Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bourbon Chase cont'd........

**In case you missed the first part READ IT HERE!!**

Map of the entire course

After my van completed all of our second legs it was brought to our attention that we were dead last, meaning we were the last team to come through the exchange. This confused us terribly because the previous time they post some results we were right in the middle, how did we get so far behind?? Another team told us they had already received a phone call telling them to bump up, I asked what that meant and was told that basically both vans are active and running the last runner in van 1 just doesn't have anyone to pass off to. So we wondered why we didn't get the same phone call? We drove to the next exchange that we would have meet back up with van 1 and asked the race directors what would happen? We knew if we kept on running like we was we wouldn't finish on time and they would pull us off the course, that was right along with we wouldn't get finisher medals or a finish time! Not what we wanted so they told us to go ahead and bump up also.

Leg 32 (M) 4.3 Miles - Scenic Old Frankfort Pike
Description: This short leg runs along the famous Old Frankfort Pike, passing beautiful horse farms.
0.0 mi. -Carefully cross US 60 to follow KY 1681 / Old Frankfort Pike
 0.3 mi. - Enter Woodford County
1.5 mi. - Continue on KY 1681 / Old Frankfort Pike (by veering right across the railroad tracks and soon begin a long climb.
 4.1 mi. - Left on Woodlake Rd. to exchange.

Since my legs and total distance was so small I didn't train doing any double runs, in my mind as long as I did some long runs I would be okay. Well that would be true for a normal race. And well this was NOT a normal race. My vans third legs was the first and only legs we had in the blazing HOT sun that we unusually was experiencing that weekend. So put the heat + lack of sleep + with a nice LONG hill that went on for like 2 miles = Not a very pretty third leg for me! I already knew going into it I was feeling fatigued so I didn't go all full force and I passed about 4 or 5 people. I went pretty strong for about 2 miles then the long crazy hill came along and I did run/walk for about a mile and a half. When I saw the one mile to go sign I did my best to run it but I walked just a small little part. It wasn't just me of course though everyone was feeling it in their last leg even van one. I am not positive on the exact time but it was around 50+ mins for 4.5 miles.
A few "chicks" had to leave early so this isn't our entire team!

Team "CHICKS THAT KICK 'ASS'PHALT"  crossed the finish line some time after 7pm with an overall finish time that was originally posted as 29 hours and 46 minutes!

A few days later they removed our finish time and posted "No Official Time"??? WHY??? Well apparently when van 1 went through their last to exchange points there was no race officials there and they didn't record our team as coming through those points, so they ASSUMED that we skipped 3legs and only did the last 6 legs in which they was WRONG!!! So now they have given us a time of 32:53:27 BUT I am sticking with our original time since that is what we calculated!!

Overall I had a GREAT time in  The Bourbon Chase and will do it again if our team wants or if I am asked to join another team. The couple of weeks leading into the Chase was not good weeks for me and my frame of mind wasn't there to enjoy it like I should have and since it was our first year it was a learning experience for how and what we need to do next time to improve!

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Crystal said...

maybe the 29 hours was from when you officially started to when you finished in Lex but since you were "bumped up" and running 2 people at once, one from van 1 and one from van 2, the "total time" would have been 32:53? they probably just used your average pace as a group up to that point to figure the times for the legs where there weren't officials?

i had run some doubles to prepare but it wasn't enough to understand how mentally and physically draining it was when you only got a 2-3 hours sleep! i think we all want to do it again. this time was definitely a learning experience!! :)