Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Race-Kred(Giveaway)- Have You Earned Yours?

Do you know what Race-Kred is? Let me tell you a little about it!

Race-Kred are these awesome charms you put on your shoe laces in which you can show off your accomplishments or remind your self of your own accomplishments! And who doesn't want to show everyone their personal running accomplishments? Even if its 5k,  to me even a mile is an accomplishment considering not everyone is a runner. And who doesn't like affordable SWAG?

I came across Race-Kred after I finished my sub 2 Half and was searching neat runner gifts. When I saw what exactly Race-Kred was I knew it was exactly what I wanted! Lane was kind enough to offer me two shoe charms as I was having a hard time choosing which one I really liked best. For me I truly felt like completing my first 5k was Race-Kred worthy but I am also very proud of my sub 2 Half and thought it was just as worthy! I received my shoe swag the night before a the Jennie Carol 5k in which I really wanted to do well in, so I placed the 5k charm on my shoe hoping it would bring me a little "luck".

Goodness look at my HUGE foot!

 Sure enough it did and I earned that 5k charm that day:) as I raced to a new PR of 23:57 after telling a friend at the start of the race that "I don't think I will ever run a 23 anything"! Thank You Race-Kred for reminding me anything is possible, that's what I thought when I looked down at my Charm!!

So do you think you have earned a Race-Kred of your own? (I know ALL of you HAVE:) Lane was also kind enough to send a 13.1 Charm to offer for a GIVEAWAY!!!

How to Enter:

***Must Be a Follower of THIS awesome wonderful (LOL:) Blog!
***Must like Race-Kred on Facebook and leave a quick comment on you have earned your Kred
***Bonus Entries***
***Visit Race-Kred's site and leave a comment on which one you want
***Sign up for the R-K Newsletter 
***Spread the word- Blog It, Tweet It (please include @bobbie087), Facebook It
       one entry for each please leave separate comments

A winner will be selected June 9

I was given two Race-Kred's to review and give my own opinion about. Not paid for an opinion!

Monday, May 28, 2012

WIR- A Slow Week for Me

Monday 5/21- Run 3mi/27:16
Thursday 5/24- Step & Tone Aerobics
Saturday 5/26- Pregnancy Resource 5k 25:41
Sunday 5/27- Run 6mi/58:18

Gosh I have been lazy this week, for some reason I just haven't really felt like doing anything:(  really hate that feeling! It has been crazy hot this week so that is what I'm blaming it on, an excuse anyway. Monday the hubz and I went to the park I was all set and ready until I started running. After the first few steps I just wasn't feeling it and he took off. My right ankle started feeling crazy so I stopped a couple of times to check it out and after about a mile I had to force myself to continue on cause I just wasn't feeling it!  Tuesday I was going to get up for an early morning run but I felt like a lead weight, in fact the rest of the week my legs felt funky kinda weak and tired feeling so I decided not to run all week and see what happens.

Saturday morning wasn't any different I thought I would feel ready and excited to run but my legs still felt funky. The 5k was part of the "Serres" so there was no way I was going to miss it and once again it was crazy HOT! This was the most unorganized race I think I have ever been to which didn't help my mood any! I told everyone I just wasn't feeling it and I wasn't sure what was wrong with me, thankfully my pace buddy Kelly was there. The race was suppose to start at 8:30am but by 8:35 they still hadn't began yet, I think we finally took off about 8:45 which didn't help in the heat and full sun. The first mile and a half was ok but I went way down hill after that, I slowly starting falling behind Kelly and fell so far behind there was no way I was going to catch back up. I really don't like "racing" at the park it is very hilly with long steady uphills I even walked about 3short times mostly due to the heat and trying to catch my breath. It was a very small crowd only 56 runners but somehow I managed to be the 3rd overall woman and 1st in my age group. Kelly and her husband was 1st overall male/female!

Sunday I decided I needed to go for a longish run, I was hoping to do 10mi but since I hadn't run like that for a few weeks and I left the house an hour later than I planned I just decided to play it by ear and see how I felt. Thank goodness I took my water belt because I sure needed it even at 8am it was already 72* and very humid. I didn't even care how long or slow I went I just wanted to run I started out pretty good but the hotter it got the more tired and funky feeling my legs got so I called it quits at 6mi and used the last mile back to my car to walk and cool down a little. I was happy with the overall pace considering my feelings but my last two miles were dragging on forever and I started taking too many walk breaks that's when I really knew I needed to stop and be happy with the 6 I completed. Later that evening I met up with my friend Shalan who has moved away and we walked 2mi, that felt great!

