Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Saturday I will be running my 3rd Half Marathon for this year at the Indy's Women's Half Marathon

and what is happening with me??    The WORST sinus infection I have had in several years!!! And I just looked at the weather forecast......Bet you can't guess what is says?

                        Sat  Sep 1  81°  71°  Rain /Thunder        
                     Chance of rain: 70%

How awesome is that?!?!?!?!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shouldn't our Hair be Phit Also?

Recently I was sent a sample pack of Phit Shampoo and Conditioner to try out.
When I saw an advertisement for Phit I wondered "Can these products really be That much different than my normal Shampoo/Conditioner?" I have long hair (couldn't tell you the last time I've had a hair cut~ sad I know) and have to pull it up to run which sometimes leads to broken ends from pulling ( read that as yanking out) the ponytail holder. I am not a hair person at all and the only thing I do to "fix" it is use the straightener. I wash my hair every day except on the weekends and then I wait until Sunday after a full weekend of running (but yes I do shower off:). Therefore I figured that would be the perfect time to try out the Phit products when my hair was really funky!

My first thought was the shampoo didn't lather up a lot so I used a little more. More was not really needed and my usual quarter size amount was enough. With the conditioner I always use a little more than shampoo and I always leave it on for a little while before rinsing. I really liked the way the conditioner felt it didn't feel heavy or weigh my hair down. I did not blow dry my hair after using the Phit products instead I went to bed with wet hair so I could see how my hair would feel in the morning. It was great! So soft and smooth feeling and easy to brush! I also LOVE the smell:) I would definitely recommend using Phit Hair Products! Maybe not on an everyday basis but for sure a few times a month to get a really good "clean" feeling!!

Here is some info from the Phit site:
*All of our products restore your hair’s pH balance to its natural levels. Ph-optimization helps strengthen hair while repairing damaged ends. All of our products are pH-optimized with an acidity level appropriate for each type of shampoo or conditioner.

*Sulfates find there way into products as a “filler” ingredient, but can damage your hair. They cause it to dry out, and have even been known to cause cancer if used excessively. Sulfates are especially troublesome for people with sensitive scalps or skin and can cause a variety of ailments like eczema and dermatitis. Our wide range of products offers sulfate-free alternatives that will leave your hair softer and smoother than ever with a mild cleansing, moisturizing formula.

*Quinoa is a protein-packed grain that, when used in hair products, nourishes strands with plenty of essential amino acids and vitamins. The coat of this hydrolyzed grain not only strengthens and protects hair but also is believed to enrich moisture, attracting it from the air. This grain is a revolutionary ingredient in hair care products, but has already proven beneficial for all different hair types. It contains film-forming properties to protect your hair, and your scalp, from environmental exposure.

Phit Shampoo & Conditioner runs $17.99 each for an 8oz bottle or you can try out the Starter Pack for $9.99. Either way it is WELL WORTH the investment or the PERFECT gift idea for any person who lives an active and fit lifestyle!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hey......I'm still here

Here I go again slacking on blogging. It just seems like I have been tired all the time lately and I really don't want to whine all the time on here.

I have been doing LOTS of running and why? Well I have a pretty busy fall schedule lined up:) Here's my schedule of what I've already signed up for (thus far):

Sept 1- Indianapolis Womens Half Marathon
Sept 23- Big Hit 1/2 Marathon/Louisville, Ky
Oct 14- Iron Horse Half Marathon/Midway, Ky
Nov 3- Monumental Marathon/Indianapolis, In

Yep three half's and one full marathon and the first one is next weekend! I said it would be a LONG time before I tackled another marathon after doing the Flying Pig in May 2011 and here I am doing it again a year and a half later:) Just goes to show you should never say NEVER!

Will any of YOU be at any of the events?? Let me know so we can plan Blogger Meet Up!!

I have a few great product reviews coming up and a giveaway as well so stay tuned:)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Run With All Your Hart

A little while back I told about Sarah Hart a runner close to my area that was murdered on an early morning run~ such a tragedy. Sarah was also a well known pharmacist in her hometown. Her family decided to hold a 4mile race in her honor and to raise money for scholarships for local kids. So many business' and people wanted and was willing to donate to this it was unreal!  In just a matter of a couple of months they was able to pull together probably the most awesome race EVER!!

