure makes us feel good to keep up with ya!! And Then I passed her, although she passed me up by the end it felt good for those few seconds(possibly minutes). As the end was getting closer I could tell that slow steady pace I was planning on wasn't there and I wasn't doing too bad at the pace I had(mile one was 8:20=WOW) but I knew it was on me, I took 2 small walk breaks(a total of 1:53 walking).
Look at me going strong!!
We I rounded the corner and knew the finish was just ahead, the strong finish thought kicked in, was I ready. Don't know but let's do it, so I gave it all I had and what do ya know, are you kidding me.....I got a PR!!! 27:30 That is my best 5k finish time since I began these things in June 2009!! I felt great!! Once again I think I felt the "runners' high"! Now I couldn't wait for awards. The age groups went my 10's which usually isn't in my favor, we have some fast ladies around in the 30 - 39 group!!
YAY!! I got 2nd not too shabby for someone who didn't think she was going to do so well!!

At this time I want to take a moment to thank Steve(that's moms bfriend). Mom, the historian, photographer, extra person you need, had to go to work right after I crossed the finish line. So she handed camera duties over to Steve. He did a GREAT job, he took the pic of me with my award winning mug and shiny silver key chain!! So here's to you Steve "Thanks for staying to take the pics, you did a great job!! Also thanks for taking the time to come to the last two races, the more support the better! Knowing there are people on the side lines actually watching me helps me get thru that extra push that I need." (Also need to thank papaw he's attended the last two as well!!)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Not so great day (& a GIVEAWAY!!)

So today was just one of those days. And why does it always seem like anytime you try to do something nice for someone it comes back to bite you in the end?? That was my day at work but anyway...
 I feel like I have forgotten that I need to be running and preparing for the 10k coming up on the 22nd...Hello that is only in 10 days and I haven't ran any kind of distance over 3mi. I am going to suck and it is only my fault!! Why did I do this to myself, who knows. The only good thing is it will be my 1st 10k so that means......PR!! I am really hoping for under an hour but we will see. There has been a couple of good things this week though    
    This wonderful thing that I ordered Finally arrived!! Yay now I can have computer time whenever I want!! (Sorry honey I Love ya but momma needs some computer time too!!)
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10
And I purchased these beauties as well!! I wore them tonight to break them in before race day and they felt GREAT!! I actually wore them at home for a couple of hours before heading out and they were so light I didn't even feel like I had shoes on at all!! Dang it looks like I am on a shopping spree and I don't have any $$$!! Just means I won't be buying anytime soon on anything else:(

Any Whoo...enough of my ramblings and on the the giveaway!!! I know everyone is familiar with Bondi Bands. The great folks over there was kind enough to send me a couple to try out. I really like these bands!! The wide ones are wide enough to cover my ears on cool morning runs and they hold in place really nice! I never had to adjust mine and it was comfortable the entire time I wore it!! If you haven't tried one I recommend you should****OR****MAYBE You could WIN one right here!!!! Along with the two I was sent to try out I was also sent 2 yeah that's right TWO to giveaway!!

I also had some LARABARs to try out as well! Yummy, yes! Great snack for after runs/working out, yes!!!

How do ya enter:
*Be a Follower of my Blog
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* Give me some motivation!! I have really enjoyed "learning" to run but here lately I feel I have lost my mojo
:( so HELP ME OUT!! Or the best advice for a SLACKER that has a 10k coming up and hasn't put in any miles :((
* Link my giveaway on your Blog, Twitter or Facebook

The winner will receive the two bands and the two bars shown above. Sorry but only US residents. A winner will be picked via on 5/23   

I was given the bondi bands and larabars. The info above is only my opinions!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My week in Review & Race Recap

Sorry for being absent from blog world this week, been a little busy doing whatever at work and the hubs and I share a computer at home(which he mostly gets to use). However that is about to change (and I am so hoping it will be tomorrow) as I have ordered me a laptop all to myself!! Maybe now I can get on a more regular blogging pattern/schedule.
   Exercise and running has been not enough for me this week, which sucks in my opinion. Wednesday I went out for my first run of the week, it was a 3 miler at our park(which I have said in the past is not the easiest of courses). I have really been focusing on slow and steady during everyday runs and am really amazed how great I feel! Wednesday run came in at about 26 mins which is really good for me. Now that it is getting daylight earlier I am going to start getting out in the mornings to help add up some mileage. I am really not a fan of splitting up distance runs but I am going to give it a try and see what happens. Any opinions on this? I would LOVE to hear them!!
   Something I found amusing this week, the hubs has a Harley and LOVES to ride it. He has started going to these Bike Night things where all the bikers get together , they have food (usually pork bbq and stuff like that, I DO NOT EAT PORK PRODUCTS!) and raffle off door prizes. Well this week he asked me to go along and decided why not? So I started looking thru my closet and had a huge dilemma, I had nothing to wear, the only clothes I kept looking thru was my running clothes! Of course I finally found the best thing possible and realized now I need to search out for the perfect Harley Davidson T!! While at the festivities, looking around at all the "bikers" I realized I(we) really didn't fit it and then the question hit me"Can we be Bikers and Fitness people at the same time?"