This week I am getting my act together! Hopefully anyway!!

How do you know when its time to take a break from running? Even though you are taking a break how much or often should you run to not "loose" your speed or running abilities?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

WIR- Another Awesome Race 10k This Time & My Graduate

Monday 5/14- Run 5mi/45:00
Tuesday 5/15- Run 4.25mi/39:52  Step & Tone Aerobics
Thursday 5/17- Step & Tone Aerobics
Friday 5/18- ProActive 5k(3.19mi) 26:49
Saturday 5/19- McDowell Wellness 10k 53:04

The previous week I told how my hubz turned into the energizer bunny and took me on a 5mi run, well I took him on one Monday. I hadn't run for 2days and my legs were FRESH and READY to ROLL unfortunate for him, lol! I started out right beside him then got in front of him thinking he was right behind me until I turned to look, he was at least .25 to 1/2mile behind me, oops didn't mean to leave him that far behind:) So I would slow down and wait for him. On our way back to the car he tried to speed up and get the lead on me but I stayed right on his heels and passed him again, one of his friends drove by and said he better speed up:) Bless his heart when we got back to the car he laid down on the sidewalk! Another one of his friends pulled up and asked if he was ok, he replied with "She ran me to death tonight!" Ha! Love It:)))
The next morning I got up for an early morning run and was surprised how well I did. I wasn't really feeling it and told myself to just run how I felt so I was very pleased with the 9:22 overall pace.  Then I took a break for the next couple of days I was just tired and didn't feel like running :(

Friday my girls and I spent all day gone from the house getting Jane's (my car) checkup and shopping only to get home for about 45mins before we left again to head out for me to run the 2nd leg of a Trifecta Series I signed up for (can you tell I enjoy series?). OMG it was very warm and I was not ready for such a hot race! It was miserable, I took off way too fast my miles were slower each one, I even had to take about 10 walking steps but when I saw some of the faster people at the front of the pack walking I felt like it was ok for me to as well! The end of this race goes slight uphill ~uggh why do races do that to you? but I just went up it the best I could and didn't worry if I was going to place or not!

So stinking HOT and READY to FINISH!
 This race was held in Frankfort, Ky and I always love their races, they have live bands and its always so festive. Thankfully at the end they was handing out Popsicles:) YUM! With as hot as it was that was the best thing ever. I told mom I didn't think I placed so we could leave if she wanted to but she told me not to underestimate myself and we was going to stay. She is such a smart woman:) I ended up being 2nd in my age group and 84 out of 773 total!

Thirteen and a half hours later I got up to do it all over again except for a 10k this time around. Last year I finished this one in 55:11 so I put a goal on myself of 54 something but wasn't sure since I ran the night before. This was a "Serres" race and my buddy Kelly that I have been pacing/running beside in these races wasn't there so that left me searching who could I pace with? My friend Sarah told me at the start she knew I could finish in 53 something, I told her I would like to keep an 8:50 pace but still didn't feel too confident in myself. About a mile in I quickly found my pacers, more friends I have met through these races:)
Me & my pacer Todd~ Thumbs Up!
I considered wearing the same outfit from the night before but decided not too however I sure wished I would have worn a tank because it got warm really quick! Once again I was VERY surprised at how good I felt and the awesome pace I was able to keep up with thanks to Todd:) This is another "Serres" race that I have never placed at, for some reason the 10k brings out all of the fast people that only run this race. But I was feeling pretty good and confident that day, until around a little after mile 5 that's when I started feeling sluggish, I kept reminding myself though only one more mile to go. As I came into the final stretch and could see the time clock at 52:50 I gave it all I had and finished in 53:04!!! Shocked Yes I was:) I told mom I think I need to start setting a goal on myself more often since every time I do I beat it! Once again I received 2nd in my age group, two second place finishes back to back I will happily take it :)))

Later that evening my oldest daughter graduated from high school~ what an emotional day it was!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Whooha Gear

I was recently given the opportunity to try out Believe You Can Burnout Tee

I REALLY LOVE this Tee! But first of all I must admit I am not a fan of "burnout" type shirts as they are fitted and I am NOT a fitted type person. However when I put this shirt on it was so comfortable! And the saying or motto on the shirt
"Believe You Can & You're Halfway There"
is something I believe in:) This year I have been thinking my focus is and should be on half marathons as I want to be super at them (well super for me anyway:)

