Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Today I was a Wimp.......What is Your Cutoff Temp?

I have been trying to do the early morning running thing again. Once you get out of the habit of getting up before dawn it is so HARD to get back into it, if you do get up extra early for exercise take my advice

Anyway.....I am trying to make my workout schedule to fall like this:

Monday- Possibly Run/ More than likely a Rest Day
Tuesday- Morning Run / Evening Aerobics
Wednesday- Evening Run
Thursday- Morning Run / Evening Aerobics
Friday- REST DAY
Saturday- Run / or Rest
Sunday- Long Run

I have been trying since January 1 and still do not have it mastered yet, it just seems like things keep coming up or I just wimp out! This morning I passed because it was 11* and with the wind chill it felt like 4*........ummm Yep I sent a text SORRY TO COLD and my throat was already scratchy. But I still have aerobics this evening so the day isn't a total bust!

So let's hear it, What is Your Cut Off Temperature? What is too COLD for you to go outside to run?

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Just Jen said...

It is 5 degrees and wind chill makes it -15. Little to cold up here in Akron Ohio for outside runs