On to Saturdays race recap...The weather was perfect about 45 - 50 degrees although it was very windy which made it cool after the race and body temps started cooling down. But the sun was shining and it was beautiful. The 5k was a memorial for a mother that died a couple of years ago while getting choked at a restaurant eating steak, tragic I know! So there is usually a LOT of people at this. And there was 422 runner/walkers. I took this race with my slow and steady thinking and actually did decent. I was 8th out of 53 in my age division and 119 overall. Not too shabby in my opinion!

Another reason I have one of the Best Mom's Ever, She always goes along to take awesome pics like this of me !!

They also had a kids Mad Dash and I asked my best friends son to attend. He's 4 getting ready to be 5 and attended one last fall with me. He was so super excited and did great! When they said go he shot off like a rocket!! Great Job Baron, Aunt Bobbie Loves You!!
Guess that rocket on his shirt helped!

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all!! But I want to especially say "THANKS" and "Happy Mother's Day" and of course "I LOVE YOU MOM!" to my mother! Like everyones mom she is the BEST mom for me! I would have never made it in life if it wasn't for her guideance and knowledge and  willing attitude! So once again mom, "THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!! YOU ARE THE BEST MOM EVER!! LOVE YOU!!"

Sunday, May 2, 2010

No 5k Today :(

Well I attempted it anyway. Once again this morning I awoke to thunderstorms, lighting and tornado warnings. Great this is going to be just like yesterday! So I threw my clothes in the dryer, might as well wear the same ones, and went anyway. The directors were there and I was the only runner to show up (guess that confims the crazy fact!) but they postponed it until 12:30pm. It was still pouring rain and thundering so I chose not to go back. Kinda feel lik kicking myself for not attempting it again but hey I need to save my $$ for the next race of the "SERRES"!!

Hope it is SUNNY where ever you are cause it looks terrible here!! Happy Sunday!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pouring Rain 5k

Okay so when I ran the half that was the worst weather conditions I HAD ever until TODAY!! When I got up it was raining just kinda drizzly like and I thought not so bad. Then it started thundering. Still scary cloudy but not raining and still didn't matter because I WAS going, its the first race of the "Serres". Still no rain until it was time to line up! A couple of claps of thunder, a quick flash of lighting and announcements from the race director: Thanks to all sponsors, runners for showing up, weather not looking the greatest but we are going to do this, safety first come back if needed and look along the course for stuffed animals and hats, anyone that returns with one gets a prize.  Then it started raining so hard with HUGE rain drops and what's that I see....its a stuffed animal go get it!  Back up a little, while waiting I meet up with some fellow runners and we started the race together laughing, thinking what in the heck are we thinking and then we started seeing the stuffed animals. Each of us went a different direction to grab one, I had a frog, one had a mountain goat and another a bear. I used the frog to hold over my head until whats that I see ahead...its a hat forget the frog I am taking the hat nothing to carry and its covering my head! Now about the course, I had already heard that it wasn't the easiest and I am already dreading it on top of pouring down huge rain drops.  Let's just say they were right!! The first mile was pretty much downhill and I took off way too fast, (I don't have a watch that tells me each mile so this is from the race directors on the side) it was 8:08. Still feeling okay I made it to mile 2 at 18:03 and then the major uphills going back came in gravel with streams of water gushing down while wearing soaking wet clothes, pants that felt so heavy I thought they were going to fall off, and shoes with ponds inside them! Needless to say I had to start walking way more than I wanted to or should have. Maybe if I could have controlled my pace better at the beginning I could have dragged on.
Almost there!

My overall finish time was 31:14 and I was 1st place female 30 - 34!! Although I think I was the only one but hey its a win!!

At least we are all smiling!
Twila from over at Running 2010 in 2010 rocked it today!! YOU GO GIRL!! Once she took off, she took off! Had to be that dang mountain goat that helped her up them hills LOL!!

Here I am with all of my winnings! A Rose when you crossed the finish line, a talking pedometer for picking up the hat, the hat, a plaque and a Ky Derby Collector glass for 1st in age group. Not too bad for being in the pouring rain!

In my last post I mentioned doing two 5k's this weekend in the rain. And yes I am planning on doing it again in the morning. Am I crazy? Not sure. Love Running? I think so!