I decided to wear my shirt for the first time to one of the biggest local "Serres" races, although it was only a 5k I got SEVERAL compliments on this awesome shirt. A couple of my friends who have been thinking about doing there first half said it made them want to go ahead and do one so they could purchase "cool 13.1 stuff"! Of course I told them to check out Whooha Gear!
**The only half way negative thing I can say it the shirts run small in size so be sure to size up when ordering! Its posted on the web site as well**

So DON'T DELAY head on over to WHOOHA GEAR today and check out the AWESOME selection!

Me in my AWESOME Burnout Tee!! Surprised but I LOVED the way it fits:)
THANK YOU Julie @Whooha Gear for letting me review such an AWESOME shirt!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

3tt- I Knew This would Happen

1. So yea my so called "father" I posted about the other day suppose to be coming for my daughters graduation (HIS granddaughter), WELL surprise surprise he emailed me yesterday that he was now not coming! I am so upset/angry over this I could just spit nails, at him of course! Why did he ever say he was coming in the first place? I so wish he would have just said "No" in the beginning so I would be over it by now!! Thankfully it hasn't upset my daughter only me! I so knew this would happen!! UGGHH!!!

2. I tried to get up the morning for an early a.m. run, when the alarm went off I wasn't feeling the best. I got up to brush my teeth and my entire body felt like a lead weight! I laid back down thinking should I go or not, tossed it around in my head several times. Then I thought about my upcoming weekend of doing back to back races, 5k Friday night/ 10k Saturday morning, and decided maybe that was my body's way of saying just rest and wait?!

3. Today is my Friday for work HOORAY!!! Come on 4:30pm, Lol!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2012 Miwok 100K Trail Run- Check this out!

Check out this pretty Awesome video! Although I couldn't imagine doing this who knows maybe some day!
An 1800 ascent in the first two miles and at least 88 hills~ Oh My!! These are true athletes for SURE!!

Thanks Scott at Outside PR for sharing it with me!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Life is an Emotional Rollercoaster......

Any Desperate Housewives watchers? I LOVED the show and am heartbroken that it is now over~ forever! While watching the finale last night and thinking about everything going on in my life right now it has really had me thinking......(it really doesn't pay to start thinking!) and once again maybe I shouldn't share all of my thoughts with the whole wide world but hey why not it is my blog after all!

I was glad that the Housewives ended without any terrible tragedies and thought it was super sweet when Karen McCluskey spoke up to take the blame during Bree's trial. I totally think I would do the same for my friends if I was already on my death bed and then when she died it left me thinking, if I died tomorrow who would come to my funeral? Would I have lots of regrets of things I should have done or things I should have said? Would people that I hope are my friends but maybe have grudges or in differences towards me at the moment be able to let go of those things and morn me? I'm sure I have made several people upset over my lifetime thus far.  Will I know who's there? Who knows and why do I have those thoughts right now? Crazy thoughts I know!

Then there is my oldest Daughter.....she graduates High School this Saturday which of course makes me think of the last 18yrs of her life! It seems like just yesterday she was a little baby. Along with the graduation stuff comes my father who will be coming. Since 2009 I have seen my father two times and that was only due to the deaths of both of my grandmothers. Needless to say we aren't the close father/daughter type although many years ago I couldn't imagine my life with out seeing him. Why are things so different now? Is it my fault? Maybe partly but not totally. Even though our children are getting older I can not imagine not making the time to see our girls.

At the end of the Desperate Housewives it flash backed several things they had all done together good and bad and then how they all separated and went their own ways. As we get older our friends tend to become our "family" and we really need to hold them close and cherish the time we do spend with each other. It seems like any more so many lives are cut short for illness' beyond our control. Life is just full of ups and downs. Live each day to the fullest.

Not sure where all this has come from within me just some events in my life that has left me thinking! Trust me I'm alright just deep in thought:)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

WIR- I Did WHAT!!!