Look at all the people
In the beginning it was said that only the first 300 people registered would get shirts, they filled up so quick they had to take that back and along with local business donating shirts this race grew to 2900 runners/walkers! (They also had a 1.5mi fun run/walk for anyone not wanting to do the 4mi) Then someone suggested they do a virtual race as well, they even sent shirts out to all virtual runners as well and had around 1500 of them register! So many people were touched by Sarah's story. This is probably the greatest race I have EVER been to,a DJ playing music, the KY Wildcat and Louisville Cardinal Mascot that raced each other through the shoot,  there was a vendor set up passing out free sunglasses, UK College of Pharmacy doing blood pressure screening and such, a jewelry vendor donating portions of profits, tons of PowerAde and water bananas, oranges and watermelon! The mile marker signs were pictures of Sarah's children I saw several runners kiss there fingers and touch the pictures as they went by, it was so touching!

The starting line up
Along the course there was cheer leaders from the local high school and bands about every 3/4mile. All for a simple 4mi race!!

This isn't even all of my group!
I really REALLY wanted to medal at this race, not to be greedy or think I am someone but I knew the medals would be something different and unusual. Me and all of my buddies lined up right up front of the starting line, it started out flat then downhill before a nice long steady uphill. I haven't run the exact course before but I have ran a couple of races in that area and was familiar with how hilly it was. I told myself NOT to start out all crazy fast knowing this and one of my buddies was wanting to pace at around 8 flat, I told her I would do my best and stay with her as long as I could. Well we all took off like crazy people when I looked down at my watch (when we was going downhill) it said 6:46 pace~ HOLY SMOKES that is way to fast for me and there was that terrible steady uphill coming. Once I found my man running buddy I paced behind him, he was a little bit ahead of me but not too far so I knew if I just stayed close to him I would be ok. (I've said this many times but I don't like to look at my pace during races, it freaks me out and I "think" its too fast for me so I just don't look!) In my mind several times I wanted to walk but I just told myself "Don't DO IT! DON'T let Ricky get too far ahead of you!!" Right after we passed the 3mi mark my buddy Ricky turned to look back and see where I was and motioned for me to come on and get up there with him~ HOW SWEET of him. We passed a sign that said 9/10 to go and I knew I could do it, along with my buddy's encouragement:) We stayed beside each other the entire last mile, we got mixed in with some of the 1.5mi walkers and saw a blind woman out with her family, how nice was that of her to come out for Sarah's family!

Me looking a little stressed and Ricky (in the blue/black) right behind me!

At the beginning of the race we all threw out what our goal times were, mine was 35:20 my finish time was 33:11 by my garmin and 33:06 official time and I was

Is that not the coolest Medal ever??
   3rd in my age group!!! I smashed that goal time:)

I can not wait to continue to do this race year after year even though I did not know Sarah Hart I want to be a part of helping her memory live on!

Friday, August 10, 2012

I Usually Don't Mind BUT I'm Glad that One's Over!

Normally the Birthday thing doesn't bother me, age is just a number and you are only as "old" as you feel! You only get one day of the entire year to say its "Your Day" and should always celebrate it.  However it struck me hard this year. I didn't even want to discuss or tell anyone that my birthday was coming let alone celebrate it. WHY?? Not too sure I didn't advance age categories as far as races but you know when you complete applications or surveys etc. the age categories go from 18- 35 then 36 - well I'm not sure what the 36 group goes to?? Well I am now in that 36 and up group and I DON'T LIKE IT AT ALL!!

Birthday Love from work~ Chocolate Grapes so YUMMY!!

Reasons I Dislike 36-
* Now in the next up category as explained above
* I've dwelled on it for about 2weeks now and not so sure why~ has to be something with turning 36!
* In my two weeks of dwelling I've gained 5lbs, ate lots of horrible (but so good tasting) foods and become lazy in running and/or exercise in general!
* Went to run the other night and my calves were KILLING ME, I think it was because they dreaded turning 36!
* Only 4 short years and it will be 40!
* The first 36 years of my life have went by fairly quick and keep getting quicker every year which means the next 36 will be that much faster and then I will be 72~ HOLY COW!! Quit thinking that!!

Reasons 36 is OK-
* Only 4 short years and both of our girls will be grown and completely out of High School!
* Its another year wiser!
* I'm still just a YOUNG Chic!
* I gained 5lbs and feeling more focused on getting myself back~ eat better food choices~ better training for my races~ adding more exercise into my daily life all to keep me feeling youthful!
* Still 4 LONG years till the big 40!
* I am still here able to breathe and live my life to the fullest!
* I have legs that are capable of running!

In the end, Age is just a number and I am SO THANKFUL to be here to enjoy everything I wish to enjoy!
Sorry for the fussing, it feels good to get it off my mind, now hopefully I can and will return with my Happy Running Self!

A Rainbow for my Bday~ How Sweet:)