Tuesday 5/8- 4.10mi w/Hill Repeats Step & Tone Aerobics
Wednesday 5/9- 5.25mi 50:21
Thursday 5/10 Step & Tone Aerobics
Saturday 5/12- Jennie Carol 5k (3.06mi)

Low mileage this week but gonna work on that this week. Tuesday morning Sarah and I had planned on doing hill repeats, for the first time ever! I got to town realized I forgot my Garmin text Sarah she didn't respond so I figured she wasn't coming and I took off running. I used the Map my Run app on my phone to measure the distance but wasn't sure on how accurate it was so I also ran a route that I knew what the distance was. Then Sarah text while I was out that she had overslept and was on her way, she picked me up and we headed for a hill. We have decided to try doing some different things in training like the hill repeats and track workouts so I'm anxious to see how and if it helps. We did 6xhill repeats, at first I thought it wasn't so bad but by the time the 5th one came I could tell it was definitely a work out and I could REALLY tell it at aerobics later that night and the next morning! Wednesday I ran with the Hubz which you can read all about HERE! Thursday morning I got up to run but was feeling a little worn out so I decided to take the extra couple of hours of sleep instead:) and just went to aerobics after work.

Then came Saturday Race Day! Another "Serres" race.  Also as I stated HERE this is a race I REALLY wanted to do well in as I have never placed in even though I had an awesome PR at last year! Friday night I wasn't really feeling it and Saturday morning wasn't much better but in my mind all I could think was "Run FAST Bobbie!"

Sarah & I at the start!
The weather was PERFECT for running it was about 52* and the sun was coming out. This is a big race for our area usually around 400+ runners as it is in memory for a local teacher that died a few years ago  celebrating with her family after completing the Ky Derby mini it was very sad even though I didn't know her.  When I arrived I saw a fellow runner that is fast and asked him if he could pace me at 8 - 8:15 and he said sure no problem just line up with him, so that was my plan! We lined up front and when they said go my pacer took off like a rocket! So much for him I was all alone the first .25 I was at 6:45 pace! Then I saw my buddy Kelly and knew if I could just keep with her then I would be doing great. When we passed the first mile it was 7:30 and I wasn't sure I could keep it up. I kept telling myself "Yes you can you have got this!" I think the second mile was around 7:50 and I was shocked at how well I felt and really I didn't feel too out of breath. In the last mile there was an incline for about .25mi then we had to do a lap around the track to finish, I told Kelly we was almost at the uphill and to get ready but together we took that hill with ease a little slower but with ease! When we crossed the finish line and I looked at my Garmin I was in TOTAL SHOCK as it said 24:02!!! My official time was 23:57 which made me even happier. I went from never placing to getting 1st in my age group!! Needless to say I had the "Runners High" all day:) and it just goes to show you CAN do ANYTHING if you just put your mind to it!  That of course is a new PR and it beat my last one by one whole minute!!
Me & Kelly I told Mom she was making me run fast!
I told Kelly I owed it all to her I really don't think I could have done it without her, she said she felt the same with me but it was truly her! I think together we just run great together and the best thing is we aren't in the same age group so there isn't a competition factor just race friends running together!

I have a question about the Hill Repeats, What is the proper way to do them? Should you sprint the hills or just run them up and down?

Hope everyone had an awesome week!

Friday, May 11, 2012

My Hubz turned into the Energizer Bunny......

Every now and then my loving (no sarcasm there, lol!) husband wants to go and run with me. Usually his max is 3mi, so that is what I expected to do with him the other night. I told him I really wanted to do to a practice run on the course for the 5k this weekend, so we went into town. We did the first mile of the course then he said "Let's go this way" and I let him lead the way! My good ole Garmin dinged for 2mi and I thought he would be heading back the way we came but he just kept on going.  We was approaching a big hill that I really don't like and usually walk up, I told him that and his reply was "Well not tonight, you are gonna run it, maybe slow, but we aren't walking!" Once we got up the hill again I thought for sure he would be ready to head back and he just kept on going and going and going! I never said anything I just decided I would just keep on following! Finally he stopped at the end of our local shopping center and asked how far we had gone 3.05mi but then we still had to go back! I told him to go back a little different way which cut out a mile so we ended up with 5.25mi overall at 9:35 pace! Not to shabby when I was only mentally prepared for 3mi! I wish I would have thought to take a pic of us~ Bad Blogger!

Tomorrow I am running another "Serres" race, one that I have never placed in and I REALLY, REALLY want to! I have stalked  or well looked up the results from last year, if I can run it in the same time I did last year I should get 2nd in my age group! Today I don't feel like I can BUT tomorrow is a whole new day so we shall see....

Does your mate run with you?

Any "mental" tips for night before a race you really want to do good in?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WIR- The "Serres" has Began :)

I pretty much did NOTHING last week. Why?? Well I've got lots of excuses and they are some pretty good ones (at least I think so:) and I skipped my review from two weeks ago but I did post about my awesome Sub 2 Half :) :) :) so I will start after that day!

Sunday 4/29- Pacing 4 Paws 5k (2.93mi) 26:50
Wednesday 5/2- 2mi 22:00
Saturday 5/5- Haggin 5k @Shakertown 26:17
Sunday 5/6- 7mi 1:09:26

The day after the half I decided to go run the Pacing 4 Paws 5k. I debated it all day long as I laid in the bed until after 11am, the hubz asked me was I ever going to get up, LOL! When I finally got up I didn't think I was going to go, my legs was feeling a little sluggish however once I was up and moving I started feeling much better so I decided to go and just run it easy like a recovery run! Thankfully it was later in the afternoon but it was crazy hot definitely wasn't ready for that. Good thing for small crowds! I took off maybe a little too fast quickly slowed my pace to comfortable and was lucky enough to finish in a decent time. They awarded the top 2 per age groups and I was able to claim 1st! The next day I was just completely wiped out~ super tired and was for two days so I decided to just take it easy and do nothing for the next two days!  Wednesday afternoon I met up with Sarah to run, once again it was super hot and this was her first run post full marathon so I left it all up to her how and how much we would run. Neither of us was really feeling it so we cut it at 2mi and walked about a mile to cool back down. The next day is when I woke up the the AWFUL migraine I think the heat got the better of me!

If you have followed my blog at all you know I run a local series called Wilderness Trace Run/Walk Serres. It is a series of races any where from 12- 14 races in which if you complete so many you get prizes at the end like a long sleeve wicking shirt, jacket or vest, hats & gloves or ear warmers. For the last two years I have completed every single race one year it was only me and last year it was only me and my friend (at least I hope she is still my friend). Needless to say I LOVE the SERRES!! I plan my summer around every race and make it a point to attend every race:)

This past Saturday was the first race of this years Serres. The Haggin Hospital Sunrise 5k held at the beautiful Shaker Village. One thing that is almost guaranteed is it ALWAYS rains on the day of this race and sure enough I awoke to thunder & lightening and rain! Thankfully it stopped just in time for the race but it also must have made several people stay home as the crowd was very little (which doesn't bother me less competition, Ha!). The route normally includes about a 1.5mi gravel stretch but due to the heavy rain we had the director decided to cut out that part as it seemed too dangerous, my thought was "Oh yay" however I take that back!! Geez the hill on the road part was awful usually we just go down that hill and on the way back it cuts off to the gravel, I think I would much rather take the gravel stretch! Me and one of my running buddies Kelly was the two females in the lead we were side by side the entire race:) when we reached the hill we decided to walk it together. Another different thing with this race is they put out stuffed animals along the course, if you pick one up and bring it in you get a door prize! I usually look for a small one so I can stuff it in my shorts and not have to carry it, I'm not good with holding things while running! As Kelly and I was making the final loop to the finish line I told her to go ahead but she insisted for me to go, that made me the 1st overall female~ HOORAY!! And my door prize was pretty awesome as well, it was a $10 gift certificate to our local Bike and Fitness store!!
See the feathers sticking out, that was my animal I picked up for the door prize:)

Me and my Running Buddies!

Do you have a series you participate in?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Migraine's Suck & My Awesome Shirt

Check out the awesome shirt my awesome #1 fan my mom purchased me! I LOVE IT!!! I wore it to the Derby expo;) Thanks mom!

Yesterday morning I awoke with the worst headache EVER!!! I thought it was a sinus headache and took some sinus medicine, however that didn't help at ALL. There was no possible way I could go to work and tried to lay back down in hopes it would help. Then starting about 8:30am for every 30-45 mins I was throwing up until 2pm! I truly thought I was dying! (well maybe not dying:) I do believe if I wasn't home alone I would have had someone take me to the hospital, it was that bad. I called my husband right before he got off work and asked him to PLEASE stop and get me anything that said for migraines over the counter medicine. He came home with Advil Migraine and thankfully within 2hrs of taking it my headache was beginning to ease up! After 20+hrs in bed and half the day throwing up I finally felt better this morning!

Anyone ever have migraine's? How do you combat them?

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